Sunday, 25 January 2015

So many gifts.

Hello dear friend's how are we today ?
Well this last week went by so fast for me , another very busy week but we did have time to go out and about and a couple of nice lunches out .
Yesterday was a day for our bird watching we signed up for our yearly bird watch , it's great fun but some birds that came into the garden I have no clue what they were so we have all the bird books down to look at after.
We had a couple of frosts here this week but also some lovely sunny days again and looks like another one today. We even worked in the garden yesterday cutting down a few old shrubs.

Well this week I have been so blessed with more lovely gifts my stitching sister Lynda has spoied me so much bless her I could not believe all the wonderful goodies she sent to me.

But first I will show you my stitching .

This is a little gift I stitched for sweet Titty from Italy it was taken from a chart from the cross stitcher magazine. Titty says she loves birds so I am so happy she loves her gifts.

Next my January chart is still growing should be finished next week then I will look for a February one.

From a Dany design.

 And my WIP is also starting to grow a  little bit more .

You can now see the tulips and a little of the forget-me-nots .

Look my daffodil's are still out in my Owl pot.

Now are you ready for a gift shower from my sweet stitching sister first up a little doggy she knows how much I miss my little Poppy . So say hi to sweet Snowy 

She is so cute even my DH loves her.

Now look at all these goodies from Lynda 

OMG  even home made fudge.

 And more.

One each for me and DH .

 And there's more 

beautiful cross stitch Lynda .

and there is more 

Oh and there is more ,  thank you a 100 times dear sister. Look at all these threads they cost so much
money here so they will come into my stock and be used right away bless you.
Even a lovely stitched bag I also love my little red bird so sweet.

And there is more .

Lovely candles 

And more.

               lovely towels and date book and writings set.

lovely charts 

                       And a dancing plant to go by the other one that Lynda brought for me last year.

 Thank you so very much sweet sister , Lynda posted it last November but it was worth the waiting it really was a wonderful package of goodies .


And some other little Spring plant in my porch .

 And last week look  another rainbow  .

There were some beautiful ones last week but  I didn't have chance to take a photo.
Every one tells me that my daughter  Ali is saying hello .
They are so special to me and my family and the double ones mean so much  more and we even had one last week and a few weeks ago.

Well I was just going to send this off when my sweet DH came home with these,  I am one lucky lady 

My DH is thoughtful. (now he is older ha )

Well I could really get use to this flowers ever week .

Thank you all for the wonderful comments I do read every one .
Hope your coming week is a happy one for you .
Keep warm all of you that  have the snow , I am hoping we don't get any this week I want to go to the stitching show .
Lovely to see another new follower hope I can get to know you more in the future.


Now before I finish I could do with some help please .
I am looking for some cherry colour gingham or plum colour in all cotton .
Not a bright red but a ripe cherry colour .
If you know of any store where I could find some I would be so gratful.
I did find a few shops that sell gingham but they were not all cotton. 
Take care all.

Sunday, 18 January 2015

One Big Thank you.

  Hello friends, I would like to start with a very big THANK YOU, I had some wonderful comments wishing me to get well , and I am happy to say I think I am better, well I hope so this virus as a habit of coming back worse just when you think you are better.

We have had a few frosts this week a couple of cold days and the rest have been sunny and bright like today . It is so lovely to see and feel a little sunshine in these dull months, but I must say I do love staying nice and cosy inside at night time by the fire stitching away again what could be better for my  simple heart.

Well I have tried to keep up with my stitching but a couple of days I just couldn't.
But I am back to stitching on a couple of gifts again and a few Birthday gifts have flown .
This year I am getting more organise if that's possible ha.
so first up my snowdrops design even though no snowdrops are stitched yet.

                         Pot de perce-neige or snow pot   by Danybrod .

I love stitching on this one this is just the vase and I still have some filling in to do yet.
I was just looking at it and thought I am sure I have something that looks the same , just looked up and yes here it is  on my dresser , how wonderful is that .

 And my other design I started just before the New Year.

Still a little more infilling to do.

Lovely tulips from my DH to cheer me up after he gave me his nasty cold ha.

Wish you could see how bright these are 

I joined the lovely gracie 's card exchange and have two here already so thank you Nadine from France and Debbie from Canada I will come over and see your blogs if you have blogs.

Thank you Nadine and Debbie.

Another  Christmas gift from a sweet friend Jenny thank you love every thing and the little lady bird is so sweet.

And more from dear friends.
From sweet Marion.

From sweet Lyn.

 And sweet Margaret , thank you to all my sweet friends for all the wonderful gifts I am so looking forward to using every thing , bless you all.

Well yesterday I walked up to the garden to see what was there after some cold nights , and this is what I found.

There is a little colour after the storms and a few icy nights.

so beautiful even with a few marks on them.

I have just brought a few packs of these to put in when it's a bit warmer , this one came up from last years bulbs even with our frost the other day my how just one bloom lifts the garden.

And near by another snowdrop ready to flower.

 and in the conservatory I have a rose that just flowered.

Well that's it for this week my friends .
I want to thank you all for the wonderful comments you left me you lifted my spirit all last week when I was feeling so ill , you are great friends and I am so happy to see so many of you coming back to blogger land.
Also I see another new follower , hope you enjoy a little part of my world of stitching and my love of the pretty things of life  hope I get to know you more, take care everyone keep warm and cosy .

Sunday, 11 January 2015


Hello all my wonderful friends, hope you are having a wonderful weekend.
I am just holding on I caught another nasty cold from DH this one takes you off your feet a bit so this week no stitching done for a few days .
I have a red nose and feel pains where I never have pain apart from that I am wonderful .
I am going to try and stitch this afternoon if I can if not it will be TV and maybe a magazine to read , when I caught this cold I thought great feet up and stitch all week , but when you have a bad one you just can't .
Any way enough about poor old me , what have you been up too I shall be looking at a few blogs later to see how busy you have all been.

Here it is a nice day after a cold night the sun is out shining and a little windy .
But we don't mind that.

At last I can show you an exchange I was in , I posted last week of November and it has only just reached  Edige .

Snowy friends by CCN
Stitched on a mint green 28 count 
Then I made a cord out of some white mohair to put around it .

Added a few extras 

And from the lovely Silvia
I received this wonderful package .

Wow look at these goodies I was so over the moon I love any thing from Austria and Germany , thank you so much.

And my snow drop design just a few stitches .

And my new WIP for 2015 

Look what I found in the garden a crocus .

Few more Christmas gifts 

From my lovely friend Pat.

From my dear friend Carole 

From sweet Jean this was a secret Santa.

And another secret Santa from sweet Mo.
I have a few gifts and an exchange to work on then I really will get going on my UFO's again.
I still have a few extras to show you next time .
Hello to my new followers , hoping you enjoy my blog and that I get chance to get to know you more 
 Once again thank you all for the lovely comments  
Hope you all have a wonderful week keep warm and cosy .

Monday, 5 January 2015

New Year Wishes .

New year wishes , do you have any ?
I wish all my friends a wonderful year, and lots of happiness .

I know some of my friends are not too well , and others are not having the best start to the NewYear , so one of my wishes would be to have a magic wand and wish all their trobles away .
It would be wonderful if we could do that but in the real world we can't , but we can be there to help .

Well would you believe already it is January the 5th so I have already lost a few days and this month and it has only just started.

My stitching  goals for this year are to pick my UFOs back up and try and finish one or two  that I was working on last year,
And to stitch some thing for myself for each month of the year.
So I had to think what the month of January reminds me of.
  Christmas rose hence one on my header also Snowdrops this is my stitching for this month and Robins we have a beautiful Robin  that comes in our garden each day and every morning he sings his little heart out , I never knew robins sang in the dark.
Also I think of Sheep and the little lambs  and snow .
But no snow for us yet this year .

What reminds you of January ?

The only stitching I can show that I worked on over Christmas is the New one I brought last month.
It's taking ages but I am enjoying it.

 And the next one is my new one  started for January 

So yesterday we spent the day taking down the Christmas decorations and putting every thing in the loft what a job this was , I think we need to get a loft ladder it is getting harder each year .

So then I had to put all my things back in place and I redressed my dresser so I thought I will do it in a theme for January well I could'nt find that many things for January but I did find a few.

Well you can see I need to stitch allot more things for January.

Yes I know roses is not for January but think Christmas roses.

Next month Febuary ! 

I have more wonderful gifts from lovely friends.

From my lovely friend Yvonne 

From my dear friend Sally look at this sweet stitching doll so sweet 

From my lovely friend Karen , just look at this sweet ornament I love it.

 And from sweet Nathalea 
More beautiful gifts also gifts for my GGC too .

I still have more lovely gifts to show you next time .
Thank you to all my dear friends you have been so kind to me .
I am over whelmed with your kindness .
Thank you .
Wishing you all a lovely week and hello to my new followers .
Looking forward to sharing with you my stitching and I will be popping over to read your blogs this coming week .