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Monday 30 January 2023

Wow the Sun Is out today.

 Well that's a nice change to have some sunshine  today, makes you feel so good at this time of the year.

This week was another busy one , we did get out to lunch and I did bump into my old boss from when I worked at our local wool shop , It was great to see her and her daughter , so I am going to visit her soon and really catch up , she only lives a couple of roads away .

I have a few signs of Spring in the garden , and hubby brought me a gift of Daffodils , they are still in bud at the moment , but will soon be out in flower.

The bedroom is all painted now , so it's the waiting time now for the carpet , curtains and furniture all to arrive !

I have started the other puzzle it's growing but I don't have  much time to work on it , but when the dinner is cooking I zoom in on it and pop a few more bits in place .

This week I have also been working on one of my UFOs  I love this one and may make a garden pillow with it .

I have also spend a couple of hours sweeping up outside and three buckets of leaves went into the garden bin , 

So lets get a few photos up for you to see .

I have been stitching On this UFO this last week .

Au coeur du Jardin by Passion  Bonheur .

I just love her charts .


                                             So what's next's weeks one  ?

                                                    Next my puzzle so far .

                                       It's growing slowly but I am enjoying it .

                             And below is real signs that Spring is not to far away.



This lovely fellow came towards us when we were walking down to the the store .

                                   Wishing you all a wonderful week .


  1. Your got allot done on your stitching.It looks lovely. Looks like a great puzzles. Love all the flowers. Have a great day. Big hugs Lynda Ruth

  2. How lovely that you have Spring coming on. We are barely above zero here. Very cold and we just got dumped on with a lot of snow finally.
    What color is the bedroom?

  3. That’s a lovely Spring stitch, just like your garden flowers. The peacock is amazing! We get pheasants down our lane sometimes but I’ve never seen a peacock!
    Serendipitous Jo

  4. That is a lovely pattern you are working on.
    Daffodils...can't wait to see them all around again.

  5. Dear June, lovely French stitching - a Jardin for a gardener. Looks like spring has come to your Jardin ;-)

  6. Even small steps lead to success, nice progress, the pattern is so pretty.
    enjoy your week

  7. Dear June, your "French Garden" ;-) looks very pretty, but your own garden is really marvellous, so many spring flowers!!!
    Have a fine week, hugs Erna

  8. Just what your garden needs, maybe he'll follow you home!

  9. Lovely progress on your stitching, it's very pretty. It's been lovely to see a bit of sunshine, it's nice here today but very windy.

  10. Che pavone magnifico! Anche i miei ellebori sono in fiore, è una gioia vederli, il tuo ricamo starà benissimo in giardino

  11. Hello June,
    your progress on your wip is wonderful. A nice motif.
    Have a nice week. Manuela

  12. Hi June,
    even if it's not much, your stitching looks so beautiful. I can well imagine a garden pillow.
    It's snowing like crazy here today.
    Hugs Andrea

  13. Hello June: Your UFO is a beauty, the colors are lovely.
    The peacock is beautiful, we have a neighbor who has two peacocks they are fun to watch.
    Thank-you for sharing your garden photos, with a minus 12 degree temperature and windchill of minus 25-35 miles an hour the photos warm my heart.

    Have a lovely weekend

  14. Dear June, oh, I love daffodils, how kind of your husband.
    Your embroidered and also your spring garden look wonderful, I haven't seen a free-roaming peacock for a long time, a magnificent animal.
    Thank you for visiting my blog, I wish you a nice weekend, Jutta

  15. Tout est magnifique !
    Quel plaisir de voir le printemps arriver chez vous.
    Ici, il tarde à venir.
    Je vous souhaite un beau dimanche

  16. How awesome to have peacocks walking around in your area! He is gorgeous. I do see spring coming to life in your flower pictures with all those buds coming up. I do live that UFO of yours!!

  17. Che bello tutto, complimenti per i tuoi fiori e i tuoi ricami e grazie dei tuoi commenti, un caro saluto Pettirossoinfreddolito

  18. I missed this post when we were in Florida last week, June! Oh, my--what a sight to see a peacock! Do you generally have them walking around? Or was this a special sighting?

    Beautiful little piece that you're stitching--it's growing prettier and prettier. Enjoy all those beautiful blooms!