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Monday, 9 January 2023

Happy January

 Hoping you are all ready for a  Happy New Year , 

I am hoping this year slows down and that the year just moves a little slower than last year .

The weather is very mild again after a cold few weeks before Christmas which killed off a few of my plants , my new tropical plant died, it was getting a bit to large must have been 6ft tall and wide . So we cut it down and we cut it into bits to fit into the was so sad but I knew it would have to be moved and given away. Now I can start again and make a new wall garden . So watch this space .

Ok stitching I have started back on my UFOs so will show one each month or twice a month if I have, time  I will be working on cards for Birthdays and Easter and Spring .  I have seen a few new charts I want to buy, but I told myself no, only when I have stitched two from my pile ! that might not happen ha.

I am now looking forward to Spring even though it's still Winter , I love watching the birds that are coming in at the moment I have a Robin who sings so beautiful at the top of the garden so I give him a few treats, and he seems to know when I come out , hubby said they have good eye sight . I asked him how he knows that, he said I read it in a book years ago! ha .

Well back to stitching again here is one I started last year but wanted to finish it for the Spring.

I showed you this one last year but I have only just found time to finish it .

  From January 2023 Calendar by Kirsten Schmidt .

                               Sorry the lighting is bad at the moment , so I took three shots .

 It took for ever to dress the dresser again after Christmas but here it is again.



                       Lots of things back in place , before Easter treats come out to play .

                       Some lovely goodies from my sweet friend Titty came  last week .

           Our postmen have been on strike all over Christmas and New Year so lots of late gifts .

               Which is making Christmas last longer , I don't mind at all . It could be Christmas every day                                                                            for me Ha.


Thank you so much Titty love every thing , and the tag you made is wonderful.

Well that's all for today , I am stitching on lots of  new things which I will show in a few weeks time .

                                                         Have fun and keep warm .


  1. Your little bird pillow is so sweet. Nice to get unexpected gifts now. ;)

  2. Happy New Yeat dear June,
    the little kissel is cute, with the snowdrops and the tit. And your decoration fits perfectly.
    Your chest of drawers is beautiful, there are so many little things to discover.
    Have a nice week

  3. I wish you a Happy New Year, June.
    The little pillow is very cute.
    I like your dresser. I love the rose in the last row on the left side.
    A lovely gift arrived.
    Enjoy the week. Manuela

  4. Love that little bird, so cute.
    And the flower you've added really makes it even more cute!
    Your dresser is so pretty.

  5. Dear June,
    The pillow looks so beautiful, great workmanship. You have arranged your dresser so nicely again, there is a lot to discover.
    Enjoy the week,
    hugs Andrea

  6. Happy New Year June. What a sweet little stitch and lovely gifts too, love your dresser, so many lovely things to look at. Hope you have a good week, it's mild here too but wet and windy

  7. A gorgeous little pillow, your bird is certainly bringing in the spring. Your dresser looks lovely, always a job getting back to normal after the festivities. Enjoy your week.

  8. Oh your new header is very pretty, lovely tulips and such a beautiful color!!!!
    The little pillow is very cute, in our garden there are many tits (is it correct), I love this birds.
    I like your dresser, there is so much to discover in it and lovely gifts arrived.
    Happy New Year, hugs, Jutta

  9. Your dresser looks so pretty June - all those lovely colours. Your wee bird is delightful. I think it would be quite wonderful to still be receiving christmas gifts in the post ... kind of like stretching it on for a bit longer. xx

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  11. Dear June,
    you had wonderfull Christmas time☺
    I wish you a best health ☺

  12. Love your newest pillow, June. That little bird is so sweet. And your hutch is looking so pretty with all the pink and pastels. Very springlike!

    I'm sorry to hear you lost some of your plants due to the cold. It is warming up here after an extremely cold Christmas. Actually, January hasn't been bad at all.

    Enjoy those latest gifts! It's nice when Christmas can last longer than expected :) I too, hope this year slows down, but look--January is 1/3 over. Enjoy your week ♥

  13. Your dresser is beautiful and that little bird finish is just perfect. Happy New Year!

  14. Your dresser is beautiful and that little bird finish is perfect. Happy New Year!

  15. Buon anno! Anch'io spero che sia più lento e sereno di quello scorso. Adoro il tuo mobile pieno di ricami a tema!

  16. Such a sweet stitch June!! You know how much I love the birds. Your husband is right, birds can identify you. I used to call in a crow daily for a few years and he would leave me gifts. I was so sad when he no longer came to my Mr. Crow call.
    Such lovely gifts your received from your friend!! We had no Christmas Celebration here because of family members with Covid. I am glad to see 22 pass, it was not a good year.
    Crossing my finger my computer stays fixed, it's been a trial!!! So happy to be able to visit you and other bloggers again. I hope you have a wonderful New Year!!!

  17. Your finished Bird looks great June! And I think the display on your dresser looks wonderful. So many pretty things to look at.

  18. Dear June, The little bird pillow speaks of the first harbingers of spring. Have the snowdrops shown up in your garden yet? I shall have to look if mine are poking out of the soil. You take a lot of care with your redecorating of the dresser for the season.

  19. Dear June,
    your header tulips are marvellous, it's really Spring ;-) The little pillow is as pretty as the lovely things in your dresser. And you got another cards and gifts, so for you Christmas is also in January.
    Hugs Erna

  20. How cute is the small pillow, it looks so beautiful with the little bird and the snowdrops. Very well i like your finishing with the lace edge.
    I wish you a cozy weekend, Anna

  21. What a lovely little pillow, the embellishments are perfect for it.
    Your dresser looks lovely too. I’ve got all my Winter themed pieces out for now, I’ll add Valentines next month!
    Serendipitous Jo

  22. Thank you for two posts with your dresser.
    Have a nice Sunday afternoon,