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Monday 6 February 2023

Spring is just around the corner .

 Hello all ,

Yes signs of Spring  around the corner , we need it so bad with so much negative news around  the world .

I always try to be very positive , come what may but it's hard these days .

But seeing a few daffodils around our town , and hubby bringing my first bunch of daffodils home for me It brought lots of Spring thoughts in.

I also finished off my daffodil stitching in a nice light oak frame I found in a thrift shop for a few pence .

I never buy new frames now , I pick lots  up from  the thrift shops . Just hoping they will fit some of my work and I  love it when they do. 

Another puzzle has been finished , I think I am getting quicker in my old age ha.

Bedroom is  painting all finished just waiting for new carpet to be fitted.

So I am hoping my post will bring you some Spring in to your homes.

Spring Bouquet by Magic Needle . I changed the material to 28cnt to Duck egg blue .


                          I stitched this card for the lovely Erna who just had a February Birthday .

                                     Happy Birthday Wishes to you. 

                                                                My puzzle now finished .

                    So now  I leave you , have a nice week and Happy Stitching To all.


  1. Very pretty stitching,
    The puzzle is awesome.
    Have a great week!

  2. I love the cross-stitched card and the beautiful stitched flower bouquet. It has been a while since I worked on a puzzle. I do enjoy working on them. Time for me to look through what I have. Have a great week.

  3. Your Spring Bouquet finish is absolutely beautiful! Lovely framing job, as well.

  4. Beautiful stitching and perfect for welcoming Spring. Have a good week x

  5. Nice puzzle. I like your flower stitching. Very pretty. we have been having cold weather here too. I am getting stronger and my knees are not hurting as much when I go upstairs. Have a nice day. hugs Lynda Ruth

  6. Precios cuadro de narcisos. BESICOS.

  7. Piękny wiosenny haft. Puzzle super - bardzo lubie układać takie widoczki. Pozdrawiam.

  8. Beautiful, simply beautiful. Thank you for the breath of Springtime..

  9. Oh yes, I've already seen two or three green tops in our garden, but I don't know what it will be, because we made it new last year. So I can be surprised.
    Oh the pattern is beautiful, gorgeous. And so alive. Perfect for spring.
    the card for Erna is also beautiful, I like the violet.
    enjoy your week
    Hugs Martina

  10. At the moment it is cold and winter wether with sunny.
    Your spring stitches are wonderful. I like the vase with the spring flowers very much.
    Have a nice week my friend.
    Hugs, Manuela

  11. Hello June: It is a great pastime here in Minnesota to do puzzles in the winter, it keeps our minds off the cold outside.
    Daffodils is a beautiful design and a perfect frame.
    You have made a beautiful card.


  12. It’s very cold here in these days with law temperatures and snow flurries sometimes, so it’s nice and warms to see your hint of spring .
    Big hug,

  13. I loved your springy post, June! The daffodils are blooming in your town already? Lucky you! It will be at least another 6-8 weeks before we get any blooms. It's warmed up a bit and the snow is gone so that is progress...

    Love your framed finish of the spring flowers and the little card. I love it when I can find a thrifted frame that works for one of my projects :)

    Hope your February is going well, June! ♥

  14. I love your daffodils! They so make me think of the spring days that are coming. Congrats on your puzzle finish, I think you are getting faster! LOL Have a great week June!

  15. June,I´m as you.I´m waiting for the spring time so very much.But this week goes with strong frost here.It is not snow -only frost(-10°C)
    Have nice days my friend ☺

  16. dear june,
    Dear June,
    Yes, it's really hard to be positive at the moment. But today the sun is shining so wonderfully here in Berlin, it's good for the soul.
    Your light wooden frame perfectly matches the embroidery, very pretty!
    Thank you for your comment on my blog, hugs, Jutta

  17. Dear June, hooray, you finished the daffodil/crocus stitching! It looks very nice in your "thrift shop" frame. I do the same thing - buy nice frames at my local second hand shop or at yard sales in hopes that something will fit in the future. Sometimes people actually unload their junk along the street and if I see a frame it is mine! I have scored several good ones that way.
    Congrats to your finished puzzle!

  18. Dear June,
    your spring bouquet is so beautiful, the frame suits it perfectly. Nicely arranged with the daffodils. Also love the stitched birthday card for Erna, cute decorated with the ribbon.
    It's wintry cold here , but finaly we have sunshine.
    Wishing happy weekend, Anna

  19. Lovely stitching and flowers, spring is on its way, a sign of new life and hope for all

  20. Dear June,
    when I'm working with my PC your Birthday card is beside me on the desk ;-) Your Spring decoration is beautiful and also your puzzle is finished - congratulations!
    Have a fine Sunday! Hugs, Erna

  21. Lovely spring stitching June, really pretty. Have a relaxing Sunday!

  22. Spring has already arrived for you! The bouquet of daffodils looks sooo pretty next to the stitching spring bouquet. The frame fits perfectly.
    The birthday card for Erna is a success.
    Have a nice week with lots of sun.
    Hugs Andrea

  23. Your Spring stitched flowers are as pretty as the real ones! I do like to collect charity shop frames too. They often come in non-standard sizes which are better for stitched pieces.

  24. Pretty stitched flowers June and the card is such a lovely detail to receive. Your post makes us realize that perhaps Spring isn´t so far away especially with the sunny days we have been having lately.