Saturday, 19 July 2014

Another week gone by already.

Hello friends , are you enjoying your Summer , at the beach, gardening , reading,  relaxing , stitching , or sewing , eating lovely fresh food from the garden  , eating ice cream and  cream cakes and the odd BBQ.
Those lazy days of Summer what could be better.

Thank you for your lovely comments you sent me I love to read them all , you make a girl feel good , I should say a old lady but no this week I fill like a young girl ha.
Just the odd pain still in my arm just wear and tear.

I see a few more new followers have joined, hello dear new friends  l am so happy you came to visit and hope you will come back and we will grow friendships.

Well what have I been up to , not allot this week we still have the builders in, digging out the footings for the new porch and drilling into the concrete , so I have been sorting my ribbon and lace boxes so they are now tidy , making lots of drinks and nibbles for the workmen it has been so hot for them.
Also some stitching but alas not much to show you yet some exchanges my round robin , SAL, and giveaway.

I have also been busy in the garden.

Here is my SAL so far .

Look at the little cat how sweet .

I like how this is coming out it is like a story book , you can see on the last post where if you want to get the chart and join the SAL.

Because I can't show you much stitching this week here is what my friend Margaret stitched at the club I have these free designs in my box I must stitch them they are so pretty.

They really sparkle.

 I have been cooking again.

Using the same way again weigh your eggs then the same weight in caster sugar, butter, and flour.
This time I soaked fruit in cold tea over night and added to the cake mix so juicy and so good for you.

This lasted a day ! my DH said it was the best ever.
I also made a honey and banana one that's all gone too ! 
So tomorrow I will make a coffee and walnut one.
I can't get a look in.

A walk in the garden now and a look at what the builders are doing a sneak look at my kitchen and the winner of my rose chart.

A little photo of part of my kitchen still needs to be painted Plum .

My carpet in the dinning room will be fitted next week . 

 And this is outside .

Look how deep the footings are my DH is down there looking.

And the new porch is starting to grow.

We had to take my beautiful red rose out and have now planted it in the back garden here are some of the flowers I saved.

And this brings me to the winner of my rose chart . 

The winner is Titty P .
Can you send me a email  with your address .
Well dear friends have a wonderful  happy weekend .

Thursday, 10 July 2014

Beautiful Day .

Hello to all my friends hope you are all having a nice day , here it is so beautiful.
Well this week I have not done allot of stitching , I went to the dentist last week and oh my poor mouth as been so sore , the only good thing I didn't eat very much .
I have been busy out and about , watching football , gardening and helping with the dining room decor.
I am hoping to sit out in the sun shine and read my book with a coffee soon but wanted to get a post on.
Two lovely happy gifts arrived will show you in a moment .
But first here is  one UFO that as been hanging around in my basket.

 This was a fun stitch and a free chart from Cosmic hand made.
 Stitched on some 28 count with a flex in the material , it was just an oddment in my bag of bits so really don't know the name but it looks good.
I used DMC threads and DMC var.
A little more on my SAL.

A little cat and part of a plant.    
I have also been working on my R/R and a few exchanges and gifts.
Oh and started some Christmas ornaments.
But I never seem to have much time in the Summer for my stitching and it is such a great time to stitch with all this sunlight . What happened to retirement ?

Look what sweet  Jaq sent to me a Happy post so sweet thank you I love it Jaq.

And look where it is sitting.

And today another Happy post from lovely Barb.

Thank you so much Barb love the chart so me and such a cute card and the butterfly your DH made is just beautiful.

Well I have been cooking too ! yes me at last my DH says .
With my new mixer which is great now I know how to use it
White chocolate and raspberry cakes.

So yummy.

They melt in your mouth and you get a sweet and then a sharp taste from the fruit.
If you want your cakes to turn out good every time you cook here is a tip from a dear friend of mine who runs  the Vine Yard  not far from me .
Always  weigh your eggs  
Then weigh the same for the rest of your ingredient's .
So the above I used two eggs 
The same in weight for the caster sugar and butter , cream together , and add a little bit of your eggs at a time then fold in the same amount of self raising flour , I then added a few raspberry's we had over and broke up some white chocolate ( used two small bars ) 
Mix together  and cook .
I tell you they never lasted very long.
Last Monday we went out shopping for some paint this will be the third lot now but at last we are happy , you may need your dark glasses on but this is my dinning room .

I love it my french white furniture will look so nice on this wall , the pale part will be the same in the kitchen , I will show you once the carpet is down and we can move the furniture in there.

 When we were out looking for paint I went on a wonder and found this book in the same store.

I thought wow , how nice to make our own mug rugs we can display our cross stitch too.
So this winter I hope to make a couple of them.
 I went into town with a friend this week for coffee and here is a photo our our market town.

Now this last month everyone has been so kind so I want to give a little back so here is the chart that I stitched last month leave me a comment if you would like it , and I will let you know the winner next week.
Free to a good home below.

Thank you for all your lovely comments and I am trying to read and catch up on your blogs .
Welcome my new followers hope we get to know each other in the future months.

Have a wonderful weekend my friend's  and hope the sun shines for you all.

Friday, 4 July 2014

JULY 4th .

Hello friends , happy July 4th to all our friends in the USA .
Hope you are all having a great day.

Well here it has been another busy week.
But today is our first day we have nothing on , for weeks it has been so busy , so we are just pottering around .

It is still very warm but trying to rain on and off.

I have not done too much stitching this week , and can't wait to pick up my needle , I have been stitching last week on a few exchanges / R/robin and gifts.
But first is my SAL, I really love this one with Sara.

How cute are these little girls .

 SAL Stitching and Quilting Party 2014.

You still have time to sign up with Sara and join our Summer fun.

I found this lovely frame for this one , I liked the one I stitched for my friend Ann so I wanted to do one more or less the same but in a cream frame.

 I even found some little raspberry prints to add to the frame.


I cut this rose from my front garden it is stunning and the petals are like tissue paper.

We think it's called Galloway Bay but not sure my DH will try and find out.

Last week I received a couple more beautiful gifts .
From my sweet friend Pauline 

 And my lovely friend Karen.

How cute is this , I love it.

Wonderful goodies and so many gifts , thank you Karen and Pauline.

And thank you to every one of my friends for making my birthday so special and for your wonderful friendships.

 Ok I think it's that time for our walk into the garden once more.

Ha I think this one should be for all our friends who are celebrating today .
Happy 4th of July.

The garden is almost in full bloom now it is great to see new flowers coming alive each day.

The smell from my lavender is just beautiful , I will crop it soon for my cross stitch Pillows , one of you will get to win one  before the end of Summer.

 My tomato's are ready so we are eating so many salads .

And cucumber we have to give so many away from one plant we have already taken 14 of them off.

And now I want you to say hello to my dear friend Mrs No tail .

Not a very good looking bird but she is now our friend she sits under my feet when I am stitching , and comes to see me every time I come out side she is shy of my camera . And turns her back every time I try and take her photo. I have to leave her a strawberry every day she loves them .
Well my friends have a lovely weekend .
I see I have a few more new followers hope you will come for a visit again.
I must catch up with your blogs over the weekend , have fun.