Sunday, 7 February 2016


Hello friends , 
February is here and I think so is spring  ! well it is in my garden .
It 's been a funny week this past week and I don't do stress but It seems everything went wrong .
So you can get a feel of what my week was like.
Anyway I am feeling much better now, my bug which came back twice I think is now gone .
The last part of this week we have been out and about , yesterday my friends and I went to a stitching show , well we got drowned it did not stop raining .
And when I took my glasses out of my bag to look at things they broke good job they were my old ones ha.
And there were no cross stitch stands !  not one but I did buy a few bits will show you next time , a few more ribbons and lace and lots of material and some card toppers and glue 
some felt and some felt patterns .
 Then I was sorting in a box that had sale things in there and I found some cross stitch kits and one I really liked so YES I brought it .
I must say I was happy to get home the roads were flooded and branches in the road broken from the storm.

I will show you what I made for mouse for her birthday.

Another from the sewing chart of Les brodeuses Parisiennes.

                                                      28 ct and dmc threads 
                                          A little heart to hang up in mouses new craft room.

And I can now show you what I stitched for Kim on the SCE exchange.

                          Christmas Bird house by CCN 

                            And a few extras .

And from Christina for me  a beautiful Christmas ornament.

                       And some lovely extras

                   More lovely flowers from hubby .

                            And Spring is trying to pop in.

Thank you again for popping by and your lovely comments .
I am very short of time today but will be coming to visit you all this week.
Wishing you all a fun week until next time have fun with your stitching and crafts.

Sunday, 31 January 2016


Hello friends ,
Well here we are the last day of January ! have you kept to your goals ? 
I did , well this year ,  I never made any .

How has your week been , I hope it was a good one .

We had a new little GGS a few days ago now  how lovely is that to start the New Year  so I am busy making and knitting little things for him.

But the start of this week I was hit by some kind of bug , so I am sorry I have not been reading so many blog posts but I have read a few when I was feeling a little better , then when I did feel better Thursday I went out for coffee and a little shopping and it hit me when I got home and Friday , I don't do unwell very well I hate not doing any thing . So when I could I was sorting out my ribbons they get in a right mess when I get busy I have a big jumbo bag of them so I have been buying some large nice boxes and will stack them in my craft room in the Spring , I seem to have allot of ribbons , I buy them up at the sales and after Christmas also my friends have brought me some very pretty ones in the past , but it is so good to go to a box and find just the right colour and not have to wait until you go shopping again.
I also have allot of lace and trimmings and want to put these into nice boxes . 
By the way I am better now thank goodness , just in time for the craft show in February .

My DH can't understand why I have to buy more ! but that's just me , I love ribbons , trimmings , lace, and buttons almost as much has my cross stitch.

My DH went to visit this lovely lady of 86 the other day and what was she doing a cross stitch map that she is going to put in our Garden and Craft Show , boy I was happy when he told me I was jumping up and down , I have years yet to get my pile of  WIPs done YES!

So that got me thinking about the show I had  better get sorting on what I am going to enter this year , I looked at my WIPs and found one I started last year or before ! 
so I have picked it up again . 
But first I will show you what I stitched for one of my best friends Sally we have been friends since my girls were small , I can show you because she is not into blogging , and won't see it . She loves magic and  fairies that sort of thing so I found a lovely little chart for her birthday in March.

Her favorite colours too.

I found this chart inside a booklet called fantasy collection .
From the Cross Stitch Crazy mag Dec 2015 .
Called cast a spell  by Shannon Wasilieff. 


I use some unknown 28ct material, with DMC threads and a gold unknow thread.

And here I have started stitching on my garden one maybe for the show .

 Au Coeur Du Jardin by the lovely Passion Bonheur

And once again many thanks for your wonderful comments and a warm hello to new followers. 
I will now leave you with a few photos of my many ribbons and trimmings , there are lots more in the jumbo bag and craft room 

Have a super happy week.

So where do you keep your ribbons please show on your blogs would love to see how you keep all your stash together.

I think could open a shop , that would be fun .
Enjoy your week dear friends.

Saturday, 23 January 2016


Hello friends, 
How are we all today ? another week already wow.
Soon  it will be February I am going to be playing catch up all year by the look of it.
We have beautiful sunshine today and it's very mild , yesterday I worked in the garden.
But watching the news yesterday I see my US friends are going to have lots of snow , stay warm and safe my friends.
Well thank you for the lovely comments on my last post , I am so happy you like my stitching and finish , I do try and make them different sometimes , I love to get ideas from other blogs.
Last night I really enjoyed my stitching but the night before well every design I worked on I had to have Mr frog out do you have nights like this.

I have been working on many more birthday gifts trying to get in front a bit this year , and also Christmas ornaments so can't show you just yet , but I do have a few things to share .

This is what I made for our dear friend Carol for her Birthday last week.
                                    Another little French one I love this one it is so sweet.

By Les Brodeuses Parisiennes 
Grande historie de I' ouvrage.
And below this one I stitched for Sally for Christmas .
Thank you Sally for sending me the photo back.
In my rush I forgot to take photos .

And here below is the finish on Barb's Christmas one .
Hope you don't mind Barb I used your photo.

                                       And below one of my new SAL's with Maryse .

                                          I am going to make this one into a center table piece .

                       And this week hubby brought some purple tulips , they do brighten the days.

                   Have a fun week every one .

Saturday, 16 January 2016


HELLO , to all my friends on this icy cold day , but there is life in the garden today .
We had a beautiful family of long tail tits come to visit today , very shy little friends so sorry no photo maybe next time.
Also a lone crocus came out in the week and said hello.
The sun is now shining on this frosty morning. 

I am happy to see some old friends coming back to blog land we have missed them .

Thank you again for the many lovely comments and it is lovely to spend a few moments to talk to you.

I have been busy sorting out this week loads of bags some from my dads house and lots of paper work from the past few years I hate this job but need to make some room so we can change one of the bedrooms into a office . 
It will take a couple of months to go through it all. I have two cupboards that are full of who knows what ! ha. My DH said he would do it but there maybe cross stitch charts in there I have not seen for a few years and he would just throw it all out with out looking and I can't have that can I ! 
I have already found some very interesting things and some old photos.

But today is my day off on Saturday I try not to do any work I don't even cook , I call it my free day we all need one of these.

Ok back to my stitching , this is one by Dany .

Trefle et Brin de muguet  by Danybrod , stitched on a pearl grey 32ct Murano by Zwigart.


I stitched this little thimble for Lynda's Birthday .
By Les Brodeuses Parisiennes.

I think you seen this one before I stitched the middle gingerbread man and the others were stitched in a R/Robin. 

Comes in very useful at Christmas time .

And a few flowers cut from the garden .

I said to my DH I really miss my flowers and next day he brought me these to lift me in these dull days of winter .
Bless him .

Have a lovely week all , until next time Hugs and xxx.

Saturday, 9 January 2016

Almost back to normal

Hello sweet friends ,
Well we are almost back to normal .
 Apart from the rain and thunder it would be a nice day ha.
DH is having trouble with both cars this damp day so a new battery for each car . So maybe they will work now , he can't get outside at the moment the rain is so heavy.

I have more gifts and stitching to show you today and a SAL I have started and another one I will start this week. 
I have been working on birthday gifts can't show you just yet and I also have been working on Christmas gifts for 2016 this year I need to make loads so will show these because nobody will know which one they will be having for Christmas .

So before I get started I would like to thank everyone of my dear friends for all the beautiful gifts you have sent me and they are still coming .
You make my life so special , and I still get so excited I am still a child at heart.

    Thank you every one of you .

Also welcome to new followers I look forward to be able to get to know you more over the coming new year. 
And another thank you to everyone of you lovely people for your kind comments , I love to read them all and have made many new friends. 
So now time to show you what I have been working on the last couple of weeks , I am still working on my WIPs too.

This one is part of the winter SAL I stitched with Maryse I have the others to stitch , but again I will stitch them as ornaments.

New Spring  SAL with  Maryse

  This one will be a centre table mat with lace around the edge.                                 

    These I stitched from a USA mag I will have to find it and tell you 
What one it is from sorry I can't put my hand on it right now  I have a feeling it was the Cross stitcher one. There were 3 of the designs and I sent one to our friend Sally .
So only two to show you will have to look on the Sally's blog here .
I have a big basket of stitching so now I need to start to think about some finishes .

 This next one is by Vervaco .
I changed the colour material and will make my one into a ornament soon.

   And the last one is buy Elizabeth C Garski of Primrose Needlework's 
                               28 count and using DMC threads.


And now more wonderful gifts sent to me by dear friends.

From sweet Nathalie( no blog)  from France .
Thank you I just love every thing and the magazines are wonderful.

                           From sweet Shirley no blog this smells so wonderful Thank you my lovely friend.

From a long time pen pal my sweet Karen thank you 
love every thing and the fluffy cowl I am already wearing.
Also reading the book can't put it down ha.
Thank you my wonderful Karen.

 And my sweet friend Titty from Italy 
thank you for your kindness and your wonderful friendship.

And my stitching sister and friend Lynda from Canada .
Thank you, you are so sweet to me .
Thank you Sis .
Again love every thing .

 love these what fun I am going to have.

                         And below another envelope of sweet Lynda.

And even DH had the chocolate one and the gift below.
I must say he had a smile on his face.

I still have a few more to show you next time.
I am so blessed with my dear friends .
I love everyone of you .
I have had a life time of very special friendships .
Many over many years and I now how blessed I have been .
How to make a friend  ! just say hello and make a nice comment or give a helping hand to others .
There are many people out there who would like a friend someone to make them feel good and to care .
Have a good week .