Friday, 17 April 2015


Hello friends,

 How are we all ? enjoying wonderful sunny days I hope.
 Thank you to all who sent me those wonderful comments .
I am still trying to play catch up with your blogs .
This time of the year is always a busy time for us in the garden all the seedlings are almost ready for planting when the Spring flowers fade.

It's been a lovely sunny week here and I did manage to sit for an hour a couple of days inside the summer house it was bliss stitching and watching my little birds playing .

Hello to my new followers hope I get to know you more and take a look at what you are all stitching .
I love to see what others are stitching and the way they finish their work , I can spend a full day looking at stitching designs and when my stitching  mojo is low , I soon get excited again and start looking at my charts and off I go again can't wait to start everyone of them just wish I had a few more hours and could stitch faster ha.

We had a day out today , and look at what I found in a shop it will go in the summer house .
I thought it was so cute , DH and I were looking at the lovely colours in paint,  I think it will be a soft green and cream colour. Will show you when we get started.

I was going to make one , and maybe I will but I fell in love with this one.

 Can't show all my stitching today but here is my WIP .

At last it is starting to grow and branch out love the colours .
                                           Tulip's by Luca-s

And from my lovely friend Nathalie some lovely Easter goodies.
Thank you Nathalie so sweet of you , love the magazine and the chocolate sheep are yummy.

Into the garden we go.

I can get all my garden furniture in here but we have different levels so we can move about this is if we want the shade .

The sun.

Or coffee and sun . 

The smell is wonderful.

Tulips are out now.

 And below are seedlings the green house is full so we are bring some outside now to harden off.

Well my friends have a wonderful week , I will be back with more stitching soon .
I must go and start some tea  see you soon , have fun.

Saturday, 11 April 2015

Wonderful week.

Hello to all my friends hope you all had a really good Easter.
We really enjoyed it and the sun was out every day , we had rain last night but the sun is back
out now.
It as been a wonderful week but also a very busy one for us too.

The Sun house is up will show you soon, we are going to paint it in some soft colours maybe a soft Green and cream .

The garden is growing every day some thing different to see the daffodils are almost over and it is turning blue with Bluebell's and Forget- me -nots .
I love this time of the year so much.

Thank you to all my sweet friends for the lovely Easter cards  that gracie is organising thank you gracie.

And for the lovely gifts from friends and family .

 Thank you for your wonderful comments you are the simply the  best .

I am so running behind this week and need to do some catching up , I am trying to read every ones blog and will catch up this week when I have more time.

So first up a little Easter Stitch for my sweet stitching sister Lynda.

Val's little stuff , Springs a buzzin.
Stitched on a mint green 28 ct DMC threads.

 And my Stitching sister Lynda send me back this lovely package.

Beautiful Easter treats THANK YOU Lynda.

Lovely stitching treats thank you Sis love your edging.

  Ok it's time to walk the garden.

Summer house is up.

Can you see it at the top .

Three different daffodils

  Just having the roof put on.

Easter tree.

Enjoy your weekend I am just going back into the garden before tea time have fun.

Friday, 3 April 2015

Easter Blessings.

Happy Easter to all my dear friends .
Well another crazy week here , it's the time of the year that is very busy for us .
But I did get a day out with a dear friend of mine this week and that was wonderful.

We have had some very strong winds  this week almost felt our roof was coming off one night .
It did do lots of damage to the garden lots of plants blown over and broken big pots and they cost a  small fortune to replace .

We have some of the family coming  over for dinner over Easter so that will be wonderful.

I wanted to spend some time in the garden today but it started to rain so thought I would put a post on instead.

I put some Easter decorations up and and finished one little rabbit stitch . I have done a little more on a few WIPS but will show you those next time.

Thank you again for your lovely comments , and a big hello to my new followers.

Is anyone here watching the new Poldark series , I love it , I use to watch the old one over 30 years
ago ! but love this new one , the new Poldark is very handsome , just my type ha .

Well say no more back to my stitching

This little rabbit I have called Smile she make me smile when I look at her.

The little rabbit was from part of one of  Passion Bonheur charts.

 Dresser is  ready for APRIL.

The one below I stitched a few years ago now.

I will show you more of the dresser next week I love all the rabbits , many are from my friends.

 This week I had some more lovely gifts.

From my very sweet friend Karen , thank you so much love every thing.
Here is your card so cute.

And a handmade card from my lovely friend Ali.
Thank you.

I stitched this one a few years ago from a S/Creek mag , sits on top of a small basket.

My porch chair and summer house came this week.
When its been plastered out and painted and the floor down it will sit in there.
But at the moment it will sit here for now .

Below my egg tree .
Also can you see my DH leaves his shoes and slippers every where.

 Are you ready for our walk  around the garden ?  here we go .

After the storm.

The green house is full .

Base ready for Summer House.

Oh my look my bluebells are coming out

Every time I walk up the garden there is always some thing new to see .
I love the nice parts of nature what could be better to uplift you and warm your heart.
Sending you all Easter Blessing and a warm heart .