Saturday, 30 April 2016

Ready for May.

 Hello again my friends , another week passed by far to quick  again.
It has been a cool week with the odd days of sunshine .

My hand is still playing me up but at last I think it's on the mend slowly.
I changed the bed cloths today with the help of my DH I was in fits of laughter my DH has never changed the bed covers . Well I have never seen anyone make the bed this way . It took him a few min's to put the duvet on he was almost inside it too.
I had the best laugh for years it was so funny. 
He is learning new things every day .

We have a long weekend so I am going to make the most of it ,  we have a street market in the town Monday so I want to go to that to see if there are any new plants to buy.

I took another item out of my basket of finishes  , and carried on with my SAL I am doing with Angela , just 3 threads per day , and I stitched a Christmas ornament for May. 

                    So first up ,                         Hoppity by Stone and Thread  

I used some Variegated thread on 28 ct .

A pretty rose edging

The sun was very bright so not a good photo.

My SAL is growing after two weeks.

          And my Christmas Stitch ready for May. I made a few changes .
             Christmas Angel by LHN , with Dmc threads 

This is a very different daffodil I found in the garden.

And a few displays I did for April , on one of my dressers 

Some of the above I stitched and some my sweet friends stitched for me .

Thank you all for the wonderful comments and hello to my new followers how lovely for you to come and visit me .
Have a lovely weekend what ever you are doing .

Sunday, 24 April 2016


 Hello sweet friends , well another week passed by  so fast .
I hope you all had a lovely one and are still  enjoying your weekend.
Thank you for all the wonderful comments you make me feel so very happy when I share my stitching with you all.
This week very busy again I was also a little under the weather ( not feeling my best ) .
And the pain in my hand is back again it is very weak my fault in using it to much .
Hope I can get to rest it more this week I am fine with sewing but not so good lifting or twisting .

Well they said it would be a cold day today but it is lovely and sunny so they were so wrong.

I am sorry I am way behind on my blog reading this week but I will catch up over this next week , what
with all the family , and appointments and what is going on right now here , free time is hard to find but I can see some free time this week coming.

Yesterday I went to a show with my good friends spent way to much money on more goodies  .
But I had a happy day.

 The lovely Angela and I have started our SAL together we are only stitching 3 lengths of strands each day because of our other stitching commitments , but this is how I stitch on all my works just 3 lenghts of strands per day that's why I am the Butterfly lady I flit from one to another .

You will be amazed how much you can stitch just doing this .

But first our sweet friend Carol sent me this beautiful chart for my birthday last year and I have just got around to finishing it I stitched it ages ago and I pulled it out from my basket of to finish item's .

                       Carol also sent me the fabric and floss and what beautiful colours.

                     I think it was 28ct and DMC threads

Such a cute bird he would make a lovely design on his own too.

                                    I have left the pins in for now to stick down the band.


 And here is one of my SALs that I am stitching with Angela.

Stitching on a grey 32ct.
Will show more of this next week .
21 thread length's 
Goodies brought back from the show.

 If you are still with me ,would you like to walk into the garden and see what is going on out there.
Every day I see new growth.

Well I could show you allot more but I think I need to get a bit of stitching in.
Have a lovely week my friends .
Until next week Happy Stitching to you all.

Saturday, 16 April 2016

Lots of Goodies

  Hello friends,
Well this past week flew by .
We had a few sunny days so sat outside with our coffee and enjoyed the sunshine.
The rest of the week was very busy .

I have not done anything silly this week so I am back to enjoying my stitching .
The only thing I have at the moment is Hay fever so will take something for this.
It's another beautiful day but feels a bit cooler .

I have an exchange to show you today, and some wonderful gifts from sweet friends.

My DH is out today helping to clean up our swimming pool ready for the opening . The ladies there do a great job all year , they have to fund it them selves and it's hard to find the money each year , so they need as much help has they can . So some of the men are going to get it painted and cleaned up ready for the opening.

I need to get a few jobs done this morning too , then this afternoon I may be able to put a few stitches in
But the gardening is calling too , so will have to share my time.

 Ok here is the exchange stitching I sent to Christina.

Another french design from the set I showed you before .

                                     And the one I received from the lovely Tina.

And gifts from wonderful friends.
My sweet friend Titty from Italy no blog. 

                      Thank you sweet friend love everything so sweet of you.

                               And another lovely Friend Nathalie from France no blog

       Thank you Nathalie beautiful gifts  and those chocolates are yummy.

                                        And from another friend my stitching Sis with a heart of gold Linda.

And more 

Beautiful hand made card.

Love the edging .

And more .

And more .
Even a gift for DH . 
And Lynda also sent me a set of buttons for my chart thank you so much Sis you are an Angel.

I can never get over the kindness of friends that I have had the privilege to get to know through the blog world these last few years .
Thank you to you all.
Here is a little fellow waiting for his ladies.

                                     Oh where are my girlfriends have you seen them ?

                                      Well yes looks like they have fallen out with you
                                        Take care everyone have a wonderful week .
 Thank you for the lovely comments you simply are the best , and warm wishes to my new followers.
                                                          See you all next week .

Saturday, 9 April 2016


Hello Friends,
Hope you have all had a good week and you had plenty of stitching time.

We really have had a busy week , so need to start catching up with my blog reading . 

Thank you for all the wonderful comments , you really know how to make a person feel good . 

I know some of you are still getting snow ! I must say it's gone a bit colder here and we have another storm coming tomorrow , just when the garden is looking so nice .
And so many April Showers . Just had a wonderful hail storm .

Well  I had another little accident I was getting some things out from under stairs cupboard 
And stood up and BANG knocked my head so hard almost knocked myself out , I won't be doing that again , my head is still sore .

This week we welcomed a group of French people to town , and my DH made a speech to welcome them  ,they belong to our town's twinning group of Orbec .

The day after we were asked to the opening of a new theatre in Teignmouth .
It will be a lovely night out there to see a show, play or film.
So we were in the newspaper and on TV if you blinked you would miss us ha.

Tuesday I had club I must show you some of my ladies work , next time I am at club I will take a few photos  .

We have also been busy in the garden pricking out seeds and our tomato plants are flowering already.

Received a lovely gift from my sweet friend Karen for Easter will show you a photo. 

I have the sweetest singing black bird in the garden he sings at 5.00 in the morning every morning until about 10.00 he has a rest then he sings on and off all day.
I don't mind him waking me up , I love his singing.

Talking of birds here is my little Wren . Not sure how to finish him yet I will have to give some thought about it. 

Fly into Spring by Lesley Teare .
Cross Stitch Collection mag February 2010 .
Stitched on cream 28ct and DMC threads.
And below Ele's SAL 
Love the colours I think I will cover a thread box with this lovely SAL.

                   Lovely Easter treats from my dear friend Karen no blog .
                                                 Thank you my sweet friend I will so enjoy the gifts.

Many families in our town look after the friends from France for a few days and then the year after they go to France and they do the same.

lots of lovely food and a Hog roast.

Now do you keep ornaments in your garden ?
Well I do I mix them around my flower beds .
so here are just a few of them .
They look cute once the flowers fill the spaces up and you just see the odd glance of something hiding in the greenery.

The garden awakes ! 

                              Little fairy dipping her toe in the water.

                                    Odd pots  shells even broken ones look great .

                              Butterfly charms give you music.

An old pig money box and Alice in the magic garden.

                            A little cherub peeping .

A lovely old plate, I could not throw away after it was cracked at the top , 
The picture is so like my daughter when she was small .
The ivy grows around it and you just see a little of the plate in the summer , always a good talking point

Fairy on a old mushroom .

                    Lots more daffodils are coming out and below a large double one.

                                                              A double daffodil.

                                        If you look hard you will see a few more ornaments .

Well thats it for this week folks , hope I can spend a little more time stitching this week .
Have a lovely weekend what ever you are doing.