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Tuesday, 21 June 2022

Longest day.

 Yes it's the longest day today , maybe I can do more ! 

Do you also think like me the days and the time goes by so quick , I am always playing catch up .

I do take a moment to relax now in the afternoon I sit with my coffee and watch nature  and how beautiful every thing is.

The TV drives me mad with all the bad news and not showing much of the good news .

There are good things all around us if we take a step back and relax and watch .

So what have I been doing this week I stitched a Birthday card for one of my friends  on paper I love stitching on paper .

We have been out alot  and  we had friends over for coffee , and tomorrow I go for coffee with one of my best friends we always have fun.

 Talking to family on the phone and lots of gardening . Friends in our street stop and talk if we are working in the front garden and it's nice to see everyone again .

       Roses and Posies   By    Tokens and Trifles 

                                                       It's always nice to stitch on paper .

I just want to thank you all for your lovely gifts and cards you sent me  a big THANK YOU .
                                           Just a few of my lovely Birthday cards .

My sweet peas are now coming out 

                                  A gift from Nancy thank you dear friend .                  

                                                 MORE FLOWERS FOM HUBBY .

Come  me into the garden

                   This head is cup size  I have never seen such a big head on these bells.

                 So I am saving the seeds to see if I can grow more next year.

                                    Have a fun week and take time to smell the flowers



  1. The Roses and Posies card you stitched for your friend is very lovely. The sweet peas are so pretty. The petunias are really showy!!

  2. I have never seen a purple and white petinia like the one above. Beautiful. I love all your flowers, cards and stitching. Have a great week. big hugs Lynda Ruth

  3. Passe également une belle semaine mon amie parmi tes jolies fleurs. Profite aussi de tes amis et de la douceur du temps. Câlins

  4. Oh yeah, the days go by way too fast for me too. A beautiful card motif, that looks pretty. This is a great collection of cards. All so different. Your garden is full of beautiful flowers again, do you have to water it a lot?
    Our weather is a bit cooler but dry and my roses and hydrangeas need a lot of water.
    enjoy the week, Martina

  5. Io non ho la televisione, quando si è rotta non l'ho più ricomprata, le notizie le vedo su internet o sui giornali, così come i film, ma ne ha guadagnato la mia vita, sono più rilassata. Le petunie night sky le ho anch'io :)

  6. The card for your friend looks beautiful.
    Lovely flowers in your garden.
    Have a nice week. Manuela

  7. June,your handwork and garden are wonderfull.
    I wish you nice sunny days Eva

  8. Wau, nádherné kvety i výšivka. A koľko pohľadníc...
    Pekný večer,

  9. Your flowers are beautiful.

  10. Hello Sweet June: I have not been on the Blog sites for a while, Mike has been ill. However I am loving your garden photos.
    Happy belated Birthday.
    The card you made is lovely.
    Wonderful gifts from nancy and sweet flowers from your husband.


  11. Lovely stitching and flowers! I love that purple white speckled petunia. I just found your blog, so Happy Belated Birthday! Looks as you were very blessed with friendship and love on your birthday!

  12. Your flowers are so wonderful, espescially the petunia.
    Have a fine week and time to enjoy your garden. Hugs Erna

  13. Dear June, the longest day has come and gone. Yet the best part of summer is still ahead. Your garden must be in full bloom as the pictures suggest.
    You crafted a lovely card. From what I read, stitching on paper was a favorite pastime for the Victorians. I have done several projects on perforated paper, too.

  14. The card from Tokens & Trifles is lovely. As is your garden. What are the purple and white blotchy flowers? I love those vibrant colours.

  15. That is a pretty card you stitched for your friend. I love the last flowers you posted from your garden.

  16. I am feeling just like you, June--time is going way too fast and it is taking me longer to do everything these days. My husband now has Covid and I'm very worried that I will end up with it, too.

    Love seeing your pretty card and the flowers--they always put a smile on my face :) Take care now, dear friend ♥

  17. Everything looks so beautiful June ... its wonderful to see as we are having such cold days here & your flower photos cheer me. Your card for your friend is beautiful. xx

  18. Yes, I am feeling just like you, the time is going way too fast for me, too.
    So many beautiful birthday cards and your garden pictures are beautiful again, I have the purple petunia too, I'll show it on Sunday, it's kind of funny, isn't it?
    Have a nice weekend, hugs, Jutta

  19. Yes, the days go by far too quickly for me too. Very nice birthday cards have reached you. How beautiful your garden is, it is always a pleasure to see your flower pictures.
    Hugs Andrea

  20. Oh yes June, i think the same, time goes by very quickly, since i' m going older
    more then before. So lovely birthday cards you got, i' m also admire your stitching. Beautiful Garden pics, the Colors are gorgeous ! Have an wonderful weekend, greetings Anna