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Saturday 10 February 2024

Dull weather.

 I really hope Spring is not to far away , flowers are already blooming around , but they are saying snow is on the way , I do hope they are wrong .

Well my craft room sorting is going well almost done , but I have had to be strong . I have two large bags to give to my cross stitch friends , who use to come to my club I no longer run , 20 years was a long time and once I got covid that was it , it turned out to be long covid , but I am feeling much better now but do get a little brain fog , so each year I will  do the same , I have found lots of charts I must do and lots of kits I must finish. 

 I have also been cutting down branches with my hubby and filling up the garden bin ,  also I started another puzzle  and almost finished my knitting item. I can never sit with out something in my hands . A little bit of sunshine would be nice after lots of really dark dull days. Would you believe it the sun just came out and no snow to be seen , maybe they got the weather wrong this time we will see .

So first up is a little chart I started sometime ago and must finish this for two of my GGDs who will soon be moving into a new house , so thought it would be great on their bedroom wall. I love this saying.

                                  Design Works  ' Don't Look Back .


I still have to fill parts out and lots of back stitch .


                                  Next is a birthday card I sent to Erna .

                                        Hope you had a lovely day.

Well the garden wants to bloom after all the rain , I have flowers popping up every where at last .

These snow drops are all over the garden they are the tall ones the small ones are not coming up again .


So again I can say , my winter blues are now going away now I can see signs of Spring .



  1. Don't Look Back is a darling piece. Well worth finishing for the granddaughters. A pretty card for your friend. Your flowers are lovely. Enjoy your garden this weekend!

  2. Your projects are all beautiful! I especially love "Don't Look Back". I don't think I have seen that one before.

  3. Your garden will be just beautiful soon I am sure June. Your stitching is so beautiful .... Just lovely. I have been left with dreadful brain fog after my 2nd bout of covid too. Its just horrid how the effects can linger. Wishing you a sunshine filled week June xx

  4. Dear June, that's a cute cross stitch and a great motto: the past is the past, even though sometimes reminiscing is nice, too ;-)
    We too, have some early spring flowers. The first ones are usually Siberian iris and snowdrops ( the small ones)
    Take care,

  5. Dear June,
    your wonderful birthday card is still standing on my living room table ;-)
    I hope you'll get completely healthy soon and you can enjoy your marvellous garden like before.
    Have a wonderful Sunday, hugs Erna

  6. It's hard when things move on but reading your blog you're doing great with your turning out. It's so wet all the time isn't it, we haven't been in our garden very much at all.

  7. Lovely header June, what a nice welcome into february, i enyoied your post.
    greetings from Anna

  8. Hello June,
    your stitchings looks so cute. Only a few stitches and it is done. I thing your GGD will like it.
    The card for Erna is cute with the butterfly.
    Here in North Germany it is cold and rainy. The next days it will rains toll.
    Have a nice Sunday and a big Hugs, Manuela

  9. The cross stitch piece is perfect for your GGD's.
    Love those Snowdrops.
    We have had nice, warmer weather for a week, now it's back to cold.
    Most of the snow is melted from the rain last week.

  10. Gorgeous snowdrops, enchanting and magical flowers.
    Yes June, there isn't much left until spring arrives.
    Your embroideries are beautiful and joyful and we wait together for the warmth of the season of nature's awakening to arrive.
    Have a good start of the week
    Ciao Susanna

  11. Hello June, your stitching is just so sweet. Have a good week x

  12. I feel the same way, even when I have a cold, I have to have something in my hands, and knitting works best for that.
    You will soon have completed the next pattern. How pretty the snowdrops are, they are slowly coming out here too, a little sun would be perfect, maybe today or tomorrow.
    Have a nice week.

  13. Dear June,
    I sincerely hope that you will soon feel as fit and healthy as before, all the best for you!
    How nice that you continued to clean up, that's a good feeling, right?
    A very pretty new embroidery and the card for Erna is also beautiful, spring is coming, you can see that in this blog post.
    Have a nice new week, Jutta

  14. Such nice photos of beautiful flowers. I feel as if I can touch and smell them.

  15. Cleaning up brings to light many treasures that you never even thought about. The picture for your GGDs will be beautiful and Erna's birthday card is also very magical.
    I'm sending you some sunshine
    hugs Andrea

  16. I'm so glad you are seeing signs of spring, June! Your flowers are lovely. We have had an amazing spell of sunshine and our daffodils and irises are poking up through the ground. Lovely stitching and such a pretty card for Erna. I hope you have a lovely Valentine's Day, my friend ♥

  17. Che bello fare ordine e ripulire il giardino in attesa della primavera!

  18. That girl on a bike is definitely a Joan Elliott design, I recognise her style of backstitching. It’s a good idea to have a clear out, especially when you have friends who will appreciate the charts.
    Serendipitous Jo