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Sunday 3 March 2024


 Here we are another new month , I do like March it's like a new start taking us into Spring , lots of surprizes in the garden with plants and bulbs trying to break out.

February was very wet and the rain is still coming down , and its getting a little colder this week , but you know Spring is almost here.

This week really rushed by so quick , and it's been so dark for stitching I have to wait untill night time so I can put my lights on to see my stitching , so roll on Spring.We have had far to much rain , and today we have sunshine after a white frost this morning .

Tomorrow is our Anniversary  .  I never count years anymore , we just enjoy life to the fullest . But in just a few years time it will be a a letter  or card from the King .

So today is sunny with cloud and very peaceful outside apart from chirping little birds ,we love to watch them . 

So this week I have been stitching on this beauty .

Garden Interlude by Lanarte .


 I wanted to stay with this one , but I have a boxful to go through but will pick it up again very soon 
               Just put the last piece in  about 10 mins ago  , I am getting faster .   
                Hubby could not believe how fast  I was  .  
              I always put the outside edge in first  then it's easy .      

A gift from Hubby 


Our Spring bush ,we brought it last year ,
Not sure where to plant it yet .

And here is a photo of us from our hols last year some friends took the photo and put them on mugs we have one each , what a beautiful thought .



  1. Love today's blog. Happy Anniversary to you both. Love and big hugs. Lynda Ruth

  2. Happy anniversary x

  3. First of all--HAPPY ANNIVERSARY to you and Ron tomorrow, June! I love the mug with your photo on it. We have one with a photo of our sons on it that a friend gave us--so thoughtful! That is a pretty piece you are working on--love those colors. And you are really speedy putting together those puzzles. They are fun to work on in the cooler months. Love your tulips--such cheerful colors. Have a wonderful day tomorrow and a great week ahead! ♥

  4. Whooo !! vous brodez très vite, superbe
    moi aussi je fais les contours des puzzles
    douce soirée

  5. vous êtes superbe tous les deux

  6. Your stitching is so pretty, looks like you are more than half way done.
    Happy Anniversary and may you have many more :-) Lovely photo of the two of you.
    It's been a lovely sunny day here today, makes a change from all the rain. We have had so much rain our garden is like a big sponge, very squidgy and muddy.
    Hope you have a good week.

  7. Hello June: This year is flying by; I love spring so refreshing after cold weather. Love the design you are working on so beautiful, great progress on your stitching, what a sweet man you have to bring you tulips.
    Happy Anniversary.


  8. I forgot to mention the mug photo is adorable of you both.


  9. Everything is lovely June ... your stitching, the puzzle & the flowers from hubby. And that mug is just so special & a momento of your trip. xx

  10. It was finally a little sunny and a little milder over the weekend, but today we have cloudy weather again.
    I like it when the birds sing their song in the morning.
    Very nice pattern, I can understand why you want to continue stitching it.
    a great picture of you both.
    Congratulations on your anniversary.
    Hugs, Martina

  11. Hello June,
    wonderful progress on your wip. I like this motif very much.
    Happy Anniversary. The cup is a wonderful memory about your holiday last year.
    Have a nice week. Manuela

  12. Hello June, Happy anniversary to you and your husband. Beautiful stitching and what a lovely idea for the mugs to have a momento of your holiday. Hard to believe its now spring for you and autumn has started here in NZ. Have a lovely week xx

  13. Je vous souhaite un merveilleux anniversaire mes amis.
    J'adore la photo sur le mug.
    Bisous chère June

  14. Happy Anniversary . Nice tulips,

  15. Great haeder for welcome March, June, lovely stitching.
    Happy Anniversary to you and your husband.
    What a nice idea the pic of the two of you on a mug, so you have a memory
    of the wonderful vacation. Have a happy week , Anna

  16. happy anniversary June! you make such a wonderful couple

  17. Yes, spring is coming. Happy anniversary, the years fly by. You have made great progress on your WIP. Your husband is very attentive, the tulips look magical.
    Hugs Andrea

  18. Hello June,
    I also congratulate you on your anniversary, I like the mug, I would just wash it by hand and very carefully ;-)
    The king congratulates you on your milestone anniversaries? Your husband's tulip bouquet is beautiful.
    Your embroidery is magical as always, I hope, you have sunny weather, we too,
    hugs, Jutta

  19. Congratulations on your anniversary! May you have many more blessed years together!

  20. Happy anniversary to you and your husband. Your embridery looks great, a wonderful picture!
    Wishing you a sunny sunday. Hugs, Erna

  21. I hope you had a wonderful anniversary. I hope the two of you have many more in your future. I think Garden Interlude is very pretty. You two look so cute on that mug!