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Monday 23 January 2023

Another cold week.

 Hi all, 

Hope you are keeping warm , this last week has been really cold again . Heating is going on and off lots of times in the day , but if the sun comes out we sit in the sun lounge  and it gets lovely and warm  in there .

Well this week the TV has died , so we have to go and buy another one . We do have a smaller one set up now , untill we buy one  you would think I could get alot of stitching in but no I like to sit with the TV on when sewing . So the other night I did get out a Jigsaw Puzzle and I loved it I did it in about 2 hours  such a pretty garden one.  

I sorted and cleaned 7 kitchen draws and cupboards out  the last week , but I never counted before how many there  really are. 

Yesterday I did and there are 22 ! all together , some are only small but some are big . I have cleared out anything I will never use  so will have another go this week .

This week we had a little snow but some really frosty days.

The bulbs are coming up and I have seen some daffodils out in some gardens already , my ones are coming up and I might have a bud but with this cold week every thing will slow down .

I have joined in with Manuela and Martina in their Stick 2003 .

I am only stitching smalls so this is all ready to show you.

The chart is a card chart from  Permin no 5875/22

                        And below my two  New Year stitches so far this year.

I don't have allot of blue in my house apart from duck egg blue.
But I do love the colour but I love pink a little more .


                                                  It's cold every morning .


                       All done in two hours  , but the next one  is bigger .
                    Shows you what you can do when the TV breaks .

                               The next one , wish me luck.


  1. Beautiful finishes. I love puzzles. So relaxing.

  2. Love the little cushion very much, June ! Your finishing is adorable , so cute.
    Wishing nice week, Anna

  3. Just love your pretty floral stitching, June. Yes, you got a lot of puzzle work done without that TV. ;)

  4. Gorgeous, the little cushion, the violets are pretty and the finish is perfect.
    We've had a lot of snow, there's a good 20 cm in the garden and it's cold, so it stays where it is. The main thing is that the streets are free.
    enjoy your week

  5. Your stitches are all so very pretty & spring-like.
    We don't have much snow here, & temps have been warm for this time of year
    But, next week we are going into full-blown winter wit temps in the single digits!
    The puzzles are gorgeous.

  6. Io sono senza televisore da mesi, e ho scoperto che riesco a leggere molto di più, sono più riposata e dormo, però so che fa molta compagnia, soprattutto quando si ricama. Anche qui fa freddo ma sono felice perchè le ore di luce si stanno allungando.

  7. Nous avons eu beaucoup de neige, ce qui est très joli mais le vent est glacial ! Nous restons donc au chaud. Tes broderies sont très jolies. Je te souhaite bon courage pour le puzzle. Belle journée ma chère June. Câlins.

  8. Hello June,
    your first finish looks great. I like the blue flowers and your finish is pefect with the buttons and ribbon.
    A beautiful puzzle motif.
    Here in North Germany it is cold and grey weather.
    Have a nice day, Manuela

  9. Dear June,
    you are very busy and tidying up, I'll be doing that soon too, right now I'm sorting photos for a new photo album.
    It's also very cold here, that's where it's most beautiful at home, your two new pillows are very pretty, my favorite color is blue!
    You did a puzzle again, very nice, you've probably got a new TV in the meantime, and I also like to embroider while watching TV in the evenings.
    Many hugs, Jutta

  10. Hi June: Your header photo is very pretty.
    I wish that was all the snow we have its three feet deep in the yard.
    I love your pillows so pretty and the finishing is perfect.


  11. Such pretty finishes, June! You know I love the blue :)

    Your puzzle is very pretty. My middle son and his girlfriend are constantly doing one so I always look for them at the thrift shops. They are a fun family activity.

    Your bit of snow looks so pretty. We have maybe two inches on the ground--not much for January and it is warming up today so much of it may melt.

    Good luck with your television replacement. Our microwave oven broke two weeks ago and it took my husband and son a long time to remove the old one and replace it :) Have a lovely day, June ♥

  12. What cute finishes June! Nice puzzle as well and you right, the next one looks like it might take a little longer. Sorry about the death! I am not sure I can function with out the TV but you are getting a lot of cleaning done!!!

  13. Your little pillows are so pretty, especially the one with the little buttons and you finished the puzzle very quickly ;-)
    Have a fine day, Erna

  14. What beautiful stitches, June,I like them very much. It's cold here, too, and it's snowing. The new puzzle looks a bit more complex, have fun with it.
    Hugs Andrea

  15. Two lovely pillows there. I really like blue, it’s always been one of my favourite colours. My bedrooms have always been blue, since I left home and was able to choose my own colours anyway!
    I could easily manage without a TV as long as I had YouTube or iPlayer!
    Serendipitous Jo

  16. Dear June, even though I am on a trip to Texas and am "off the blog" I have to comment on your stitching. Love the two small pillows... so spring-like!
    Sunshine in Texas but returning to rain in Washington tomorrow.
    Stay warm,