Saturday, 21 February 2015

Relaxing week .

Well this week has been a good rest full week , we had time out for ourselves and lunched out .
We also spent time in the garden and started our seeds for flowers and veg,  the tomatoes are up and so are many of the flower , the garden is starting to colour up a bit .

I really think Spring is here the birds are singing every morning , the nights are staying lighter a little longer each night , and I just love this time of the year .

I know it is not the same for allot of you and you still have the snow but Spring will be on it's way to you soon.

I have been busy looking in my box's of charts to sort out my Spring stitching , and will spend some time soon kitting them out ready to stitch I want to stitch a rabbit so once I find one I will start .

I have now started my March stitch , after I finished my February one so I am starting to get in front a bit.

I love going through my boxes of charts so many beautiful ones , can't wait to stitch them all.

Thank you again for all your lovely comments , I love to read each and everyone of them .

Warning a long post !

So here again some of my stitching and photos of this week.

Below another needle case I made for sweet Barb .

I took the sheep from the free pattern by The Primitive hare  the Awakening.

                         I stitched the sheep with real wool so Barb can fluff him up a bit .

Very much like the one I made for mouse.

Yes Barb loves sheep and she loved her gifts .
I enjoyed putting these together and wish I could do it for all my followers .
Maybe one day you will all get something I could change and become Super Stitching Wonder Woman 

Here she is my February stitching.

 FEVRIER  by Danybrod.
Stitched on Bluebell 28ct Cashel Linen Dmc threads.

She was just right for this frame .

And here is my new March start .

Think shamrock !

A lovely heart card from Jo 

And from Debbie another lovely card of a rose.

And from each other 

And we took some time out for ourselves this week and had a day out and about .

Can you see the ducks ?

We worked in the garden too .
And I thought I would pick a few of my 
Christmas roses ( Hellebore )

Such a pretty flower .

In my garden 

My DH brought me some tulips , 
LOOK INSIDE this wonderful flower ! 

How beautiful.
And before I leave you all . 
Another couple of sayings around my house for Hilda.

Have a good and happy week my dear friends.

Friday, 13 February 2015

Spring is on it's way.

How are all my friends today ? hope everyone is cold and flu free.

We are feeling so much better , thank you for your kind comments wishing us well.

I woke up this morning to the black bird singing for the first time this year , this is the first sign Spring is almost here.
  I was out side the other day cutting back a few plants it was so warm and sunny , and I heard a little noise , and it was Mrs no tail my little friend from last year , her little tail has started to grow again , she came to see me and say hello , I have not seen her for ages.
When I work in the garden she comes right down by my hand .
 And when I sat last year stitching she would sit under my chair right by my feet , oh it was so good to see her again .

Also our Blue tit babies are back fully grown now but still together 5 of them .

Last weekend we lost our power , it was going on and off for a few days , then Sunday bang we lost it just after breakfast ,  and so did 50 other houses , so out came the camping stove , and the candles . 
 The work men came from all over , loads of trucks and worked really hard to get the power back on they had to dig almost a mountain of soil to get to where the fault was lucky it came back on at 7 on Sunday night so I got to get a little bit of stitching done , I was lost with no power , not much you can do , but I did do a little knitting , and when it was dark about 5.00  DH and I played eye spied what fun we were in fits of laughter .  It got me thinking how lucky we are , when there is still lots of people in the world today who have no power at all.

So moving on to my February stitching , another Dany one and I should have her finished for when I next blog , so I am already looking for my March design which I will show you next time too.

And my WIP a little more stitched.

 I received  lovely Valentines  gifts from my beautiful friend Karen ( no blog ) .

What beautiful stitching and gift's thank you so much my sweet friend.

Below is one I stitched some time ago , and the little girl Nia made for me .

I found a few more bits for my Valentines display.

And from my sweet friend Nancy a lovely card.

Now what do you think I keep in my pretty box, no not a writing set but my lovely Tags and Bookmarks waiting to have ribbon and lace  on them .

And these next two photos are for Hilda I told her I loved her post with letters and saying and how I also love sayings and letters and Hilda asked to see my ones so every post now I will add a few .

Well dear friends enjoy your weekend and have fun on your Valentines day , and thank you so much for all the wonderful comments , and now it's my turn to gift you with these roses , bless you all.
From my garden last year enjoy .

Happy Valentines day.

Saturday, 7 February 2015

February the month of Love.

Well we are into the first week of February and it's been not a good week for us , but it can only get better.
My DH went down with the flu again after his cold and I also had a cold again , but fingers crossed I think we are almost better .

It's been a funny week weather wise the nights and mornings are really cold and frosty but the day times are sunny and a little to hot to sit in the conservatory no wonder we are up and down.

Anyway moving on I am looking forward to the rest of February and the start of Spring I love Spring the best .

How was your week I hope not too cold and snowy , and some of you not to hot !

I have dressed one of my dressers up for February but I need to stitch more for this month .
This will be the red month last month I think was the white month and next month maybe the green month.

I have two gifts to show you that I sent out and a new February start and my WIP , still not felt like getting back to picking up my old UFOs yet but I will get back into the swing soon.

I have been knitting too, for the new GGBabies arriving this month , forgot to take a photo so will show you next time.
So here we go a few photos .
First is a little something I stitched for sweet  mouse .

I took the designs from the book Dans mon Jardin , by Veronique Enginger.


                                                          And the back .

 Next for my lovely stitching sister Lynda.

Sister's by Homespun Elegance, using threads from my box on 28 count .

 My new start for the month of February 
Another one of Dany's will tell you the name soon.
The material is blue but not showing the true colour !

 And a little more stitching on my WIP 

 I have been collecting and using lace for some time , I have a big box full so thought I would start wrapping on to bobbins.

And here they are .

I still have lots more to put on to bobbins but a little at a time I will get there.

 Here is my dresser for February 

It's full of all the things I love and many gifts from friends 

This little heart bag my dear friend Ann made for me so sweet.

Well I did get to the show last week but I only brought a few things and most of those were for gifts .
They only had one cross stitch stand there! 
I even came home with money so went on line and ordered a few charts ha. 

And after nursing my DH all last week even though I was not well , look what he brought me yesterday bless him.

Yes I know they should have been Red or Pink but he wanted to bring a little sunshine into my life .

Thank you to all my friends who left me comments last week it was so sweet of you .
Wishing you all a lovely week with lots of happiness and a week of no colds or flu .
Happy Stitching .