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Saturday 24 February 2024

Sunshine after a week of rain.

 Another week of rain and a little sunshine , but the garden keeps throwing flowers out , but then the rain  will damaged them so you can't win .

 We have been out alot this week I love going out for lunch when we get a free day, which is not so often , so we make the most of it , when the weather is bad and it's so dull you can't  do very much inside .  

Well it was so funny this week , my hubby gave me a lift to my friends It was raining so I was getting out of the car slipped on a big clump of grass and fell out of the car , when I was falling I thought oh no this will be the hospital  for me , but I got up and could not feel anything , not a mark on me , hubby said you must be Super woman , apart from feeling silly and looking around to see if anyone was looking , but happy to say no one was around because it was a nasty day. So anyway I am still here thank goodness.  Hubby was laughing after and said you should think of being a stunt woman  for films !

Anyway back to stitching .

My finish for Manuela and Martina's Stick 6 2024 No 3 Favorite designer , now this was hard because I have to many designers  that I love , but I dipped my hand into a bag and this one came out . Sweet Rose by LHN .

I have just found this frame so will frame it tomorrow . Only I just pushed it in and the size looks ok .

 I still have to frame it yet so it sits flat .


  One of my friends birthdays this month  so  I made her Peacock book mark she loves them .

   Added it to a card and added a ribbon  .

Just finished a scafe I had lots of wool left over from the summer jacket which needed  pressing .  It's a very light fluffy wool and goes great with a sundress .

                    I have just started this new Puzzle below .

                                  Flowers still fighting the rain .

The grass is like a bog , and I just had a warning of loads more rain coming in.

 So hoping I won't get webbed feet . Enjoy your week all.





  1. Glad you did not hurt yourself when you fell. Your angel was holding on to you so you would not get hurt. I love the stitching and the little white frame. I really like the scarf and sun dress. Your rose is beautiful. Hope you have a sunny week. hugs Lynda Ruth

  2. Dear June, Thank Goodness your fall hasn't landed you in hospital. And no onlookers to be concerned with ;-) You have been busy with your pretty stitchings and scarf during the rainy week(s). But there is only so much one wants to do indoors before going stir-crazy. I do hope that better weather will come to your part of the world soon.

  3. I'm so pleased you are ok, it's so muddy everywhere it is easy to slip. Your frame looks great for your stitching and your bookmark is lovely

  4. Sono felice che con la caduta non ti sei procurata niente 💪
    Complimenti per gli splendidi ricami

  5. So glad you didn't get hurt.
    Sweet Rose is so pretty, the frame is perfect!
    Gorgeous flower.
    It was warm for a week here, now back to cold temps, we even had some snow.

  6. Oh June, I'm so relieved to hear that you're okay after a fall- oh my, it must have given you and your husband a fright! The LHN rose cross stitch is so pretty, and also the bookmark. Have a wonderful week x

  7. So pleased to read you are fine after the fall dear June. You must be superwoman indeed! Love all your new makes & you always seem to find the most wonderful puzzles to do. x0x

  8. Good thing you didn't hurt yourself in the fall. You chose a beautiful stitching for Stick 6in2024. The puzzle will help you through more rainy days.
    Enjoy the time
    hugs Andrea

  9. Thank god you are not hurt from slipping out of the Car, June.
    Sweet Rose looks so pretty, and perfectly framend,
    also love the Peacock stitching, lovely gift to your friend.
    Happy stitching and take care, Anna

  10. Hello June,
    glad you are fine after the fall.
    I like your finish. It will be very beautiful in this frame. LHN is one of my favourtie designer too, but I have choosen another one.
    A great motif for a puzzle.
    Have a nice week. Manuela

  11. I'm so glad you didn't hurt yourself! But maybe you need some new stash for your "recovery!" :O)

  12. Sounds like another busy time for you, June... I'm glad you were able to eat out and SO GLAD that you didn't get hurt. What a lovely piece you finished--such pretty spring colors and it looks perfect in that white frame. Love the pink and white flower, too! Still too early for flowers here, but it's been warming up so we may have an early Spring. Enjoy the rest of February--boy that month went fast!

  13. A great little pattern, I really like it. And the frame goes great with it too.
    You can leave this until summer.
    A great bookmark.
    The weather is slowly getting better here, I hope you're doing well,
    enjoy your time,

  14. Thank goodness you were not hurt June! What a sweet rose finish you have. Very nice peacock bookmark for your friend. The top you made is so nice! Have a great day my friend!

  15. Qui piove da una settimana e non posso fare lavori in giardino, non vedo l'ora torni il sole. Per fortuna non ti sei fatta male e puoi ricamare!

  16. Hello June,
    oh, I'm very happy that nothing happened to you, you just "fell perfectly"!!!!
    I really like your new embroidery, your header is also magical, also the beautiful bookmark!
    I'm happy to come by and wish you a nice weekend.
    Hugs, Jutta

  17. Dearest June, here too it is the same bizarre weather: air not cold but very humid and rain in spurts. These days we have completely transformed our large garden with pruning of trees, hedges and roses and deep cleaning of weeds. Now everything seems bare but nature is able to sprout and flourish in an instant, more than before.
    Your embroideries are always delicious, the puzzle is very complicated, how do you like it, eh? ;) Damn for the fall on the wet grass: you were lucky not to have any serious damage.
    I hug you and happy March

  18. That’s a lovely Summery finish and it looks great in the white frame.
    Love the bookmark, I stitched that same design many years ago. It was a cover kit from one of the magazines back in the 1990s I believe!
    Serendipitous Jo

  19. Sorry I am so far behind! I am sure it is nice to be outside again, even with the rain. I really like the piece you stitched for Martina and Manuela's Stick 6, the frame looks perfect. Beautiful peacock you stitched there and it goes perfect with the journal. My that is a great color blue that you made your jacket with.