Saturday, 20 December 2014

Warm Winter Wishes and a Merry Christmas to all, and sweet giveaway.

Hello to all my friends , I am wishing you all a very Happy Christmas.
I cannot believe it is just a few days away , we are almost ready but still a few little bits to buy.
Another very busy week but we are home for the weekend so we can catch up with lots of jobs.
I have only lost my temper twice so far , that's twice to many because I very rarely lose my temper , but just little things that drive us mad , and my crown just came lose yesterday and the dentist was shut so I need to try and get in before Christmas this is just what I need ha.
I don't think it will be a white Christmas here , I wonder if you will have one it makes Christmas so special a few flakes of snow.
Here we have a nice sunny day and it is not cold.
This will be my last post before Christmas but I will get one in before the New Year.
I am looking forward to a few days of rest so I can get back to my beautiful hobby , we are so lucky to have our stitching such a stress relieve I use to have my knitting but love my cross stitch the best after all the crafts I love doing my cross stitch is my love .

Only two of you guessed what my new WIP is and that was Ariadne who was first and Caitlin D  was 2nd both had left me a message the same day so I am going to make them both something for the New Year and a few goodies.

So here is what I have been working on .
I fell in love with this one  and thought it is going to look so nice on my wall in the lounge just the right colours.
Called Tulips by Luca-S

And this is where I am this week on this one .

I have had to put my UFOs on hold until after the New Year and can't wait to get working on them too. 
So I will be stitching on this one and a few smalls over Christmas time.
I have received lots of goodies from dear friends and I have opened a few of my gifts and saved a few.

From lovely Barb such a beautiful gift thank you so much love it 
And beautiful hand made card.

 From my sweet pen pal Jojo
This is so tiny and so beautifully stitched , I have it hanging on my big tree.

From my dear friend Ali stitched beautifully how sweet is this love it to bits.

And from our beautiful friend Carol what a lovely ornament beautifully stitching.

So pretty and fantastic finish, thank you.

And goodies too I can see a gingerbread theme here. 
I love every thing and will enjoy playing with all next year.

And from my sweet friend Titty from Italy ,
She made me a beautiful table cover and look at the cute hat I put onto my tree.
Thank you so much Titty love those magazines too bless you.

And from the lovely Shirlee.
Beautiful card and star that Shirlee made .

And look Shirlee it looks so wonderful on my tree.

I was also in a Christmas Card swap and here is the one I received 
Thank you so much Angela love your hand made card and all the beautiful charms .

I still have lots to open .
So will show you more soon.
I have always been so blessed with having many sweet friends over my life time I still to this day keep in touch with many friends that have touched my life.
And I must say even though I have not met up with many of my friends in blog land in real life , you are all very special to me , and I have so enjoyed reading about you all and watching your family and pets growing up, also being touched by the sadness and the happiness that life brings to all our lives.   And joining in your fun with R/Rs and exchanges and you are some of the kindness  people I know .
Some of our friends who have stopped blogging because of family commitments I miss you too and think of you often . We open our hearts to each other and it 's good to be part of this caring family that started by just showing a few stitches ha.
Bless you all old and new friends have a wonderful Christmas .
And I will leave you with a few more photos of my decorations 

Many of my decorations have been gifted to me by friends some I have stitched and brought .
This one next I brought this year I think she is so sweet and I brought two and If you would like to own your own little doll enter my give away I have been so blessed I want to give some thing back you must be a follower and leave a comment that you would like to own your friendship doll
 This is my one , and her sister almost the same is waiting for a new home and friendship .
I will let you know who the winner is next post .

Sunday, 14 December 2014

Christmas delights

Hello friends , are you ready ? for the big day ,  I am not but getting there .
Carpet went down last Monday so it was a bit of a rush this week , we were out and about again most of the week, dropping off gifts and shopping.
I have a few decorations up , and I my getting into the Christmas mood , the smells coming from my candles are beautiful cookies, gingerbread and spices good enough to eat my house smells just  wonderful.
I even went to a carol service last Friday down in the town, it was dry and frosty and cold just right for the carol service.
Not allot of stitching to show, had to old back on my UFOs this week but hoping to pick them up this week again.
I am already thinking of the New Year and how to get the most out of my time next year this year went far to fast for me.
So I need to get prepared , and set out my plans for my stitching and how I can get more stitching time.
I thought when we retired we would have loads of time but no I have less ! maybe it could be that I am getting slower ! and not as fast  so I will set my plans out for next year very soon.

Ok a few decorations.

My dear friend Carol stitched me these little beautiful ornaments.

I love finding all my old ornaments in the Christmas boxes they hold lots of memory's

Meeting old friends .

Some one has been out there decorating all our post boxes to keep them warm, also some bus stops are covered in knitting but who is doing it no one knows .

Lovely hand made card from Andrea, thanks sweet friend its beautiful.

And beautiful gift from sweet Nia how cute I love it Thanks Nia.

And my new start this was last week. 

And this week.
A little more , don't forget a prise for the first one to tell me what it's called and the designer.

 And now the carol service.

             Getting ready

Santa popping in with his elves 

People coming together 

More elves arriving 

Thank you every one for your cards and gifts I have not opened them all yet .
Also thank you for your lovely comments again and a warm welcome to my new followers.
Off for a cosy warm hot chocolate now and a bit of stitching yes I am back with my stitching

Saturday, 6 December 2014


Well hello my friends another week has rolled by .

I know you are so busy just like me , looking forward to a rest over Christmas.

No Christmas decorations up yet but after the carpet is fitted on Monday hoping I can show you some.

Another sad week on my UFOs not much time but I did stitch a little bit on them

Also some exchanges and gifts to show you.

We are getting some nice crispy frosty mornings , a little cold outside but lovely sunshine most of this week.

I have a few more gifts to wrap and this week and writer's cramp in my hands ha writing out my Christmas cards .
I have had some lovely goodies and wonderful post but a few I can't show just yet I want to save some for Christmas.

Well lets get started on a few photo's .

Warning this is a long post.

I sent my lovely friend Ste'phanie from Passion Bonheur a little gift for her kindness over the last year.

 The heart garland I found in an old New Stitches magazine.

This is what I stitched for Michelle in the biscornu exchange organised by the lovely mii 

From the Floss Box called Reindeer 

And I added a few goodies to theme the package 

And this is what lovely Heather stitched for me with some wonderful goodies .
Love this it's so sweet .

And more lovely goodies.

And from lovely Jacquie  my R/R exchange she is so fast at stitching my one is not all stitched yet so will show you soon .
Love what you stitched for me thank you.


And look at the lovely goodies  the candle smells beautiful .

And from my lovely friend Nancy look at the card she made for me so cute just love it.

She also sent me a bag of goodies that I will save for Christmas but had to show you the bag that they are in.

I will use this to keep my stitching in after Christmas. the back and front are the same and now look at the sides.

Love it thank you Nancy

And now a little bit more stitched on my new stitch , no winner's of the prise yet , that I will give out to the one who can tell me what it is called and the designer.



And back to this weeks UFO.



Again not much sewing time .

 I received a large parcel from Jacquie  and it was the Travelling Treasure Chest YO HO HO.
so here are my three charts I chose . 
Now I will sort out my charts to put back in over the weekend and will post on to Mii.
Thank you Kim for organising it.
What great fun. 

We had club this last week and a meal out too.
Look at them 
all they  are concentrating on what they want to eat .

They look so good here but I can tell you they are a naughty lot
once they start.

The girls bless them brought me a big bouquet of flowers .
They smell just wonderful

Thank you girls 

Look even the wrapping paper had Clover on it thats my flower name at the club we are all named after a flower .

Wishing you all warm winter wishes and warm cosy nights .
Thank you again for all your lovely comments .
Have a great week , sorry again I have not read all your blogs but I will get around to it soon.