Sunday, 26 October 2014

Halloween is on it's way.

Yes it is that time of the year excited children getting dressed up and knocking the door for some treats , it's fun , to see the little ones .

Halloween has never been  that big here in the UK but each year it is growing and more and more  Halloween goodies coming into the shops.

How are all my friends out there are you stitching away for Halloween and Christmas .
I adore stitching in the winter months nice and cosy by the fire at night.
Our days are still warm but the nights are cool.
Last night the clocks were put back an hour so more stitching time for me ha.

OK this week I have stitched a little stitch for Halloween,  I have been working on my R/R and UFOs
and some crafting.
So I have lots to show you this week.

First is this lovely design by Danybrod .

Couronnie pique aigiuilles   ( Picnic pins )

Stitched on a 28 ct using DMC thread the orange one,  is one of the new colours my lovely friend Reba brought for me  number 3892.

Backed with the orange spot material.

I also used a black press stud for the eye and it looks great a bit of a 3D look.

This is the R/R I stitched for the lovely Kim.

Collection de Lavandas.   Sticknadd.
I added the little butterfly.
And below I added a few extras.

And here is what Kim stitched for me a beautiful heart .

And loads of lovely extras.

Lovely heart kit I will start soon.
and Kim added every thing to stitch it up .

And below some lovely butterfly material and thread .

                            And yes more beautiful writing paper .

Thank you Kim you are so kind I love every thing.

And on to my UFOs .

NUMBER 6 of 10 




Yesterday I made these for little gifts .

And more.

and a few more.

I really enjoyed making these now I just have to tie on the hanging cords .
I think I will make a few more this week.

And below look at this cute fellow Mo at my club made everyone one of these .
Mo is one of the kindest people I know she makes us things twice a year not just one but 25 ! 

I have to think of a name for him now.
A quick walk out side 
So look what I found for us .

Some winter jasmine just coming out the blue is the arm of my little gnome

Don't know what this one is called but it so some kind of bulb.

The garden is still very colourful and plants are still flowering and budding I wonder if they will still be around in November  it has been very mild but the nights are getting cool .
Well my friends have a Happy week and a great Halloween .
Thank you for all the wonderful comments and  hello to Bella my new follower .

Sunday, 19 October 2014


Hello dear friends how are you all today.
I woke up early to a lovely Spring like day and had to think is it really Autumn or is it Spring or am I dreaming ? but no it is Autumn and it's beautiful at the moment.
Not allot of news this week .
We did go for our flu jab yesterday , and my DH  is doing a bit of voluntary work this morning clearing one of our flower island beds down the road he is going to replant it soon with some Spring flowers .
I have started to buy a few Christmas gifts made a large list and  started wrapping them .
I have allot to buy so always start early , I do buy all through the year and pick up any bargains and things in the sale , and you know I do make a few.

I just sent off a little Autumn gift to Lynda my stitching Sis here is what I made for her.
Also a little extras take a look at Lynda's blog.

                             I stitched this chart a few times now I love how it turn's out .

                          It's a freebie found here , Rainbow Gallery

Stitched on a yellow adia using DMC threads.

My next is a little pin cushion I stitched for myself .

The chart is by Danybrod called  Picnic pins 

Stitched on cream evenweave 28ct  and DMC threads.

                                   Using a few of Vickie's lovely hand made pins .

                                  On the back a little Tilda material. Turned out so pretty and just right for me to park my needle and pins.

And now one of my UFO's
This is number 5 of 10 


Funny how the light changes the colour !

 Premiers Flocon's ( First Flakes ) by Madame la Fee.

And I made a few more felt ornaments.
Vickie can you see your white hearts from where I took your pins from.
The stocking still has to have his teddy bear head put on.

Brought this new pillow this week .
I just love this saying and it is so true .
I have had a real life's journey with many wonderful times but also I  had a fair share of not very good times but it's been a learning and growing time for me and the journey goes on.

Well time for our walk up the garden and look we still have a few flowers .

Look at my black eyed Suzy above  it's been flowering all year long.

Well that's it for another week .
Thank you for last week comments .
I love meeting and talking to you all .
 Thank you so much for taking the time to leave me your wonderful comments 
Wishing you all a happy week.

Sunday, 12 October 2014

Around The World Blog Hop .

 How are my lovely friends today , hope you are all  enjoying a wonderful weekend , I have lots to show you today but first Jacquie invited me to join in the fun on around the world blog hop so thank you sweet friend for the invite.

I hope you don't mind Jacquie I will put on my blog on today instead of Monday , because we are out and about tomorrow.

Read what the lovely Jacquie wrote on her blog HERE

Around The World Blog Hop....

Thank you Jacquie, for asking me to join in the around the world hop.

Here are the questions.

1. What am I working on  ?
Ok right now I have been working on one of my large 10 UFOs and SALS. This is a new goal  I have set myself the last few weeks, I  have so many large UFOs and a few SALS that need working on and also some new charts that I want to start  so I picked out 10 some have  already been started and a few new . I have taken an hour from each day to work on one of these for a week each, and you can see my progress each week its working , I really didn't think I could take an hour each day but I am doing it and loving it so why not join me. I am so enjoying it , I love working on lots of things at one time if I don't l get bored and lose my mojo , that's why I am called the butterfly never staying long on one project ha , some days I just can't find that hour but it is still working and boy do I love seeing my work growing now and makes you feel so good.

At night I fill my little bag up with smalls to stitch while watching TV. I am stitching a few Christmas gifts , just finished a R/R , a new autumn one for myself and one for a friend which is in the sky right now flying over the ocean. Also I just stitched a little pin cushion for myself . I am working on a few felt gingerbread men , knitting a baby set and just finished a cowl for myself but I won't have it long my family girls I know will want it , so I will have to knit allot more , it looks great over a jumper too.
Then there's my bed covers I am working on one I am using my R/R square's for and the other one is being crocheted .
I am also making the Christmas cards for the girls at my club. I love taking photos too. So you can see I am always busy. I will show you later in the post some photos.

 2. How does my work differ from others of it's gender ?
I don't think it does differ , maybe in style some times I do like pretty things but some times I like , simple and country styles too, my style changes with the seasons .

 3. Why do I write /create what I do?
Ok let me think about this, the reason I create it makes me feel good , it mends my inner body.
I have been creating from a little girl.
We never had much money so if I wanted something I would have to make it, I leaned to knit with a little help from my mother I leaned to sew at school .
My mother had to work in those days , so I would spend many hours at home alone no brothers and sister's , so I was always making things .
I so wished I could have had my mom at home like my other friends , but I didn't and had to get on with it.
We had no Internet no TV until I was about 7 , and the picture was like looking through a paper bag ha.
When I had my own children I made up my mind up to be a stay at home mom until my girls were in there teens , and again it was not easy no money to spare so would make all the clothes , I had an old singer sewing machine I loved it and I must say my girls always looked beautiful in their home made clothes. I would knit some lovely jumpers .
I am so happy we had that time together , sadly later I lost my youngest daughter , and that's when the whole new world of cross stitch came into my life , like I said it mended my inner body , I needed it .
I have never looked back and still love cross stitching today , can't find enough time for every thing I want to stitch.
I love to give so this is a great gift to give someone who loves hand made things , allot of people are now just to busy to craft so I love making things for gifts them.

4. How does my writing/ creating process work .
I don't know but it works for me , it just does.

 And now I have a few friends who would like to hop on to Around the world blog join them next week on Monday 20th October.

 Vickie http://astitchersstory.blogspot
Gracie  http://needlespinsanddragonflies.blogspot
Lynda http://twododo.blogspot

I love making new friends on my blog it is so much fun , again it has opened a whole new world up for me. So why not join us .

Ok now for a few photos.

My friends daughter got married not long ago and here is what I made for them

The colours were  grey and lemon/yellow so I thought a nice rose and changed the colours myself.

                                                         The chart was from I found from an old magazine.

                          Number 4 taken from my 10 large UFO's..

                                                            Before .


                                                       And After .

I am so enjoying my planning and now I am getting to stitch on all my lovely charts .

                                 This one is called Garden Interlude , by Lanarte.

                          My cowl I knitted for the winter will look great on my plum coat if I can keep it !


                                  Growing slowly but I do try and add a few rows every week.

I found these free in a magazine I brought and my lovely friend Reba brought me a gingerbread die 
So now I can cut some of my own out.

 The other night a young man came to our door selling prints of his drawings he was deaf and dumb but we could understand him very well he goes to our local university.

Well when I seen this one had to buy it looks very much like our little GGD.


                                             How cute.
We have had a few showers this week and thouder and lightning at night but it has been warm , but today is allot cooler so I can still take you on a walk into the garden but this may well be the last one.

                                       love the way the dew is hanging on this rose.

Spring flowers that wanted to come out early .

And still the roses are coming out 

And the buds are forming for next Spring.

Well wishing you all a wonderful week to come.
Thank you all for your wonderful comments and your lovely friendships. 
Enjoy your crafts what ever they are.