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Monday 13 November 2023

Time is moving on.

 Here we go again , where did that week go , is it just me that thinks time is going far to fast.

I went out with hubby today and had a lovely dinner , and brought some new bulbs for the garden if you wait till now they start selling them at a cheaper price .

 I have now stitched all my cards just need to put them together and post them , I also wrapped and sent the first gifts off around the world and another bag to do.

I did manage to stitch a ornament this week to, but it needs to be put together now .


                                                  Snowflakes by Bent Creek 

 I used again material oddment from my big sack of oddments my friend passed me some years ago I am thinking it looks like a 32cnt , a simple design and I enjoyed stitching this one.

 Look at my lovely plant my friend gave me  Christmas cactus.

Bulbs we brought today , in the sale , now is the best time to buy if you want to pay cheaper

                                In my bunch of flowers I thought it was a rose but no ! 

It is a cabbage .


It changed from pink to green .
How amazing 

Enjoy a lovely week all.


  1. I always try & buy my bulbs in the sales too June. Your snowman is delightful. I see over on Notforgotten farm blog she has a free snowman cross stitch pattern - it is very sweet too. Wishing you a lovely week June xx

  2. Avrai dei meravigliosi fiori nel tuo giardino, complimenti!

  3. Dear June,
    I'm pleased that you're already so far along with your preparations for Christmas, all due respect.
    The cute little snowman is a typical Bent Creek pattern, very pretty!
    Lots of beautiful bulbs and I also like the cabbage, doesn't it smell like edible cabbage?
    Enjoy the fall, hugs, Jutta

  4. How cute the snowman looks, a lovely little pattern.
    So many bulbs, it will look wonderful.
    Enjoy your week, the sun is shining for me today - after all the rain.

  5. Hello June,
    the little snowman is so cute.
    So many wonderful bulbs. They will be look beautiful.
    Have a nice time. Manuela

  6. End of season sales are always the best, we buy our bedding plants late on. I too have had cabbage in a bunch of flowers hee hee

  7. Dear June, your snowman is adorable, a cute little man. I suppose you want living in a spring paradise when I see all these bulbs.
    Wishing you a fine week, hugs, Erna

  8. Hi June: I love your snowman so cute.
    Now is the time to buy bulbs here also they are one third the price.
    The Christmas cactus is already starting its blooms, the cabbage is a hoot but very pretty.


  9. Dear June, you are very precise and well organized about what to do for Christmas! It's true: you can go from one Friday to the next in a flash! your snowman is cute, the cactus plant is very beautiful and I am sure that your garden in spring will be a riot of colorful flowers, born from the newly purchased bulbs. In autumn I too put those wonderful flowering cabbages in pots and you will see that they will turn from green to a beautiful purple! Ciao Susanna

  10. Nous trouvons aussi que le temps passe très, très vite.
    J'aime beaucoup le cactus de Noël.
    Mais aussi le chou qui change de couleur. C'est magique !
    Je vous souhaite un bon weekend.

  11. Dear June, you are so right with "time is moving " on. It's already Friday - where has the week gone? Nice beginning of a snowman. I hope you'll have enough time in your busy schedule to get it done.
    Greetings from Ursula

  12. That is a cute little snowman, June! I'm working on getting my gifts ready to be mailed, too. I always seem to be so late! Love the Christmas Cactus. I used to have one that belonged to my grandmother, but, sadly, it died. I always forget to buy spring bulbs so I appreciate the reminder. Hope you have a relaxing weekend ahead, my friend ♥

  13. Love that snowman with his scarf blowing in the wind! I love the Christmas Cactus! Can't wait to see your beautiful yard next year with all those pretty bulbs you are buying. Love your cabbage in the middle of the flowers!

  14. Very nice the cabbage June, very nice photo. Yes, time flies but you are well organised with everything from that I read.
    Have a nice week end,

  15. Nice the photos of your cabbage. Yes time flies, but you are very well organised with cross stitch and Christmas embroidery and everything.
    Have a nice week end,

  16. I love that Snowman piece. Of course the greens are my favorite colors! It's so much fun to pick out bulbs for next springs beauties for sure! To watch for them to come up and then the perfect results to enjoy. Happy Thanksgiving. We're picking up our fresh turkey in just a few minutes, along with a ten gallon bucket to brine it in!

  17. Congratulations on having all the Christmas cards ready, I haven't even started yet. I like the snowman motif. Your garden will look very nice with the many flower bulbs.
    Hugs Andrea