Saturday, 28 November 2015


Hello everyone, what a busy time of the year it is.

So much to do writing out cards and wrapping gifts and cooking .

I sit down at night and can't wait to stitch if I don't have to go out somewhere .

I love a cosy night in by the fire when you get those cold nights.

This week has been another busy one , I cut my amount of sugar down the last few months and I dropped down a size in my cloths so had to go and buy some new cloths last Monday how good was that ! I have kept the old ones just in case I go back up again after eating my German biscuits ha.

My DHs brother was down here on a short trip last week so we got together with him so that was so good he is 82 years old he is the last older brother my DH was the youngest of 5 . So it was a little tearful.

It is raining and cold here today, and yesterday morning was dry so we got the last cut on our lawns .
It keeps growing with the mild weather , so hoping now that will be the last .

So this week I have more WIPs to show , what I stitched for mouse and a few more photos of the holiday .

Ok back to my stitching , here is what I stitched for our sweet friend mouse it will form part of her quilt she wants to put together in January for her big birthday .


Called Bluebird Serenade by With thy Needle & Thread.
And more WIPs which I will name when I finish them.
I just wanted to show you what I worked on this week.

I do have more finishes but still can't show you at the moment because they are gifts.

Last week's Christmas Muffins you wanted  the recipe . 
So here it is
I found this in an old Magazine and they are so yummy I kept it.

250g or 8oz of plain flour.
1tbsp of baking powder
1/2 tsp salt.
115g or 4oz of caster sugar
115g or 4oz of raisins 
75g or 3 oz butter
3tbsp of marmalade 
150ml or 1/4 pt plain yogurt 
115ml or 4 fl oz milk I egg beaten


Mix all dry and then add raisins .
Melt together butter and marmalade on a low heat so you don't burn the butter.
Then beat in the yogurt , milk and egg .
Lightly stir into the dry mix .
Fill oiled muffin tins 3/4 full and bake at 200c , 400f or gas mark 6 for 18 -20 mins .
makes about 12 and you can freeze .

This was a wonderful show really enjoyed it .

Well that's it for today sweet friends .
Thank you once again for the nice comments .
Have a super weekend , and enjoy your stitching

Saturday, 21 November 2015

Where is the Snow ?

Hi peeps , yesterday they said today would be very cold and we would get snow.
But so far no snow , just a beautiful sunny day but yes it was cold first thing this morning.

So what have I been up to this week, well we had our Christmas party at our club it was hard work but also enjoyable , I forgot to take some photos but it was another success and we all had a great time.

We have been out and about Christmas shopping, and coffee with my DD .
I have been busy sorting and wrapping presents with a ever growing family it is never ending .
I have also been writing out Christmas cards so I am getting there , now need to clean the house this week .
My DH has been painting the stair case white it was wood before but I love the white , now looks great.

I have been finishing off a few stitching Christmas ornaments but can't show you those yet .
I have sorted out more Wips  , some new and some old so can show you these.

Here are 3 WIPs I won't name them until I finish them then I will give the information about them
The middle one is a WIP from last year.

Also I have been busy working on this blanket

 My DH was a sweetie on Friday came home with these lovely flowers and some goodies.

                                         What a pretty colour .

He also brought me some Germany cookies , I love these at Christmas time .

 And today I made some Christmas muffins 

Two  missing already we couldn't wait  to try them and I must say they are yummy I will be making lots more for Christmas. 

 A  few more holiday photos .


He came to join us when we were having coffee.
Well have a safe week to all and enjoy your stitching I will be back soon.
Thank you for the wonderful comments again , Love to read them and another warm welcome to my new followers .

Sunday, 15 November 2015

Are you ready for Christmas ?

Hello friends ,
Well it has been a very sad week this week, and I know many of you like me can't get over what happened , and my heart goes out to all.

It has been a very dull week here , but it is mild with lots of rain .
So I have started to wrap a few Christmas gifts and write out some cards.

Tuesday is our Christmas party at our club so I have been busy getting things ready.
This has come around far to fast for me this year , most years I make all the cards for the club but this year I had to buy them I have  just been so busy with everything .

I have stitched allot of Christmas gifts but can't show any just now but I will show you another Autumn stitch and I picked up yet another WIP to carry on stitching this winter .

I have many WIPS on the go because I flutter from one to the other , can't stand working on one project I get so bored with it .

I am also starting the odd one or two new WIPs so you are going to see lot's of things soon.
If I stay with only one project once I have finised it I lose my mojo , but having lots started I can pull something out of my bag and I am off again  happy and it works for me.

Another one of Danybrod's designs  Jardin D'Autume Pins , stitched on 28ct with a mix of threads from my box. Just right for a pin pillow.

And back to my WIP  Tulips by Luca-s 

A few flowers still blooming in the mild weather and a few more photos from the holiday.

                                        This yellow Poppy still keeps flowers it lasts most of the year.

And one of the last roses , then another one comes out !

                                     Now it's so dull I keep looking at the holiday photos from early last month.

I have never seen so many fish.

He is cleaning the windows !  oh dear what about the sharks.

Thank you my friends for your lovely comments and a big  hello to my new follows .
Stay safe and enjoy the rest of your Sunday and the new week I am off to make a nice chicken and leek soup for tea then I need to finish a few cards for the party . Such a busy time for me , we have so much going on here I am hoping to get a little more stitching in this week .

Friday, 13 November 2015


My heart goes out to all the people in Paris last night .
Only last Sunday I marched wearing my father medals , for the men who lost their life's in the war so we could have peace in the world.
We don't ever want another war please pray for peace and the people of Paris and others .

Friday, 6 November 2015

Wet Week.

 Hello friends,

Hope you are having a better week than we are , so much rain this week .

So I still have not finished my bulb planting.

But I must say I am enjoying my stitching and cosy nights.

I have been Christmas shopping and writing cards out already . I know it's early but I like to be early .

We have our Christmas party at my club in less than two weeks so I have to be on top of every thing.

Thank you everyone for your kind comments , you are all so kind and always lift my spirits .

     Hello to my new followers too,  hope you enjoyed you little visit  .

I can show you what I stitched for my Daughter for Christmas .

I know she will like it she is mad on cats .


Grande Histoire de Noel by Les Brodeuese Parisiennes .

My friend made me a lovely card that matches almost , it is in 3D  how sweet is this.

I have more Christmas ornaments but can't show you just yet.

And here is one of my Autumn stitches , from the lovely Danybrod 
Jardni'd Automne 
I used 28ct and a mix of threads .

I just have to think how I am going to finish this one now.

My lovely friend Titty send me this lovely goody pack today all the way from Italy .
Thank you sweet friend , we are eating the sweets right now so yummy.

Ok no flower photo's today it is just too wet , so a few photos of my craft room , it is not this tidy at the moment it's a bit of a mess so must spend time cleaning it in the Spring .

Have a wonderful weekend .