Sunday, 26 June 2016


Hello dear friends ,
Again thank you for all your kind caring words and lovely comments.
We are just doing nothing today and enjoying not having to look at the clock and rushing , another busy week over but we had some relaxing time too .
I have a few more blogs to catch up on this week , and I must say there are some lovely posts out there with beautiful stitching and beautiful roses and flowers .
So if you get a few minutes take a look at the talent that is out there.
A very warm welcome to my new follower , hope you enjoy your visit.
Well our weather is a bit up and down but we had time to work outside and sit outside a few times with a coffee and a mint ice cream lolly yummy.
My DH even went out to the summer house yesterday to read his book for an hour and I was putting together the English Roses design that I will show you in a moment.

I also had more lovely gifts from sweet friends .
But first my new WIP is growing and I am going to pull a few old WIPs back out this week.
So I know how a few of you though my new WIP was a black bird . Well it really does . 

But here is my new secret WIP growing along , I must say this is just beautiful you wait until she is finished I fell in love with her the moment I saw her , so next week you will see more of this beauty .

And this is why some thought it looked like a black bird .

  Ok here is my finish of the 
"English Rose "
Like Angela I did not stitch all the chart just the middle .

           I have used a frame and backed the back with material and added a few trimming , what do you think ?

I love how she came out she sparkles too 
I did add a couple more large beads ,  lace, roses and bits until I was happy . 

   Never be afraid to add bits to your stitching use your creativity, and never rush .
I pondered for a week and then started to collect bits and bobs in the same colours and played about until I said to myself that's it. 


I Stitched it on 32 ct soft grey using Dmc threads .

This chart is now up for grabs so if you would like to stitch this one let me know in your comments you must be a follower .
Now look what our beautiful friend Kim sent to me she is so amazing and talented.

Look at the lovely painted porcelain pot just beautiful.
And the wonderful scissor fob Kim made too .
Lovely rabbit kit , material and threads , thank you Kim for your kindness.

And from my lovely friend sweet Titty from Italy . 
Such lovely gifts from her heart thank you so much dear friend.

I love every thing sweet friend and the sweets are so good.

And another lovely gift from my friend Shirley 
This candle in the teacup smells so beautiful.
And beautiful hand made card, thank you so much.

Well it's gardening time so here are a few things out right now.

                 My small rose bush has gone mad  it , so full of flowers .

So keep stitching and having fun until next week ,
Best wishes.
And  I would love it if you can send the sunshine back.

Sunday, 19 June 2016


Hello friends ,
I want to thank you all for your kindness and lovely words through out last week.
Well what a bitter/ sweet week it was.
After I wrote my blog last week my GD was rushed back into hospital again and she had two blood transfusion and an operation early on my birthday morning , so I was so upset .
But do you know my sweet GD phoned still phoned to wish me a Happy Birthday such a sweet girl .
I am happy to say she is well and resting and getting better each day .
 It was such a busy week for DH and I ,  we were just about every where , and lots of Queens birthday party's.
Another busy week coming up too .
So not much stitching time or blog reading I do try and read a few blogs a day , but forgive me I will catch up.
You are just some of the nicest friends and your comments and letters are so lovely .
 Welcome to my new follower hope you enjoy my small part of my life and my beautiful loves in life my stitching and gardening. 
Happy fathers day to all I will be lighting a candle my my dear dad this evening .
I finished my rose lady but I am trying to find a way to finish her , like Angela I have just stitched the middle part , Angela is going to put her lovely stitching on a box and I  know it will be just beautiful , so I will think up something different this week , so keep watching,  the chart will be up for grabs next time.
So first today here is a finish of my sweet wren.

So here she is , I corded some fluffy wool I wanted her to look soft and fluffy .
And hopefully she does .

Now I know I am naughty but it is Summer and I wanted to start something new , well I fell in love with this next design .
You won't see that much today , but hoping you will come over and see this one grow I must say it is just beautiful 
So can you guess what I am stitching my DH thought it was a spider ha.                      

So now a little walk in the garden and then some of the beautiful gifts I have been blessed with from friends.

Some of these rose petals my friend dried and used at their family wedding the smell is just wonderful.

Yes you can see the dew drops we do have rain, and it's not been to warm the last few days.

Below my chocolate rose and yes smells of chocolate.                                  

Lots going on in the green house we have just picked 16 cucumber's , most of them go to family and friends.

                               First tomato of the year.

     Ok it is only a small one but one of many to come.
                           And more strawberries 


                   And some lovely gifts from sweet friends so many I will have to show you over the next few weeks.
Once again I have been so blessed , thank you my dear friends for all of your kindness.
                            From our sweet friend Linda 
she already sent me a boxful of goodies this was an extra bless you.

From our dear friend mouse ,
lots of lovely goodies .

                         And lovely pin cushion.

                                    Thank you mouse.
And from our sweet friend Lisa V , thank you for such a lovely Autumn themed gift set just wonderful.

        Seeing this card was looking back in years just like my daughter years ago. Thank you Lisa. 

Well just one more I am running out of space, but will show you more in the next few weeks .

From Nathalie a dear friend from France such lovely gifts thank you so much.

So I will leave you today with thanks to you all , sending 
and hugs and xxx's , for your kindness and friendships .
Enjoy your Sunday and the coming week have fun.

Saturday, 11 June 2016


 Hello friends , another week already ! 
Well the week started with hot warm sunshine then it really got  far too hot to do anything so alas not  much stitching , but I do have a finish for you that I took from my basket.
The weather has now changed and it's dull and we have had some wonderful rain I just hope it knows that it has to stop and let the sun come out again .

Thank you to all my friends who have sent me some lovely cards and gifts for my on coming Birthday  I will show a few more today and more next time .
I am so blessed with so many lovely friends.
I am sorry I need to write and email  to lots of you but it's been a very up and down week .

We have been out on many celebrations for the Queens birthday still a couple more to do this week .
So time is a little short , so I am sorry once again on reading your blogs but I am trying to get around to you all.

So let me start off with my finish .

This design was from a old magazine and it was designed by a lovely lady called Sheila Hudson.
Sadly she is no longer with us , I was so upset because I loved everything she designed and you will see many of her designs in the future on my blog I kept them all.
Her family still sells her designs you can look on goggle. 
Look what our sweet friend Vickie  sent me for my Birthday
How lovely a coffee mat , I have it on display it is beautiful and I hope to make a few of these when I find time.

Vickie knows what coloured things I so love.


  And from our sweet friend Carol
our friendship grows so does my lovely row of pillows from you my friend .
Again Carol knows I love the soft colours and the design she stitched me.

Oh Carol such beautiful treats you added in your parcel thank you my friend.

Thank you to the rest of my friends for all the birthday treats , I will be showing you all over the next few posts .
So June is now bringing lots of strawberries and roses in to life in my garden .
So below 
just a couple I will slice on our ice cream later.

 This rose is for my mother who would have had a birthday yesterday .
 Happy Birthday mom if you are looking down.

And here is one for my GD who lost her baby this week.

Sweet blessing , love you so much .
Our family have had many sad times but we are growing stronger .
In life we have allot of things come our way we have to deal with it and move on. 
It will happen to us all at sometime in our life's and the older you get more often .
But I do believe everything happens for a reason .
I do believe in faith and have a open heart . 
I want to leave you with more roses from my garden ,
I know so many of you enjoy a walk in my garden so come this way, but before we do I would like to thank you for your kindness and your lovely comments .
And can I wish you a lovely week.

I send you all roses from my heart .
and now the rain has just stopped and the sun is trying to come out again.
Until next week .