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Monday, 16 January 2023

Rain and more rain.

Hello everyone , 

Hope you are enjoying your stitching and crafts now Christmas is packed away .

I wanted to do lots and lots of stitching but with the rain everyday  it's so hard to see  my work .

So I am only stitching at night with my light , roll on Spring.

But I am now Spring cleaning , I am starting in my kitchen cleaning out each draw and cupboard so far two have been cleaned it feels so good It may take most of January to do them all . Hubby did clean the cooker for me which was good , and the bedroom is all painted , we ordered the carpet but we have to wait 6 weeks ! so we have to hold up every thing else for the moment , maybe the weather will be better then . There is always a positive I hope ha.

Well  it is time to show one of my UFO that I have been working on , also I have been stitching Easter cards and Birthday cards will show them in the future , and I just finished stitching small Stick 2003  with

Manuela and Martina  and others , so need to put it together  soon.

So here is my first UFO , I must have 10 boxes full so I need to get working on them big time . So every two weeks I will show you the one I have been stitching on.

 Winter Chalet by Lesley Teare , it was in a magazine , but if you go to her blog you will see the chart.


                  I just loved the colours in this design.

We went out for lunch today at Jacks patch  , now this little fellow just sat looking at us .

I didn't think he was real , untill he flew off ,  every time I go anywhere there is always a robin there even in the garden . I love these little fellows .

Another parcel arrived , from my French friend Natalie , thank you so much , what a lovely gift .


                                   Can't wait to start these designs some lovely Christmas ones . 
                                      And what a beautiful card , I will put him up again next year .
Also a beautiful Calendar of butterflies , here is the January one.


FLOWERS are trying to come out , but it's bitter cold .

                             Hope it makes you feel good and that Spring is not far away .

                                                             Enjoy your week all 


  1. Oh how I wish we had magazines like that in the states. There are only a couple left, and one isn't very good. Enjoy your stitching and spring cleaning! I love spring cleaning!

  2. We certainly have had a lot of rain. Good luck with your spring cleaning. Lovely gift from Natalie, we have a couple of friendly robins in our garden.

  3. How sweet is that little Robin❤️I love the WIP you're working on, lovely picture.
    It's got to turn cold again here this week so plenty of stitching going on hopefully

  4. Adorabile il pettirosso.
    È bellissimo mangiare in compagnia degli uccellini.
    Se non sono fifoni vengono a cercare da mangiare sul tavolo 😍

    Complimenti per il bel ricamo in corso

  5. Happy New Year to you June. We have had lots of rain this summer too but now I'm back to work after the holidays, the sun has come out! Like you, I was able to get a bit of cleaning and sorting done, even my oven! Have a happy week x

  6. I have picked up my cross stitch all your flowers. Covered in snow here in Canada

  7. Oh you're early with spring cleaning, but always a little instead of all at once is a good idea.
    Winter Chalet will be a great pattern. You took a good picture of the robin sitting there, cute,
    I hope you have a nice week

  8. Che belli! Hai già le primule, qui non sono ancora sbocciate!

  9. You are the very busy bee, not me, dear June ;-) You're stitching and cleaning and working in your garden and .... The little robin was a little noesy;-)
    Have a wonderful week, hugs Erna

  10. Hello June,
    your wip stitching looks wonderful.
    A nice photo from the bird.
    Enjoy your week.
    Hugs, Manuela

  11. That little Robin is too cute!
    We have rain here too, which is unusual for this time of year, normally we have a lot of snow.
    Have a good week!

  12. Hi June: I too am trying to get my kitted-up projects done, it sure is a task.
    I so love robins, ours are a bit bigger darker backs and very rusty fronts, we had over 40 in our berry trees yesterday.
    I will start spring cleaning next month.
    Have a wonderful day.


  13. June,your embroidering is so very nice.
    Have a nice day ☺

  14. You are working too much in the home with lots of cleanings and also finishing your “UFO”.
    Take care ,

  15. How beautiful the Winter Chalet is, you absolutely have to finish it. With us, too, the flowers emerge from the earth. It's supposed to get cold for the next few days and nights. You managed to take a nice snapshot of the robin.
    Have a great time, hugs Andrea

  16. Oh, June, your Winter Chalet piece is SO lovely! I bet it's a joy to work with those pretty colors in the middle of winter. And I that sweet robin--your British robins are so much cuter than our American ones :)

    Great job on the cleaning! I just did one kitchen drawer yesterday and it felt good. Really need to continue this. Our microwave just broke on Sunday so my husband has my kitchen torn apart as he removes the old one and measures to install the new one. I want him to just hire someone to do it, but he views it as a challenge! I just hope it turns out okay :)

    Enjoy the rest of your week, my friend! ♥

  17. Dear June,
    you already do spring cleaning in January? You start early, I usually only start when the days are getting lighter again ;-)
    The photo of the little robin is a great snapshot.
    Your chalet is going to be beautiful, you absolutely have to finish it.
    Your plants are very far along, we now have cold temperatures with night frost.
    Have a nice weekend, Jutta

  18. The Winter Chalet is lovely, beautiful flowers.
    The magazine looks great, I spy a 3D design on the cover!
    There are a few shoots of bulbs in my garden but no actual flowers yet.
    Serendipitous Jo

  19. Winter Chalet is a gorgeous chart June! TEN boxes full of WIPs! My goodness that is a lot. Since you are getting the spring cleaning out of the way now you will have plenty of time to stitch when the weather gets nice and the sun is out. I am looking forward to seeing what you will be stitching with Manuela and Martina.