Sunday, 31 August 2014

Tutti Frutti Swap

Hello friends ,  I  am back sooner than you thought .

Well the lovely Mii put together the Tutti Frutti Swap.

So here is the one I received from Marie Christine .

Love the colour and the heart shape. 

And look at all these lovely goodies WOW .
Thank you Marie Christine .

And below I sent this one to Kaye .

This is just part of a CCN design .
Fruit on the front and flower on the back 

Then I looked around the shops to find any thing fruity 

Thanks to Mii for all the hard work putting it all together.

Have a great week all .

Saturday, 30 August 2014

I have been told Summer is coming back !

Hello friends , hope we have all had a wonderful week and a happy one.

It as been very cool here with the odd warm day but they are saying Summer is on it's way back , so that's good , this year must be on record for the faster year to go by. Where did it go ? if any one knows please tell me.

Well I am sort on stitching to show you again, so I have made this post up of all kinds of things.
Hope you enjoy it.

First I will show my two SAL's not much to show but yes I did a few stitches , hang on where did this week go , if anyone knows where this year went can you also have the answer to this week .

My first SAL with Isabelle .

I can now see the rose growing .
Allot of thread changes in this piece.


I know not too many stitches on this one but I have had a busy week.

Do you rember my blanket from last year well I have been adding a few more rows to it.

Do you like my colour's ?

 And my GD wants me to do more knitting .

So I brought this wool in the week , the pattern I had in my stock ,

This is a very easy pattern with a nice effect.

A lovely early Christmas gift from my lovelly friend Reba , she sent it early so I can use it before Christmas.
I love the beautiful card Reba made for me.

 I went a little mad with a few mags I brought this week.

 lots of things to make .

 And here is my tea cup of the week
What could be better than roses.

So next week I will have to see what is in the garden ready for my entry into the show.

I was out shopping again and found these for when we decorate the lounge these will be the colour theme , I am slowly stripping the walls ready to plaster.

 Thank you for my lovely comments they mean so much to me .
Hope you all have a wonderful weekend one that will make you smile.

Saturday, 23 August 2014


Hello everyone hope you all had a really good week , here it has been a little bit busy .
But I do love Saturdays I don't have to cook it is my rest day my DH always brings fish and chips in on Saturday teatime .

Well no trouble with neighbour's this week so far.

Last night we sat in the garden watching our own air show I thought it was the Red Arrows ,  but it was four other planes twisting and turning in the sky it was so good .

We do have the red arrows coming over this weekend to do a display over Dawlish and we get to see them because their flight path is right over our house.

But I may miss them I have to help DH judge at the car show at Lord Clifford's estate.
I missed out on one the other week it was raining so I better show my face .

My grand son came last Sunday and watched the football with us

We have been out and about allot this week. I also had club, and some of my ladies have made over £200 for charity .
I think we maybe in the next WOCS too in September.

I have been busy stitching but again can't show you all just yet but I can show you my Round Robin with Heather this month.

I stitched this for Heather she wanted cute , it was from the C/S magazine June 2008
Country Companions DMC stitched on 28 ct evenweave using  var threads.

 And from the lovely Heather , some lovely flowers that will be worked into a bed cover I want to make next year.

 Also some lovely treats thank you Heather.

 It is like having a birthday every week .

And my two SALs just a little added this week.

I love the colours .

Little more on my rose  .

Lovely Sally sent me this great chart after she had stitched it,  so I will pass it on after I have stitch it.

Thank you for the beads you had over  sweet friend.

 If I can I am going to fill a teacup with flowers from the garden every week , this is my first one.

I love this idea I found something like it on another blog.

I may enter our craft show with some thing like this , I will think about it.

Two of the flowers didn't last long so I will have to play about with it.

 I made more cakes .

I brought a pack of different sultana's and soaked them in cold tea and it is like eating tiny grapes , 
yellow red and green  ones , they won't last long .

I saw this pillow in a shop , well l couldn't leave it there  now could I .

These are going to be my colours for my lounge soon , still have to strip the walls yet !

And the pictures below are some of the things my girls make to raise money.

Thank you to all my girls at my club they are a wonderful bunch of friends , thank you for all your effort.

Well that's me for another week .
Hope you all have a lovely weekend it is a long one for us in the UK .
Thank you also for your lovely weekend hugs .

Saturday, 16 August 2014

Thank's for the Weekend.

Well hello dear friends how are we all doing ? Can you believe how fast the Summer is going by , here we are feeling more like Autumn, when the sun is not out it's cool and when the sun is out it is
very hot , so we are for ever changing our cloths.
I did notice that the trees are already changing colour over  here.

Well this week has been a little stressful with my neighbours and my builder. He as been rebuilding our garden walls and both of the women each side have been so rude to him , and he is such a nice guy and is son.
I really don't see what the problem is they are just being funny or the big J .
When asked , oh is to dusty and noisy , what about when they have work done we don't go around shouting at their builder. They need to get over it and get a life , anyway my walls look great .
We won't forget , but we are moving on .
I am a firm believer what comes around goes around .

Just had a visit from one of my GS's lovely boy , he as been working away this week , he is coming over tomorrow to watch the football it's the start of the new season and we all love to watch every match if we can.
I have been stitching but can't show you too much just yet.

I have found a wonderful blog and on line shop for crafters and it is just over the river from where I live I have also brought the first novel they have wrote and they have just released a second novel , and it is set in Devon I have just started to read it and I am really enjoying it.

I am going to order the new one after lunch .
The blog site is here 
And I have it on my side bar too, so you can watch out for new posts , if you read some of the older posts there are loads of ideas .
And wonderful cooking ideas I just love it and want to read all the posts.

Not allot of stitching on my two SALs this week but I am hoping this week will be better.

Sorry its a bit dark.

 And my rose SAL I started the other week with lovely Isa 

 And a lovely gift from TittyP 
She is so sweet , she won my rose chart and then sent me these lovely gifts .
Thank you Titty .

Lovely magazine and two french writing pads and beautiful butterfly material .

Do you like my little butterfly house a dear friend brought it for me some time back . 
You put a candle inside and it lights up.

 Ready for a walk into the garden .

Some thing or someone is having a good old munch on my marigolds not sure what yet .

And now the autumn flowers are coming out.

Do you know that feeling when you think you are being watched or followed .

Well our garden as been filled with these little fellows .

Yes baby frogs every where I have to watch where I walk now, they are so tiny no bigger than my thumb nail.

Thank you for your many lovely comments I do love to read them , and a very warm welcome to my new followers hope you enjoyed a few moments with me. 
Wishing you all a wonderful happy week.