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Saturday, 31 December 2022


 Happy New Year to all my blogger friends and anyone who comes in to see my blog  .

Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas , and making new wishes for the New Year .

I have loads and loads of things I want to stitch. this year just hoping I can try and get more time  to do every thing .

We had two lovely Christmas days , then hubby got bored and said we need to decorate the bedroom and get the carpet down before the new wardrobes and bed arrive early March ! Oh no I thought  not untill after the New Year .  But no I spent the last few days moving furniture about . Then you start looking inside and find things lots of things that needed sorting . So many hand bags , shoes etc .

Then you can't find homes for them all. I even had cross stitch in there I had forgot about . So yes it was hard work sorting but also exciting . So hubby has been busy painting the walls and ceilings .Then after the New year we will get the new carpet .

Then they can come and fit it ready , and we will buy new curtains and new bedding to match .

So looks like I won't get the time and peace I wanted . This week will be busy putting the Christmas things away to.

So I need to get in my craft room and see what I am going to stitch , I am joining in with Manuela and Martina in a stitch along. but only stitching smalls , then I need to get some Easter and Birthday cards stitched work on a UFO every month and finish off the stitching I am already working on . I may add one or two new ones to the bag .

It's been a really dark day today with none stop rain .

So lets get some photos to show you , I have had so many gifts and cards this year to many to show .

So here are  a few more ,

From Ann a dear stitching friend of mine .

Thank you my sweet friend .

A lovely Christmas tree cross stitched by Erna .
And from Mary a hand made beautiful card .
Thank you both they arrived today .
Our post men are still on strike .
So all our post is so slow at the moment .

From wee Mouse some lovely gifts , thank you my friend love them all .

So a Happy New Year to all .
Will  you be staying up we always do , I may even have a brandy and lemonade later .
Have Fun everyone.


  1. Happy New Year to you both. Much luck in the coming year. big hugs Lynda Ruth, Dave and Jasmine.

  2. Wishing you a happy New Year too dear June. Your gifts are wonderful. Yes I have been busy putting my Christmas things away - it always seems to take a long time. I won't be staying up late as I am not a night owl - enjoy the celebrations. xx

  3. Dear June,
    have a wonderfull year 2023 ♥

  4. Happy New Year June to you and your family.
    And another year of fun blogging .
    hugs Jutta
    Thanks for visiting me today ;-)

  5. Oh, I wish you would send your husband to my house, June! I sure have a ton of painting that needs to be done. My husband needs shoulder surgery and can't do much of anything right now in the way of projects around the home. I bet you will love having a newly designed bedroom once it is all finished! Enjoy those pretty gifts and I look forward to your next stitching project. Happy New Year, my friend ♥

  6. Dear June,
    I wish you a happy new year, good luck and above all health. I look forward to another beautiful, creative year with you.
    Hugs Martina

  7. Hello June,
    I wish you a Happy and healthy New Year. Hope you have enough time for all your creative ideas.
    Hugs, Manuela

  8. Happy New Year, love and blessings for 2023

  9. Happy New Year dear June

  10. Dear June,
    I wish you a happy New Year and good luck für 2023.
    Hugs Erna

  11. Happy new year to you and your family, dear June .
    Look forward to another year with you, to see your beautiful embroidery,
    also like your garden pics, big hugs, Anna

  12. Gorgeous gifts! I think I would have shut hubby in the bedroom and gone and hidden in the craft room until he was finished!
    I’m looking forward to doing that tomorrow once my son is back at school! Lots of time sorting out all the craft stuff that got moved to make room for Christmas!
    Serendipitous Jo

  13. Happy Blessed New Year June: It has been snowing here for three days two feet of snow so far and a bit more coming.
    Nice gifts and cards from your friends.
    I hope you post a photo of the bedroom when it is finished, this is very exciting news.
    I am looking forward to seeing what you will be working on in the 2023.


  14. Happy New Year, big hug,

  15. When ever you are cleaning out a room and finding stuff it is like Christmas all over again! I hope all the crafting stuff fit in it's room! Nice that you are getting a bedroom makeover and everything will already be ready when they bring the furniture. Can't wait to see your choices when you stitch with Martina and Manuela. HAPPY NEW YEAR!

  16. Je vous souhaite à tous deux une merveilleuse année mes amis.
    Vous allez avoir une très jolie chambre.

  17. Dear June, A little late but here it is: Happy New Year und Happy Stitching in 2023!
    Lucky you, who has a husband who wants to paint ;-) A new room for the new year!

  18. Desr June,
    sorry I'm late with my comment again. We got a new bedroom in early December, it's amazing what you find when cleaning out. I feel with you.
    I wish you a happy new and creative year 2023.
    Hugs Andrea