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Saturday 3 February 2024


Yes February is here ,

We are getting slowly to spring thank goodness . I feel much better  now but I have been playing catch up with everything , housework and gardening , and before I was ill I started clearing out all my junk from my craft room and I am almost done ! then you find some lovely charts and kits you just have to do . It's never ending then I fill up a bag for some of my friends who are stitcher's from my old club .  Then I go back to the bag and think oh no I like that one , it's so hard to down size your stock , then I get strong and say no it's got to go , and I go to bed and think well I  could stitch it , it would be nice for one of the GGC , so it comes back out the bag ! 

I don't think I have any will power at all. So I will have to live with a full room. but saying that I do have two full bags to give away so it's  not to bad , I need to do this every year now , then in the summer I have my craft room outside to sort ! no wonder I can't stitch !  Anyway moving on I did put a few stitches in another WIP 

Winter Stamp by Vervaco

      Almost there lots more back stitching and a few more stitches.

     I have been stitching lots of cards , the last few weeks easy to pick up and down  just have to finish them . I did stitch this one for my lovely friend Carol for her Birthday last month.  I know she loves blue.


                             I also did this lovely puzzle  Garden in bloom .

                                       This was a delight to do.

              Lovely hubby brought home more flowers to cheer me up .

So that's it for now , I will dig out another WIP for next week and finish off my craft room , Oh I did start a scarf with my left over fluffy  wool from my  summer cardigan from last year .I will show you next time . Have a fun weekend .



  1. The Winter Stamp is so very pretty! The blue card for Carol is perfect. I went through all of my stash also. It feels good to clear out and pare down.

  2. Hello June: It is almost spring here, we have unseasonably warm weather here in Minnesota, it will be in the 50s that is 30 degrees warmer then usual, I am happy to hear you are feeling better, I love the header photo so pretty.
    Vervaco has such sweet designs.
    I have done exactly the same when I am trying to downsize my stash, it is hard to part with some projects and designs.
    Your husband is adorable to bring you flowers.
    Have a great week.


  3. So pleased to read you are feeling better dear June. Your stitching is lovely - yes I do that when clearing out my craft room too. I have to quickly take things to the thrift store or otherwise they end up back in my room!!! Love that puzzle. x0x

  4. I had to laugh while reading your description of you trying to part with charts and stash, June :) I do the same thing. You just never know when you might want to stitch something, do you? I really love the sweet birds and flowers piece that you're working on now--so, so sweet. Thank you again for my special birthday card and gifts! Hope your weekend is going well and that you're staying healthy ♥

  5. Your birds look so beautiful I love them. Carol will love her blue birthday card too ;-)
    Have a fine Sunday and stay healthy, hugs Erna

  6. The sweet bird picture will soon be finished, it will be beautiful. Carol was very happy about the blue birthday card, it turned out sooo beautiful.
    I recognized myself in your story about tidying up; I also find it difficult to separate myself from things.
    Enjoy the Sunday
    hugs Andrea

  7. Your wip looks so great. I love it.
    Carols birthday card are very beautiful.
    Have a nice Sunday, Manuela

  8. I do the same thing June!
    When you clean & sort, you find things you forgot about, thus, more piles "to stitch" LOL
    I love, love, love that Winter Stamp, it has Chickadees, my favorite bird.
    I love to watch them, they have so much energy!
    That puzzle is gorgeous.
    Pretty Tulips.

  9. Dear June, I wish I had you here to help me tidy up my messy craft room! And like you, I've come across kits taken for "shopping bulimia" and then left intact. The idea of giving them away or reselling them pains me. I always hope that it has seven lives, like cats, to fulfill them all, but of course now I'm cautious before getting more.
    Your embroidery is growing well, the puzzle is fabulous! The embroidery for your friend Carol is also beautiful. What about the tulips given by your gallant husband?
    Happy February. Ciao Susanna

  10. Dear June,
    oh, what a lovely spring picture and a lovely card, too.
    Also the tulips from your hubby are beautiful.
    This afternoon I wrote two emails to you, both came back with the note "Mail delivery failed: returning message to sender", sorry, I don't know what to do.
    Many hugs, Jutta

  11. Oh, Winter Stamp is SO beautiful!

  12. Dear June, I understand that you are feeling better and I am very glad for this. Take care cleaning your craft room and enjoy your wonderful tulips. I like your cross stitch and also the puzzle. It's a long time I don't do a puzzle. I remember it was funny and exciting do them.
    Big, big hug,

  13. You picked out a nice wip, the little birds are so cute.
    I hope you have a good week,
    Hugs, Martina

  14. I'm so behind in blog reading, so sorry you have been ill but glad you are in the mend now. I've been trying to have a sort out too, I'ts hard to get rid of things but sometimes it has to be done.
    Lovely stitching on the birds and the card from Carol is really pretty.
    Take care x