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Monday, 4 July 2022


 JULY  no it can't be .

How did this happen !  

Well this  last week has been very busy ,we have not had much free time .

I had my 4th jab , and did not feel well the day after , but was fine after that  so I am happy it's  done .

We spent a day at the Devon County Show , which was great untill the afternoon rain .

We were a long way from the car about a 1 mile away  , then the rain came rushing down with lightning and thunder , so you  can 

guess by  the time we got to the car we were soaked right through , and I mean soaked. We did wait for a long time for the rain to stop , but no it was getting worse , so we set off.

We did get home in the end and laughed at each other , if not I would be crying .

I was so happy to get home  .

This week I have started to get my Christmas cards stitched so I am busy with that now untill  I get them all stitched , then I will start on a few  Christmas gifts , at the same time I will carry on my own stitching of anything I fancy stitching ,

So this week I picked up an on going UFO, and I am so enjoying stitching on this one for a change .

                                              Summer Nesting Box  by Vervaco.

                   I am so blessed by friends who have sent me more Birthday gifts .

                          From my long time Friend Karen  Thank you so much for the lovely gifts .


      A lovely SUMMER BAG I will be taking on holiday that's for sure  and what a lovely cross stitch kit I love it.

 The plant spick is already in the garden and the tea towel is so pretty .

                      THANKYOU  dear friend  .

               And my New Friend the lovely Eva  Thank you so much . 
                             I now have your beautiful gift on my coffee table .    

Mr Postman just came with another gift , which I will show next week .

I would just like to thank everyone you are all so very kind.
Ok better send you a few garden photos next ,

Below a painted lady butterfly we have not had one of these in the garden for years .
                                      I was so happy to catch on my zoom  I had to move so quick .


                     My tropical plant is growing so big and we only had one flower this year none the year before and hubby said it's going if we get nothing next year !  I don't think so I will be standing up for the rights of this plant ha.

                    I brought packs of lily's that were 1/2 price in a sale .

And now one photo from the show , I was going to take the photos in the afternoon but with the tropical Storm ! we had there was no chance .
Have a fun week every one .
Look at this wonderful bull he was so big  and  has wide .





  1. Hello June,
    your wip stitching looks so good. I love it.
    More lovely bithday gift arrived.
    Have a nice week. Manuela

  2. I had my 4th jab too.
    That's a beautiful Vervaco stitch.
    Wonderful Bday gifts.
    That's a huge Bull!

  3. Sweet June: Lovely gifts for sure, you are loved.
    I love being in the rain but not the thunder and lightning.
    Summer Nesting Box is beautiful, nice progress on stitching.
    Thank-you for sharing the beautiful garden photos.


  4. Beautiful stitching on Summer Nesting Box , dear June. Looking forward seeing finished. Wishing nice week, hugs Anna

  5. I love the teacup stitchery that you received. Summer Nesting Box is just so pretty. So are all your flowers. So many different colors and varieties. I will enjoy seeing your Christmas card stitching. So glad you survived the downpour.

  6. Dear June, oh what a pity the rain surprised you during the show, the proud bull is still dry, that must have been before the rain.
    I like your Vervaco embroidery very much, I am also pleased that you have received new loving gifts and that your flowers are magnificent as always.
    Hugs, Jutta

  7. Hello June,
    I like your Vervaco embroidery very much. You got very nice presents from your girlfriend. What a big bull, just a pity the rain drove you away.
    The photos of your garden flowers are fantastically beautiful again.
    Hugs Andrea

  8. Sorry to hear that you got so wet at the show! That's being British for you!
    The Vervaco flower design is almost as beautiful as your own garden. I love that dark Lily.

  9. Your downpour was not much fun for you, but I'm sure your beautiful plants loved it, June! We are SO in need of rain here--it's been a very dry summer this year. Love the flower design that you've returned to--just so pretty with the soft colors. And what wonderful gifts! The butterfly from Eva is just perfect for you :) I hope you have a relaxing weekend! We will be celebrating my grandson's 2nd birthday today--can you believe it?! Take care now ♥

  10. Good news you have had your booster even if you felt unwell for a while. Oh no a soaking but it sounds like you had a good day. Lovely gifts and flowers, stay cool

  11. Sounds like the rain really had you guys trapped! Glad you guys got thru it though and back to your car, it is no fun getting soaked. Very nice work on Summer Nesting Box and the picture of the painted lady is very pretty!!

  12. I read this.I will return very often ☺
    Best wishes Eva

  13. Such lovely gifts received. The Vervaco design is coming along beautifully.