Friday, 22 July 2016


Hello friends ,
Are you feeling hot hot hot . 
We are not use to all this heat , at one time never thought we would have any summer then it got hotter and hotter .
Just too hot to do any thing. 
Well what have I been up to I am still stitching on my lovely lady , will show you next week , and this week I am still working on a few gifts and another Wip.

             Passion Bonheur  , Au Coeur Du Jardin, slowly getting on with my WIPs

 I am still receiving beautiful gifts from my lovely friends .
Thank you my sweetest Karen for such lovely gifts.

Looking forward to stitching every one of these my chart box is forever growing . 

 Well I went out for a meal with all my lovely ladies from my  stitching club here they are my great stitching friends.


Here I am in the middle my eyes are always shut ha 

I was so humbled by the card and plants they gave me.

                  This card and words made me almost cry bless all my sewing friends .

We also went to see friends last week and came home with fruit of all kinds and some lovely flowers look at this baby's breath pretty baby pink flowers and the smell is wonderful.

And here is some cooling down photos , before we go outside.


Have a great weekend and thank you for the lovely comments.

Saturday, 9 July 2016


Hello friends,
Well what a busy summer , time is moving on so fast .
I have been making item's for the garden and craft show , coming up the end of this month.
I have made a felt bird and knitted rabbit , just stitching it up together , poor rabbit is running around with no head & arms so I had better sort him out today . I also have to sort out what cross stitch to enter.

My sweet peas are very late this year , the ones in my header are from last year , I have just picked 4 from the garden.
I am loving spending time in the garden each day I always go around and de-head the dead flowers makes them bloom again so very important.

I have been home most of this week we just went out one day for lunch and a look around the shops always find a few bits .
I am always looking for things to set my cross stitch on and this week found allot , some boxes and wooden hangers and a magazine to show you how to make a kind of house , so next year look out for a few different items.
The fun will start in the winter.
At the moment I am working on gifts for the end of the year .

So first today here is a lovely heart made by my friend Lily .
Lily is a beautiful stitcher who comes to my cross stitch club .
She makes such beautiful item's .

     And my lady from last week , and the little amount of stitching I did this week , you can blame the headless rabbit.
                                           Last week 

                                                This week

This Victorian Beauty can be found in the Cross Stitch Gold out now.
An the designer is Lesley Teare .


 Another gift from a sweet friend Yvonne.

              Thank you for the wonderful gifts .

                    A few early sweet peas love the colour.
Thank you all once again for all the lovely comments 
I will leave you for now , so you can walk into the garden .
I need to make DH a coffee he is cleaning the conservatory roof and it is a big job , I think he will leave the other side until tomorrow , have a fun weekend hugs June.

Bye for now.

Sunday, 3 July 2016


Hello to all my friends .
Well we are now into July , so goodbye to June.

Thank you again for all your wonderful comments I do love to read them all, and I love getting to know each
 and everyone of you.

Did you know that I have a love of all things Victoriana , as well has Shabby chic .

I love all pretty things always have , so I start my post with a touch of time gone by .
I do love to collect any thing with a Victorian theme , and have collected many books  , here is one I love to look at.

      Most of all our crafts started in the Victorian times .
  Patchwork & Quilting , flower craft, Needlepoint ,
 Cross Stitch, Bead work, Paper craft , 
       Tassels and cords, Decoupage,
Lacework , Shell work, just to name a few.

I  love old cards and pretty bits and bobs.

Oh how I would love to spend some time with this
 box of goodies.
        Here is a box,  an old friend send to me , we have
  sadly lost touch , but this is something the Victorians 
     would make and send it is a box that opens with
              a glass front how clever.


I think next year I may make some of the above instead of Birthday cards for a change so watch this space .

And now my sewing here is my WIP last week .

 And Now.

          Do you like her I think you will love her soon.

 Lady of leisure 
Unlike working-class women of the Victorian era ,
this lady would have enjoyed a very nice lifestyle , filled with traditional pastimes such as embroidery , reading , music and taking tea. Dressing was also very important-throughout the 19th century , clothing became more and more lavish until it was covered with lace and beading .
Next week I will tell you who the designer is and where you can get this lovely chart from .
And the Winner of my Rose lady chart from last week was.
Joyce Clark Frank , Congrats to you and can you email me with your address and I will send it on to you , I hope you enjoy stitching it has much as I did.
Ok back to my craft room and garden.

Inside and outside my craft room window .

Have a happy week and a Happy 4th July to all my friends .