Saturday, 27 June 2015


   Well hello everyone sorry I am late  putting another post on.
But summer time is such a busy time for me such allot of things going on .

I have lots of Birthdays this month so we have been out buying lots of gifts for the families birthdays.

I would like to say a big thank you for the lovely birthday wishes  sent by all and I am still having more gifts ,  my birthday is lasting a long time ha.

Also can I say a warm welcome to new followers and I am looking forward to getting to know you more

Don't forget to enter my giveaway on my last post and the next post I write after this one I will tell you the winners names .

I will start by showing you my mail Art that I stitched for Gloria her blog is here in Italy and I am happy to say she loves it . I really had fun making this and it was a first for me , Mii thank you  for putting the exchange together , and also if you go over to Mii blog here you will find we will be starting a new one very soon.

                                                      The back and the inside above and below the back.

                                                        The front

More  beautiful gift's from my sweet friend Karen
Thank you my friend I love the soft coloured scarf , the pearls my favourite to wear jewellery ,
The beautiful stitched towel and the fabulous charts

And from the lovely Lisa V a beautiful Autumn package .
Thank you so much Lisa I am going to look forward to be using all of these very soon.

And the lovely Barb sent me this beautiful pillow how beautiful .
Thank you again Barb so sweet of you .

Look at this lovely design so me Barb.

                                                Found a lovely place for it .
Once my DH gets the porch plastered and painted it will go in there on this chair looks beautiful.

And from my dear friend Carol .
Thank you my sweet friend , she even thought about me when things have been up and down in her life , such a beautiful friend with a big heart.

And sweet little mouse , Thank you so much for the beautiful gifts .
I love the brown lace not seen any like this before I will enjoy using it .

I have more still to show you next time every one has been so sweet and kind .

This week I saved some beautiful smelling Rose petals I  left them to dry in the sunshine they are now hard and crispy and I have put them in little bags , makes the house smell wonderful.

This rose is just wonderful this year it is full all over.

Such pretty pink flowers.

Don't you just love the colour of this one below .

Well that's it for this week .
Hope you have a sunny weekend and maybe a weekend of lovely stitching .
I am hoping I can find an hour or two for my thread and needle this weekend .
We are going to see some of the GGC who have birthdays this coming week.
So it will be a fun time we may go to the park or the beach if the weather is ok.
I will be back soon to tell you the winners names of my giveaway .

Thursday, 18 June 2015


Hello friends ,
What can I say  but a BIG thank you , you always spoil me so much .
I have had some amazing gifts for my birthday which I want to share with you all .
I had a wonderful birthday you all make it so special for me , showering me with gifts cards and good wishes .
I have so much to show you I will be putting two posts up this week one today and one the weekend so if you don't see your gift's you sent me today you will the weekend .

Warning a long post but at the end a giveaway good luck to all.

So it is that time of year  to celebrate with a giveaway to say a big thank you and it is also my anniversary of my blog this month.

This is the first time I have found a free day to post it has been so busy again.
Thank you friends for all the lovely comments from last post and hello to my new followers.
So we start with a little Christmas ornament I stitched ,  love this one and have wanted to stitch it for some time.

How cute is this design.
 Here is the chart , there are so many to stitch , so I am stitching one every couple of weeks .

Don't you just love all these little charts .

 I started my birthday finding all these flowers on my door step , they were from my daughter Ali's friend Clare , as  most of my friends know my birthday is a bitter sweet time for me .
So thank you Clare you are such a sweetheart.

 Sweet William my dads favourite flower.

                   Thank you so much Clare , we had so many good times didn't we .

              I have to thank everyone of my friends for making my week so special , and I would like to show you some of my gifts today and more the weekend , so in no particular order  here we go.

Thank you my dear friend Nancy , love every thing and the sweet friendship book . Oops card is upside down sorry.

From our sweet friend Vickie 
Thank you Vickie I love my book mark and chart , if you look on Vickie's blog  Here  you will see the sweet rabbit and butterfly on the other side .

From my sweet friend Ali  
Thank you .
Ali makes the most beautiful cards take a look at her blog Here.

Told you , how cute is this one.

Thanks Ali I just love rabbits and will love using my garden notes book.

From my lovely friend Reba who has a heart of gold , we email each other almost every day .
I met Reba many years ago when I put a advert in a USA mag for pen pals and we are still very good friends.
Just look at what she sent me all the things I love .

Thanks Reba , lets hope we have many more years of talking big hugs.

From our friend sweet Sally who stitches so much each week I really admire all her work and she also loves sheep too . 

Love this sweet sheep thank you Sally .
He is sitting in my header can you find him.
You can find Sallys blog HERE 

My sweet friend Shirley came over on the day and made me a beautiful card and some chocolate Brownies , OMG  they were wonderful.
Below is the lovely card sorry can't show the cakes but you will know why .
Shirley would love the recipe .

And from my lovely French friend Nathalie 
Such beautiful gifts and magazines she knows I love these French ones thank you so much .

Wait to see what I have found for you ha .
Will post it soon. 

And look what Nathalie's daughter made for me how sweet is this butterfly.
Thank you Floriane .

And from our lovely friend Michelle what beautiful gifts can't wait to use them all thank you sweet friend. Michelle has a lovely blog and have a look at her wools Here.

Michelle always sends me such beautiful cards too.

And from my stitching sister Lynda such beautiful gifts 
Thank you my sister friends for always. And Lynda's blog you will find Here

I think I may have to put on two more post to show and thank you all.

So thanks to my friends and all my family for making my day a lovely one.

So in a moment it is time to give back . 
It is time for a giveaway but first just a short walk up to the garden.

You know I can't put a post on with out my flowers ha. 

OK It's time for a
There are three gifts . 
You must be a follower 
That's it simple.

Number 1
A Lanart kit with all the threads and material 


Number 2

Spring Biscornu by Polstitches

                                                       Number 3 Lizzie * Kate chart    

And a few added goodies .
Ok the give away will be open until July the 1st .
I will be back the weekend to show more of my lovely gifts.

Monday, 8 June 2015


Hello friends ,

These last few weeks seem to be  flying  away far to quick for me  .

June is the time for Roses and strawberries so you will see many of these I am sure this month .
We are  picking our own sweet strawberries and eating them with vanilla ice cream and puring honey on the top,  oh so yummy , we only have about 4 plants but we are getting so many from them .

What does June mean to you ?

This week I have some wonderful gifts to show you that our friend Kaye sent me .

I was so blown away with the thought put behind these gifts.

Also I have received lots of gifts for my birthday from all my wonderful friends and will show you in the following posts .

I changed my dresser for the month of June which I will show you next post

But first  I will show you some stitching.

 Another frame finish.

This little rose I stitched from the Cross stitcher magazine called the birthday rose .

I just love the rose material.

 And a couple of WIPs

Below Tulips by Luca-s

And the next one is another one from Danybrod 
Printemps au jarden 

And here is the wonderful package from Kaye ,
Look at all the wonderful gifts and they spell out Friends.
It was such a thrill to be part of Kim's and Kaye's Swapaway .
Their kindness was over whelming and fantastic to be part of.
Thank you my friends for your kindness I loved every stitch piece  and all the goodies.

I wish you could have seen my face when this Box arrived .

Look at all the wonderful gifts.

And a lovely sheep box .

 I will show you all my birthday gifts in the next few posts .
And sometime this month there will be a giveaway , I have been running my blog for  almost 5 years !
Thank you again for your lovely comments and it is wonderful to see new followers.

So like always I will leave my stitching to walk into the garden  so are you coming with me ?

We painted the outside of the summer house and new bunting up.

            The inside we will board out in the autumn and then paint cream and I will start to hang a few pictures in there when it is all ready.

We have sat inside a few times it is so cosy .

Last night there was a Hedgehog and a black cat playing around the garden and the cat could not catch the hedgehog ,  after running around in circles he got away ha.

Well my friends have a great week I am trying to catch up with my blog reading but it's been hard the last few weeks but I am happy to say I think I almost have all the flowers planted now.