Sunday, 28 September 2014

A Warm Sunday.

Hello everyone hope you are having a great weekend , here the weather is still warm and the sun is out this afternoon, but it is going a little misty now.
This week  has been another busy one , and can't believe it is already late Sunday afternoon.

Yesterday I went out to a stitching show with friends we always have a good time.
I think that's my last busy weekend now so I can start catching up .

I did manage to do a few bits of sewing on my big project number 2 so my plan is working.
OK lets show you some stitching.

 First is my R/R with  gracie .

And I added a few little extras 

Number 2 of my large UFO'S

This is how I left it.

                                                         And now it looks like this.

My plan is working but hoping this week I can spend more time on number 3.

I finished little Owen but he is so naughty , he is running all  over the garden.

Here he is again.

I think he likes playing hide and seek.

Well I did buy a few things at the show .

The knitting bits.

                                                    The sewing bits.

                                                         Card making bits , sorry you will have to look sidewards

And a couple of scarfs for me and scarf holder
I have a few now but love to wear them with a plain jumper

I did buy a few more things for gifts so can't show all.

It is still warm here Autumn is almost with us but Summer is not giving up just yet.
The garden is still going forward with flowers still coming alive.

I almost walked into this one.        And yesterday I did walk into a web.

Ok that's me for this week.
Wishing you all a happy week .
Thanks for your lovely comments .
I will have more time this week to visit your blogs looking forward to it.

Sunday, 21 September 2014


Hello friends well just to say we did all our walk 17 miles ,  for none walkers I am so happy I made it.
It was not for the faint hearted and I almost gave in last week  my legs were like jelly the last part of last weeks walk . And I was walking about on all fours for a couple of days  ha . This week we brought new walking shoes and we had a walking stick each which was good for going up hills .  Today no pain just a little tired .
Will  I do it again noooooo, but I will go walking but not at such a fast pace and not up those hills where you can't even stand up very well.

Well done Mary , I know she will be looking at this blog , you are a model to us all.
I will show you more photos end of this post.

Ok my stitching, I have made some plans on my stitching this week for the winter , I told you I have so many UFOs and new ones I want to start and my SAL's , so from now on I am going to find in the daytime a spare hour ! to stitch every day on one of these . So you will see a different one each week out of about 10 I really want to finish before next Summer , these  will be the large  ones .
Then at night when I do most of my stitching I will work on all my small ones.
I am hoping this will work for me this winter.

So here is a small one I stitched and will finish next week .

Meet Owen.

How cute is Owen ! 

 Heart in Hand Needleart  called Owen

 Stitched on yellow evenweave 28ct DMC threads and WDW carrot.

I will show you the finish next week.

 And next is the first of my large ones I worked on this week .
I could not find an hour every day last week but soon when Winter sets in I will .

My first of the 10 I have picked out.
Age of elegance  you are going to love this one I have wanted to stitch this one for ages.
This week  my club was in the latest WOCS 
All working away which I like to see ha ha.


 Received a lovely gift from my stitching sister Lynda. 

How wonderful a lovely stitch pillow some sea glass , lovely candle and tea.
lovely body cream and what a great bag to keep my stitching bits in .
Thanks Sis love you and all my lovely gifts.
We have our own olives look at this.

Well it has been a hot Summer this year.

And this week we brought a few new plants two new roses .

Hot Chocolate.
Smells lovely.

                                            Royal Occasion , this smells beautiful too but the colour is beautiful.

And these two beauties are standing in new pots each side of my porch and look great.


The walk .

Waiting for everyone and this was the starting point.

Here we go from field to field

Past the old sweet corn plants.

In with the sheep

We walked through two woods and stopped for lunch.

Now the climb one of many hills ,

Higher and Higher .

Now down we go.

                                   If you stop to take a photo the others are gone ha.

Down to the estuary

One of the stones.

                                       Almost to the water edge , look into the  distant and you will see the sea.

The water's edge many shells seaweed even a child's shoe .

Almost home.

                                 Well that's what I thought but we had to walk to the end can you see one group in the distant , and a bridge that's where we walked to , and we had to walk through reeds about 8ft high at the end never thought we would get there but at last we did , and just in time  , 25 mins later the tide came in and we would have been in the water.

But we did it  , we all got there, even one man lost the bottom of his two shoes  we had to tie them together.

And here are the Medals .

Now we waited for the Mayor to come and give out the medals , can you see the boat.

Here comes the Mayor 

The boundary is right in the middle of the water so the mayor says is speech and hits the water with his stick  and that's the end until 7 years time when it starts again.

My DH receiving his medal.

And here are our medals.

So there you go , that is beating the bounds .
Thank you for staying with me on this post and thank you for all the wonderful comments .
Have a wonderful week .
I am off to a stitching show this Saturday can't wait .