Saturday, 25 July 2015

Christmas in July.

   Christmas in July this week ! well I joined in the fun this year and yes I really enjoyed it , thank you Kim for letting me join in , if you look on HERE  Kim will show what the others have stitched .

You had to make 3 items Christmas themed I sent out the following to Elle.
                                                        Hope she likes them.

Plum Pudding Needleart, All the Trimmings , this chart of three is called Noel.
        Stitched on 28 ct  DMC threads . I also made some green and red cord to go around.

The Reindeer  is brought as a blank and I painted him and added some extras .

The heart is made of felt and the back is gingham , with a gingham small heart in the front , adding a bunch of beads at the top with the ribbon , You could also put a button in the centre but I like this one simple.

                                                And below my three ornaments.

And here is what Anna sent to me wow what beautiful gifts.

What fun wrapping .

Look at these wonderful gifts WOW .

I love the red stitchary and want to give it a try some time this year .

 Thank you so much Anna I love everything.

Thank you for all the extras to Anna. 
I will enjoy putting them around my house every Christmas.


Last week I had another gift from my sweet stitching sister Lynda. 
Look at these treats .

Thank you Sis I love the thimble and it will sit in my Thimble frame  I will have to show this soon.
Thank you for the sea glass too and the extras.

Well before we take a walk into the garden 
It has been a very nice week again a little cooler but it is just right for me I like it this way , but yesterday oh we had so much rain never sttoped all day and night , but today the sun is back out and the bees and butterflies are very busy , I have been watching some little baby robins  too but they are so shy I can't get a photo , and today I spotted a Humming bird moth sorry no photo they are far to quick for me , but I did catch a couple of butterfly photos.

Well thats it for this week friends .
Thank you once again for your wonderful comments .
Have a happy happy week.

Sunday, 19 July 2015

Lazy Sunday Afternoon

Hello Friends ,
I wonder what you are doing today ? We had a busy morning but now a lazy afternoon.
My DH is reading a new book I brought him , and I am going to do a little stitching when I have put this post on.
It's been a funny week dull and sunny , but great my hay fever has been low so I felt well this week.

I am trying to kit lots of charts up ready for the Autumn and Winter months I now have 3 big boxes ready so I can just take them out of the craft room when I want another one.
Just starting to run out of a few threads now but I can buy these odd ones hoping this will keep me nice and busy this winter.

The sun is coming out now so I think we will sit out after , and we can take our coffee and bits up to the Summer house , I may even have a ice cream , I have some of those chocolate ones again with nuts on top yummy I love these.

Well allot of what I am stitching I can't show you right now because they are gifts but I can show you what else I have stitched this week another one to go in my finish basket so I will have loads to show you this winter.

Reye- de -roses
by 123 Citrouille 
I used DMC threads on a cream 28 cnt 
I had this one in my basket for ages now I just have to stitch the small design that goes with it.

 Some thing was eating my tomatoes ! 
We found it an Elephant hawk moth 
OH it is so pretty.

Look at my tomatoes some at the bottom were going red and he was helping himself !

This will be a short post today so will leave you in my garden .
Have a wonderful week enjoy some time with your stitching .
And thank you all for your lovely comments and taking the time to visit.

Saturday, 11 July 2015

Sweet peas .

  Hello to all my sweet friends , hope you are all having a lovely weekend .
Well would you believe I went down again with a bad attack of hay fever knocked me off my feet,  but happy to say I am ok again , I think it is my sweet peas they smell wonderful and I have them all over the house, but now I am taking tablets for my hay fever I can still have them in here.
So not allot of sewing to show I am still stitching a few gifts and a few WIPs

I have also been watching the tennis in the afternoon.
I loved playing tennis when I was young , also played netball for the school and I was good at hockey.
Always won the the races at school until I was 14 and then I found I lost it , could not run fast any more I was willing but my legs were saying no more ha.
What sport were you good at .

I had another birthday gift this week now it is going into 4 weeks I never had a birthday last this long what fun .

Well I did finish one WIP , so this will go into the basket until I get around to the finish .
I have a basketful now so once the cooler weather comes back I can spend time on them.
                                                          PINTEMPS AU JARDIN

            Don't you just love this little girl in the garden how sweet is this one.

                               Yes you know it has got to be by the lovely DanyBrod

Stitched on 28 count using DMC threads and DMC varigated threads .
I may put a the odd butterfly or bee on here what do you think ?

My WIP below is the beautiful heart chart our lovely friend Carol brought me for my birthday 
I love the colours of this one.

And another gift from my sweet friend Yvonne I loved the way she wrapped it up in the pretty material .

                     And lots of fun goodies inside thank you so much my sweet friend.

And here is what is making me go down with Hay fever 
Beautiful Sweet peas , can you spot the different types .
The small ones have really strong sent.

OK now we are in the garden lets see what we have out blooming right now .
I know many of you like to take a walk with me so off we go.

                                          It's going to be a pink day            

Take care my friends hope you are keeping cool and taking in some nice fruit cooling drinks and nice ice creams , my DH buys me chocolate and nut cornet's so yummy I could eat them all.

Saturday, 4 July 2015

JULY AND Winners

Hello friends ,
How are you all ?
First I would like to say sorry I have not had much time this week to read your blogs and will be playing catch up this week.
I have had hay fever bad this week also some nights I only had a few hours sleep !  I keep waking up about 5.30 fresh as a daisy then by 3.00 I really don't feel like doing any thing , the last part of this week I am  feeling myself again.

So just a little stitching to show first , more lovely birthday gifts from my beautiful friends a walk into the garden and then my winners of my give away .

Also happy 4th of July for all my friends in the USA.

My DH went on a night walk in the woods last night with a group of people he asked me to go but  I said no I stayed home he went out to see the Nightjars they fly at night catching moths as they fly.
He was so excited when he got home would not stop talking !
So he has done one more thing off his bucket list , do you have a bucket list ?
My bucket list is to cross stitch all my charts ha , I may make a hole in my bucket but I will never stitch them all.

Another Christmas design from my Parisiennes designs .
I want to stitch most of these for gifts at Christmas , I will finish them off in the autumn months.

Still working on my WIP.

And lots of gifts and exchanges.

I have also been watching the tennis this week it is really exciting.

 From my beautiful friend Titty a lovely lot of gifts .

Can you see the beautiful little bag Titty stitched for me and pin cushion 
And look at the materials love the cake one beautiful ribbons and hanger , buttons and chart book.
Thank you so very much Titty for your kindness.

From my lovely friend Janet , love my plant thank you.

 And here are just a few of the birthday cards that all my sweet friends sent me , a very big

Ok lets go outside , but before we do here are a few sweet peas I cut this morning can you smell them.


This Yellow rose was one of the three indoor rose plants my DH brought me last year , they started to die so I said I am going to put them in the garden DH said they won't grow ! well here we are .
I often break little bits of brought flowers and put into the garden and always get about 50% success.
I have a beautiful carnation flowering from flowers that were brought for me last year will .

Here is the carnation well part of it.

Now the rose below I brought in one of those small boxes from the pound shop a few years ago it does not smell but boy it is so pretty and is about 5 ft tall and the flowers are very large with very large petals 

Well worth a place in my garden.

Picked out of the hat by my DH.

         1- Barb

            2 -Mouse

            3 -Lisa 

Can you all send me your address's please and congratulations 
Thank you to all who entered . 
I will be sending one or two SURPRISES out to some of my lovely followers through out the year .
So watch this space .
Before I go thank you for your kind comments and a very warm welcome to my new ones 
Have a great weekend hugs to all.