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Saturday 17 February 2024

The Birds are back singing.

 Hope you all had a week of happiness and love .

I have enjoyed my week , but would have loved some dry weather so I can get outside  more , there are signs of life every where with bulbs breaking out but the rain is so heavy they get bashed about . I have still been busy sorting out my craft stock. I am almost done  inside then I need to clean out the outside craft room . I have been strong and have given loads away , now I need to do this each year , and not buy to much only if I just have to buy it , if you know what I mean .

Well I had a busy week , I did get out into the garden when we had a moment of no rain . I planted some summer bulbs .

But the best part of this week ,was hearing the sweet song of the black bird  , they are now singing every morning I just love hearing them it warms my heart.

Oh I have found so many charts that I forgot about so can't wait to kit them up.

I have dug into my WIPS  again this week and brought out  another one for my girls  in the family , but so much back stitch . I must try and get them finished before the end of the year . 

I went out with my friend to hit the charity shops and found two beautiful goodies that came home with me , but I did give away a few things  from my house , I didn't want any more .

Ok this is what I worked on this week .

 DMC Gifts of friendship Sarah Kay .


                    Almost finished the back stitch on the small girl.

                          A few more stitches on the bigger one , then more back stitch.

  This week I felt like doing a puzzle , my friend gave  me this one for Christmas .

                     This is what I brought at the charity shop .
                   A sweet pea holder I will put fresh sweet peas in once they come out.
             Cost just £2 a bargain  

I fell in love with this water colour , only £3,99 the frame would have cost me over £3O.OO , I looked up the painter and most of her work this size was about £110 pounds . So always worth a look around I seem to find some lovely things 

Cards for Valentine we had a job to find any we left it to late , the middle one was from my lovely friend Nancy  thank you..

When we did go out hubby brought me some bulbs . 
I will get more next time I love them and have them  everywhere  now , they even flower in the cold weather , but hard to find in the shops  so will look for more 
Next week.

Well dear friends I will close now , enjoy your weekend .


  1. I love the two little girls, so sweet. You got a lovely puzzle. I love the vase and painting you got a bargin. All your flowers are beautiful. I have some sad news. Dave had to take Jasmine to the vet's on Friday because she was dying and we had to help her. It broke my heart. I could not go, I have cried for days and my sorrow is so much,19 years with my sweet baby. I miss her so much. Lynda Ruth

  2. Isn't it just so exciting when we find bargains in the Charity Shops June? It makes my day! Love the Sunbonnet Sue girls you are working on (thats what I call them) - your puzzle & your new bulbs look wonderful. Wishing you some sunshine this week. x0x

  3. I love the Sarah Kay stitching, reminds me of the wallpaper and bedding my eldest daughter had when she was small. I'm just about fed up with all the rain, usually I'm not bothered by the cold weather or Winter in general but this year I've not enjoyed it at all. Hope you have a good weekend.

  4. I love Sarah Kaye, that's a beautiful stitching. Hope you will get sun for going outside in your lovely garden.
    Have a fine Sunday, hugs Erna

  5. Oh yes, spring is in the air, every morning i look forward to the first chirping
    of birds. Also like Sarah Kay design, the Hats and
    Dresses are particulary pretty. Happy stitching June, Anna

  6. Hello June,
    I love this little Sarah Kay motiv. ONly a few stitches and it is done.
    A beautiful puzzle.
    Enjoy the Sunday, Manuela

  7. The girls are so cute, what a nice stitch.
    That's a pretty vase for your Sweet Peas, I love to thrift also.
    Pretty Snowdrops!

  8. Love the Sarah Kay project. Sarah Kay was a favorite with me as a teenager, I had a huge collection of diaries, notepads and stationery with those pretty little girls on it. I have a couple of kits too, should start one soon! The puzzle looks really enjoyable, and well done on finding so many pretty things at the charity shop!! Have a very good day, and thank you for stopping at my blog :)

  9. Love the watercolour painting

  10. I love the watercolour painting

  11. Hi June, such lovely things you found at the charity shops. I wish I could send you some of our sunshine - its been hot, hot, hot here for the past week or so and would love some rain to cool things down a bit. The new bulbs will be so pretty in your garden, I just love seeing your flower photos. Have a lovely week x

  12. Lovely Sarah Kay stitching, the girls are so cute. Great finds in the charity shops, I always pop in especially when we're on holiday. I managed an hour in the garden today, just a bit of tidying

  13. Your Snowdrops are so beautiful! I would love to have some of those someday.

  14. Hey June,
    It's always dry here, and I want to go into the garden this week, cut off the dried flowers of the hydrangeas, the first green tips can already be seen.
    You chose a cute motif, I love the little girls.
    What do you do with your finished puzzles, do you open them up again or do you stick them on a board?
    I hope you have a nice week,

  15. You made a nice Sarah Kay motif, it will be finished soon. The puzzle also looks very nice.
    Enjoy the week in the garden
    hugs Andrea

  16. I'm sorry to read you've had so much rain, June! We've had an unusual amount of sunshine lately and a bit of snow even, but little rain. I just love what you found at the thrift store, especially the pretty sweet pea vase. Such a cute little piece you are working on, too. I'm like you--have decided to buy very little as I have SO much stash that I still want to stitch. Hope you get some sunshine this week! ♥

  17. Such a sweet Sarah Kay design. You got some great bargains too. I love the sweet pea vase, perfect for those blooms.
    Serendipitous Jo

  18. Dear June,
    Your post is so varied and beautiful, I like everything you show us today.
    Your snowdrops have such pretty dots, they must be a special variety, ours don't have them ;-(
    Thank you for that and warm spring greetings to you, Jutta

  19. Love your February piece in your header. Sounds like you had a great week June. I love when the birds come out. I have hummingbird feeders out and I love seeing them drinking. Glad you were able to clean your craft room. I always think it is a never ending job.

  20. Adoro l'acquerello, hai fatto bene a prenderlo, anch'io vado ai mercatini si trova sempre qualcosa

  21. Dear June, the two little girls are very cute...remind me of Hummel figurines. Great deal on the watercolor. You always find some lovely things at your charity shops;-)

  22. We haven't done anything much in our garden so it still looks a bit winter weary.. love the cross stitch and your charity bargains,

  23. quelle plaisir de vous lire,
    douce après midi

  24. June: I do wish the weather were warmer for flowers and trees to bloom, soon very soon, we are having warmer weather than usual.
    Gifts Of Friendship is such a sweet design, IO love the colors of thread used, the kitty is adorable.
    Great finds at the charity shop, the water color is beautiful, you were so lucky to found it.