Saturday, 19 April 2014

Do you want to have fun !!!

Happy Easter my friends.
I have been in my craft this morning and I am so happy I found these.

 Also these.

Now the heart ones are from all my dear friends , and I am going to make a lap cover in the Summer for the Winter . 
So I can look and see each one when I am busy stitching in the cold winter months and think of my dear friends , so now I have found them I will be sewing them together I have some nice material to make a small lap quilt .

The flower ones are from a round robin I joined years ago .
And I was just thinking how nice it would be to do a round robin with some of you guys. 
I will then have a wonderful keep sake I would love to do a bed cover , but I would lose my mojo stitching all those flowers for myself.
So would any one like to join me in a round robin.
There would be no finishing .
If you would like to join let me know by email with your name and email address 
What theme you want 
What colour material you want and  if you want adia or evenweave .

The size of material is 7ins by 7ins you stitch the design in the middle what ever the person wants . 
With you name or small saying if you want to.
Stitch on adia 14 count or 28 even weave  .
List your subject can be any thing here are a few suggestions 
Flowers / Hearts / sheep / birds / Christmas / Spring  what ever you want.
Time wise 4 weeks if poss.
If you miss because of holidays or illness you must catch up later and let the person know who you are stitching for. 
 Anyone in the world can join the postage won't be to bad just the stitching and a nice card for a 
keep sake.
You can see the size of the stitching above you don't have to fill the square
If you want to join in the fun get back to me soon and leave a comment .

It would be lovely if you took part it is something we can all keep for ever and our friendships from blogging in our hearts . 
I will be back next week with a update 
HAPPY EASTER to all enjoy your weekend .

Can't leave you without a flower .
Lovely yellow poppy out in the garden what could be better at Easter.
Thank you all for your sweet comments you are all so special bless you.

Wednesday, 16 April 2014


Easter is almost here so I would like to wish a  Happy Easter to all my friends .

We have had another warm sunny week but a cool wind today .

I think rain will be coming in on Easter Sunday .

Another busy week for us  I am saying no more I just want it to be finished with this dust my eyes have been bad this week what with hay fever and the dust it is not good.

Thank you for my lovely comments  from my  last post and a warm welcome for my new followers.

I am looking forward to my Cadbury Easter egg this week but I may eat it now , I love them  maybe DH will let me have his too.

I made my friend Reba a little pillow.

Violets so sweet this little flower and smells like heaven.

Devon is well known for the Devon violet.

Chart is from a very old Magazine , called New Stitches.

I stitched this one on 14 ct aida using dmc threads.

Here are some of my sweet shy violets.

I have many different kinds here is another variety .

 With my eyes watering allot this week not so much stitching done but I did stitch a little on my Snowdrop fairy .

She is slowly coming to life .

 Are you ready to come on your walk with me into the garden.
Lets see what is out blooming this week.


Bluebells are here.

Lovely bright tulips .

And this afternoon some lovely goodies from my friend Karen.

Thank you Karen for my gifts love them all .
And from Michelle and Ali some Easter cards .

Beautiful cards thank you my friends for the happy post.
I love happy post much better than bills , I now only open Happy post DH opens  the rest ha.
Well have a lovely Easter all .
I miss putting my Easter tree and wreath up this year .
but I have many cards and bunnies out will show soon .

Friday, 11 April 2014


Hello my lovely friends , what is your day of the week  ? I have always loved Fridays I know when I was working it was such a lovely feeling , but I don't work any more and still I love Friday the best . I love Saturday also but Sunday I still get that sick feeling thinking the weekend is over why ! which goes to show how our life's are programed forever.

Today is another sunny sunshine day I have even put on some summer cloths .
Most of the week has been nice after last weekends rain.

I have only a little tiny bit of kitchen left it is getting hard now to find anything .
But it is looking so big now and I am already planning it out . I know it will be worth all the mess in the end.
I am still stitching at night and have a few gifts to show you soon.

But first up is my teapot design I am enjoying this so much I stitch on this one , one week and my snowdrop fairy the next so it will be snowdrop fairy tonight.

Don't you just want to eat the cake it looks so yummy.

"Passion Bonheur " Salon de The'  

This is what I stitched my stitching Sis Lynda for Easter.

 A Chicky Easter by Lizzie * Kate.
28 count even weave and DMC Var threads .

 A couple of weeks ago I won a lovely pin pillow from  Eledap.

What beautiful gifts I love them all Eledap , my pin pillow is just beautiful.
Thank you.

So lovely back and front .

And here with my Mr Rabbit.

 My DH is starting to realise I am getting a little bit uptight with the mess in the house so look what he came back with to cheer me up , he is still learning ha.

These ones smell too. 
Do you think I could fine a vase or the clippers !

  I think it's time to get some fresh air shall we go for a walk into the garden yes come with me.

  After the rain the weekend .

See we do get rain.

And today 

My 3 headed Daffodil's.
 Can you see every one has 3 heads.

Take care my friends have a happy weekend with lots of fun .
And thank you for your kind comments .
And hello to my new followers it is great to have you come over for a visit.

Saturday, 5 April 2014


Hello friends how are you all ? Hope most of you are now having signs of Spring.
What a wonderful time of the year this is , sunny days with the odd shower , flowers coming alive , trees breaking open new leafs , country lanes bursting with primroses, violets and bluebells on their banks and the odd snowdrop too.
The smell of all this blossom is just like heaven to me.

When I look out of my kitchen window I can see a pear tree down the in a friends garden  full of fluffy white blossom what a wonderful sight .

I woke up this morning to the sound of seagulls playing on the roof another beautiful sound (if they don't start nesting there ) .

Like Carol said It is so good to look at the good things in life sometimes it's the little things we miss when we are so busy with life.

Thank you  to all who left me a comment such lovely ones and that is also a blessing to me.

Hello to my new friends who are now following me I look forward to making friends with you all.

Well I am still in a mess the wall in the kitchen is down now and it feels so strange it is so big can't wait to get my kitchen in and start decorating but I have to be good and stop going on at DH  he has lots of bits to do first and the kitchen won't be here until May.
Meal time is fun we can't find a thing , every thing is boxed up , and next week the other side of the units will be taken out , so more meals out I don't mind that in fact I love it .  I do have a crock pot I can use and a grill so we will get there.

On the sewing front here is one I stitched for Kay on our exchange that Lisa V runs.

Do you recognise this one from the SAL I stitched with Maryse that year  the blue and white one .
It was a lady theme so I  thought this one would be so nice to stitch again using colour thread and just part of the chart .

And here is the backing material.

And the rest of the goodies I sent to Kay.

And from Kathleen this is my lovely exchange received .

A lovely needle case and pin pillow.

 And the rest of the lovely goodies sent.

Thank you Kathleen I loved it all.

This week I have finished a couple of gifts will show you soon and  I worked on my snowdrop fairy .

I am enjoying how this one is coming out , but there are so many thread changes in how many threads you use so its a bit stop and start .

This week I will work on another gift, the teapot WIP and my new exchange 

 Last Sunday was Mothers day and my DD brought me some lovely gifts , she always say she never knows what to buy me because I have so much , but I do treasure my gifts from friends and family , and won't throw any of them out , where my DD is a minimalist this will be fun for my daughter when I do move on to another world ,  lucky that  my DGC are like me thank goodness so they can take every thing Ha .

A beautiful retro apron just right for my new kitchen , and look at this wonderful butterfly pin it will look lovely on my black jacket .
Thanks sweetie.

 Last week I got my ladies making easter eggs at our club for a change from sewing .
And here are the two I made and a couple more that the girls finished that night , 

I used little flowers on the one and cut out flower paper  don't they look cute some of the colours the girls were using were lovely can't wait to see them all.

 Time for our walk up to the garden.

Something new out every day.

The sents in the garden are so beautiful at the moment.

Wishing you all a peaceful and happy stitching weekend. 

Saturday, 29 March 2014

Happy weekend.

Hi friends hope you are all into Spring season now and most of the cold weather is over.

It's the weekend , most of my days go into another and I have to think ok what is it today !

The week before was a fun week we had our heating system changed so every room was a mess with carpets and floors up , but the worst job is now done and we have a very warm house.

A little rest before the kitchen comes  after Easter, but still have to empty the units .

The start of this week I had the dentist , and a night and day of pain but I am ok now.
Then the middle of the week I met up with my friends and the end of the week my family and that was
fun and thats another week gone.

I did manage a little stitching and some work in the garden and a day out with my DH.
Our weather as not been to bad lots of sunshine and some hail and showers .

Now lets see what I have to show you this week.

Ok first up is a little some thing I stitched for my dear friend Ann.

A beautiful Rose one of my favourite flowers.

This was from a magazine the Cross stitcher called Paper Roses by Eline Pellinkhof.

Stitched on white 28 ct evenweave
with DMC threads.

Popped into just the right frame and  I glued a bow and label on there to give it a special look.

 And here is a update on Salon de th'e

 By Passion Bonheur.

 And I finished my Happy hearts  by Gail Bussi .

Now I have to see how to finish it.

 A Happy post from Lynda.

How lucky am I , thank you so much Lynda love them all.

Come with me ,  lets take a walk outside.

My flowers are bursting out with all the sunshine last week.

 Birds are happy singing and bathing and already building nests.

Just before I close I want to warn you about buying charts for your friends .
I brought two charts for a friend as a gift , and later after my friend stitched the chart my friend passed the chart on to another friend and not knowing her friend did the same  , the problem is I brought them from the designer direct and my name was on the design ! and you just don't know where this design will end up .
Next time if I buy charts as a gift I will get the designer  to send to the person that way my name is not on that design . So please be careful.

Wishing you all , the best weekend ever have fun and enjoy.