Sunday, 24 May 2015


How are you all  today dear friends ? are you enjoying your long weekend.
I want to try and get some stitching in today.

Well again we have been  busy planting the last few plants , that we have grown this year , there must be well over 200, so I will be happy when it is all done and we can sit back and enjoy.

Thank you all again for such lovely comments you are really such good friends .
A warm welcome to my new followers also and I am so happy to have you come over to my little space.

Well at last I can feel smell and see summer is on it's way , I love the smell of cut grass ,watching the birds playing in the water  they are so funny I  can wast hours watching them .
My roses are starting to break out and the smell is just wonderful.

I have been stitching away but need to start finishing more so this week here is a new finish I stitched this one some time ago .

" Quilting "  LHN  by Diane Williams.
Stitched on cream 28 count even weave using crescent colours .

My sweet friend Karen sent me the frame and I glued the lace and roses on with my fabric glue .

The colours are very soft so I wanted just to soften the frame.

I have rather a large basket of sewing I need to finish but it takes time.

OK moving on the last of my May shelves the pink one before June comes racing in.

It will be soon time to change it to for the month of  June 
These months are flying.

Below are the charts I chose from the treasure chest that Lisa is holding .

 And sweet Michelle set me a early Birthday gift .

Can't wait to open so I will put it away until my day  because I could be tempted ha.

I will leave you with some delights from my garden.

The most beautiful smelling rose.

Next month will be my birthday and my blog anniversary so watch out for my giveaway sometime in June.
Have a lovely week and enjoy the sunshine . 

Saturday, 16 May 2015

Good Afternoon .

Hello friends , hoping you are  having a wonderful weekend .
Another busy week  here we have so much work at this time of the year trying to plant out all the bedding plants before they get to dry , I will be in the garden again most of this weekend but once they are in we can sit back again and enjoy them .
We have been out and about doing some summer shopping , and a few meals out  and we really had a good week.
The weather has been a little cooler some days and really hot on the odd day, no wonder some get colds.

Thank you to everyone who left me a comment this last week I love to read them all.
And a warm welcome to my new followers always lovely to get to know you.

This week more beautiful gifts from friends.

I am still working on my mail art it is coming out lovely and lots of Wips.

This is what I stitched last week.

In it's bare state the backing fabric and the extras I want to go with it.

I do love this part sorting through all my bits and trying every thing together and when I think that's it in my mind I know it will work.
Sometime I can leave my work out for over a week to find the right items  to add.

You can see how different colours make the design look . 

Thank you Carol for the information on the cording.

And here she is I love this one and may stitch her up a few more times yet and use different colours like our friend Carol.

                   Primrose Maiden by Laura Rimola of The Little Stitcher . found in the Just cross stitch mag April 2015  I used a pale peach 28 count evenweave and DMC colours .
 I just love small sweet designs like this.

My stitching Sister send me a beautiful card and some lovely seeded that I will grow next year.

Thank you sweet Sister you have a heart of gold.

 And the other day this big box arrived I wondered who had sent it  , I opened it and look at the inside  
OMG lots of goodies.

All wrapped in beautiful pink tissue paper.
Oh my was I having a good time opening every thing I thought it was my birthday and that's not for another month yet .

Do you want to see what 's in the box ? 
Well here we go.
From my very sweet French friend and designer Passion Bonheur.
She makes and designs the most beautiful things.
Go HERE on to her blog and also her shop .

Thank you my dear friend I just love this bag.
Just look at the detail.

All those beads ! amazing .

 Thank you my sweet friend for all the rest of the gifts  I love your chart that's one I will be starting now for the summer , and the beautiful french book  have some beautiful charts in there I will be starting those very soon can't wait and love the magazine , and lovely to see your designs in there that's another one for my do it list.
And look more wonderful goodies you spoiled  me so much . Love you to bits Steph .

And more OH how I love any thing French .

               I also have a passion for beautiful cards and look at these that were on my gifts.
               Your kindness brought me to tears , friends you are all so kind thank you , you are simply the best and so close to my heart .

When I was a little girl we never had allot of money and so never had many gifts but I always had loads of friends , and I remember there was a little lady who lived nexk door to my grandmother and I use to take time out from playing and would always talk to her about her lovely garden I was only about 6 years old but always in the garden with nature , and one day she said to me I have some thing for you and it was in a old shoe box , well it was full of the most beautiful cards all were Victorian cards and post cards from the first world war well that was the day I fell in love with beautiful cards some were beautiful stitched and some had silk flowers on them and oh those sweet words from loved ones .
Do I have them today no , we moved house so many times they got lost , did someone take them we will never know but I will never forget the lady who died not long after she gave me those cards I would spend hours and hours looking at them well years  most of my childhood. So I think that's where I get my craze for beautiful things from , and these cards below were very much the same style.

 This was just like Christmas and Birthday rolled into one .
I was so spoiled thank you my sweet and wonderful friend .

Well you know it's MAY when these beautiful flowers are out.

What a treat from my garden my Lily of the Vally are out now and the perfume is beautiful can you smell them !  

We have all got Hay fever now but hey it's worth it. 

My 2nd shelf for May.

My cream and green self and a peep at the pink self for next week ha.

Well just a quick run up to the garden we are running out of time and space.

Last one .

That's it from little old me this week , have a fun weekend what ever you are doing.
Sorry I have not had the time to read all your blogs this week but I will be coming around sometime this week and weekend to see what you have all been stitching take care all .

Friday, 8 May 2015


Welcome friends and new friends , once again thank you for your wonderful comments.

It's now the month of MAY already , why is this year  going so fast again !

We are always so busy so that maybe the reason .

This week has not been a good one for us weather wise I think we had a little hurricane this week lots of rain cold and wind I thought my roof was coming off with some of the gusts , many plant pots picked up and a little damage , and my poor plants were blown to bits.
But this weekend is going to be warmer for us so hoping to get the front garden planted out with our bedding plants.

I have joined Mii in a  Art Mail exchange and I am working on this at the moment and I have also joined in Kim's Christmas exchange .

Talking of Kim I sent her some small goodies and a stitched pin pillow , I love this one and have stitched it 3 times I never stitch anything more than once apart from the odd time .
Kim was so kind sending me so many stitched gifts I felt I needed to send a thank you .
So here is what I stitched for her.

Forget-me-not by Danybrod  using DMC threads on  28 antique white evenweave.

I have changed my dresser for May so here is my top shelf I will show the others next time so here is my blue shelf next week my green & cream shelf.

Some stitching shown that my  friends stitched and myself.

This is all the cards I received last month from friends.
Thank you dear friends some of the cards are hand made and are just beautiful.

And from my wonderful friend Titty from Italy who sent me some lovely gifts .
Thank you so much.

 Do you have roses in April we did just one I spotted 29th April this is a record for us.

This was tucked in behind some leaves we moved this rose last year from the front garden to the back ,
It is a very special rose for me it's my Ali's rose , she was sent to heaven with many  roses from this  rose bush. So I am so happy it loves where we have planted it and it is growing like crazy.

The shed is coming along we have painted it soft green but still have to paint the cream bits when we have some nice weather.

The bluebells are coming almost to an end and I noticed my Lily of the Vally are just coming out so hoping I can share these with you next week.

Just a short walk now around the garden .........

My yellow Poppy's are now taking place of my bluebells.

Have a good and happy week my dear friends.

Wednesday, 29 April 2015


Hello my dear stitching friends I lost a week some where , well it has been so busy again always so much to do , we live such a busy life .

Hi to my new followers so happy you came to visit little old me and hope you enjoyed my little blog.

Well lets see what I have to show you this week two finishes this week so lets go for it .

First up is a sweet free chart from Cosmic Hand made called SPRING stitched on 28 count & dmc threads.

Next from the book Dans Mon Jardin 

By Veronique Enginger ,
Stitched on a pale little green 28 linen  DMC threads.

I brought this frame real cheap because it had a bit of damage so I glued some little flowers where the damage was.

My daughter I know will want this one when she sees it.

Saturday I went away for the day to a stitching show with friends  , 
I only brought a few bits I was a good girl this time.

I was looking at my blue bells and I have two kinds of blue, pink and white they have been beautiful this year.

We also went to see a 40s display and wonderful 40s singing what a great day on our sea front.

British and USA GIs were there such allot going on.

Great singing,  I am a big fan of 40s music.

I think she is going to dance !

Yes people are up now dancing.
There were so many wonderful singers even from the US.
Also some great displays.

Would you believe below is a tulip.

Flowers blooming every where in my garden can't keep up with it all.
I need to do some work in there this weekend.

Can you stop the ducks ?

And what can you spot on the one below.

Well my friends have a good week, and thank you so much for all the wonderful comments.
Good news in the garden our blue tits are back nesting .
Sorry I can't stay to talk for  long my football team are about to play . See you all soon.