Saturday, 29 August 2015


Hello friends ,

Well I am happy to say The Garden Craft & Hobby Fayre was a great success , the weather was beautiful , it was raining until the show opened  but the sun came out and it was a hot day when we closed it started raining again so how lucky we were.

It was allot of hard work and my DH was chair so we were there working on setting up 3 days before  with our team.

Thanks to the team & friends it was a wonderful day.

So here we are going into the Summer's end

But it will be so sad to say goodbye to Summer maybe we will get some wonderful sunny days this Autumn we have done the last few years .

Not allot of stitching but I have been trying to stitch if I can find a few moments which have been very rare this week

I am also working on a couple of exchanges before I have a late summer break , and then it will be full steam ahead for lots of winter stitching.

I have kitted up 4 big bags of charts so I am ready for the Autumn & Winter , my needle will be steaming hot ha.

Ok here is a little freebie I found Here.

 This is so sweet not sure how to finish it yet , I may make it into a pillow it is for one of my friends she has no PC.

I think the material matches well just have to find some other bits to add.


 I had a few gifts from two of my lovely friends at my club last week .

 First up a lovely tiny  Knitted Teddy.

Thank you Marion I love Ted .

And from sweet Mo a runner, this is also vey beautiful.

Thank you Mo .
She knows I love little girls and sun bonnet Sue is one of my favourites .

And my sweet friend Reba sent me these lovely hand made cards , thank you sweet friend just beautiful.

Beautiful 3D

And another of my favourite's I just love rabbits well we both do.


 Well I never won any thing for my stitching this year at the show , but I am so happy some of my ladies did, sorry I didn't have time to take photos but a friend gave me a couple to show.

The flower and veg Judge .

 And here is what we won my DH won 3 first and 3 second and 1 third on veg , flowers and photography.  Well done hubby.

And here is mine

For Floral art , Floral and Photography.

2 first 1 third and 1 second and a personal message from the judge about my 1st for floral art .
Not bad for little old me.

 The Vikings came .

The Vikings 
Oh how great they were  they set up a Viking village and put on a great show they stayed other night .
They also brought a couple of wolf dogs and a large Raven the children loved them .


I will try and get a few more photos , I never had much free time to take any photos.

 One more show tomorrow and that's it for this year.
Just a little walk today the garden is still blooming like mad.

Well that's it from me folks .
I will try and catch up with my blog reading this week , hope to find a few more hours in the day .
Thank you all for your last comments always love reading them all ,  take care all.


Saturday, 15 August 2015


Hello peeps and friends .
Are you having fun in the sun ?
Well I would like to say yes but we had rain rain and more rain the last few days but the sun is back out  again so hoping to have more fun in the sun.

I have been out and about this week , had coffee with friends and family , lunch's with DH.

The start of the week we went to a funeral it was sad and then again a happy celebration of life.
We were asked to wear some bright colours , I love the way you can make a funeral a happy time with the story of the loved one and the music you can have played , and afterwards meeting some very nice people . I think it is a very nice way to make a very sad day a better one.

Our  garden and craft show is almost here  and we still have lots to do , so busy busy time for us .
Just hope the sun keeps shining for us .

I had a lovely gift from my sweet stitching sister Lynda bless her she always sends me some wonderful treats .
I also send her a summer package  and we both received it yesterday.

 So here is what I made for her.

Friends forever .
Soft pink 28ct even weave from my box and dmc threads 

If you want to take a look at what else I sent go over to Lynda 's blog Here this week.

 Here is what my sweet stitching Sis sent to me .

Beautiful goodies , lovely stitched pillow and the other  two I will work into a quilt  I have a few now to stitch up .

Beautiful thimbles and below what lovely sayings on the tea towels .

                                        A cute magnet

Great magazine and lovely seeds for next year , thank you Lynda every thing was wonderful .
Blogging friends are so kind.

My friend and I sat outside the coffee shop on the Terrance watching the world go by early one morning can you see the sea in the distance .

And later that day after lunch with Hubby we walked along the sea front and there were all kinds of creatures along the front even this snail.

  This is almost the last of my sweet peas they have been wonderful this year .

And my new rose has just bloomed.

Not sure if I showed you my little rose doll bell from the charity shop I love her so sweet.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend my friends .
Thank you everyone for your lovely comments have a fun week.

Saturday, 8 August 2015


Hi everyone ,
At last summer is back after a few cooler weeks, we have not had to much rain but a few showers the odd days .
But I can see autumn is on it's way,  the bushes are full with ripe blackberries along the country side .
Oh how I love to eat apple and blackberry pie , I must go and pick some .
Also in the garden lots of Autumn plants are starting to bud up.
I know I keep on but this year has been pulling away so fast from me this year .

Once again thank you for the lovely comments you send me I do read them all .
And welcome to my new followers I look forward to getting to know you all.

We had the dentist this week I really hate going there , but a good job I did go one of my crowns was moving so that's fixed now.

We have our Garden and craft show in two weeks time , so must sort out what to enter .
Because DH is chairman this year it has been full on with getting things ready for the show , we have moved to a larger place so we could make a bigger show . But happy to say we are almost ready just a few more jobs, and fingers crossed it will be a sunny day.

I just went up into the garden to take some photos and it is very hot , and we have had a seconded lot of flying ants  , I took my coffee out and read a bit more of my book and they started to fly all over me so brushed myself down and don't think I will be out there working today .

One of my friends brought me a little box , so this week I found a little chart to put inside and here it is .

Sorry about the shadow.

Here is the little box.
The chart I found in an old Cross stitch crazy magazine called 
Romantic Quickies. 
Stitched on 28ct dmc threads. 

I think I will keep me earrings inside .

I have been working on this WIP this week it is starting to grow at last.

Tulips by LUCA-S 

And my DH found a few hours for painting .

He painted my Butterfly waterfall , white stands out better now when it rains it fills into the top one and makes a pretty waterfall into the next one and so on.

Painted all the wood work this is a little Robins nest box.

Can you see my painted dove ?
I know we moved into the garden with out me saying . 
But hope you enjoy.

 And a few vegs.


                                        The ones below are big boy one slice is all you need on your bread .

Have a good week hope to see you next week , this month and next month are very busy but I will try and blog but if I don't you know why.