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Monday, 1 August 2022


 Well here we go August already !

Where did June and July go , they just came in and then gone with a blink of an eye.

So did you have your moment , I did last week again just sat and enjoyed a few moments , and boy does it feel good.

The garden is getting pretty dry now with no rain and the grass is going yellow , we are keeping the plants going Just ! 

The weather is beautiful cloudy and sunny which I like .

Not much going on here this week , we did watch the football yesterday and our girls were just wonderful , also the German girls played well, but it was great that England won at last.

We also watched the Common Wealth Games opening in our home town of Birmingham . it has changed allot since we were there in fact we have lived longer in Devon now .

Well bad news yesterday my sewing machine died again , just when I was going to sew a little pillow .

So instead I made it into a card for a friend .

                         A  lovely design by Dany  called Pensee's d'automne.

                           A lovely easy stitch for a new stitcher to cross stitch 


I also have two cards to show you I made one for Danny's Anniversary   and one Birthday card for Martina .


On the cross stitch part you can see little beads .


Sorry not a very good photo  but you can see a bit of the bead work .

And this one was for Martina 

this chart was from an old New Stitches Mag 

So moving on I know many of you enjoy my flowers so will leave you with photos taken 
this week.


Enjoy your your start of August .


  1. Oh what pretty pansy cards! My favorite flower. :) Your entire garden looks super!

  2. Your flowers are beautiful and I love your stitched cards.

  3. Congratulations to your girls on winning the European Championship, I was very sad that we didn't make it, but that's the way it is.
    A cute motif for a card, just as beautiful as the one I got from you. I'm already thinking about what I want to do with the sweet little motif.
    I'm having a good week and I hope it doesn't get quite as hot where you live as it does here. Hugs Martina

  4. We've been enjoying the sport too, well done to the Lionesses. We live just a few miles from Birmingham, the rugby has been close to us and the bowls in our county. Your cards are lovely, enjoy many moments in August.

  5. Hi June,
    two lovely cards for your stitching friends. The beads are a nice idea.
    Congratulation to your football girls.
    Wonderful flowers are in your garden.
    Have a nice week. Manuela

  6. The cards & flowers are beautiful.
    Love those Sweet Peas on your header!

  7. Sweet June: Lovely cards, so sweet.
    As always your garden makes my heart happy.


  8. The cards are lovely. They do make nice gifts for friends. Your garden is doing well in the heat. I have to remember to go out and throw some water over things too! Except the weeds, why do they not need watering but grow so well anyway?

  9. Hi June,
    Two great cards have been created for your friends, just wonderful.
    And beautiful garden flowers.
    Hugs Andrea

  10. I just can't believe it's August already! I so wish time would slow down! Sorry your sewing machine died, June, but, luckily you have lots of different crafts to keep you busy. Your cards are lovely and I'm sure they were much appreciated. Enjoy your garden time ♥

  11. Dear June, you have made lovely cards for your friends. They will surely be appreciated. There is always something blooming in your garden. You have a knack for picking plants that bloom at certain times. I have hydrangeas in full bloom but the lavender is starting to fade.
    Just got the latest issue of the World of Cross Stitching (Digital) Don't know if our edition is the same as in England. It has Peter Rabbit on the cover. Very sweet. Tempting to make but I have to many projects already.

  12. Congratulations for the super english womens football team a great game we enjoyed it very much on the tv . Your embroidered birthday cards are very beautiful, the recipients will be very happy. It's to hot at the moment for me, only for watering the garden in the evening i'm going out. Enjoy your beautiful garden dear June, hugs Anna

  13. Lovely cards and of course your blooms are beautiful.

  14. Hello June ... my apologies for having been unable to comment on your posts - our computer crashed & although I could read blogs on my phone - I couldn't comment unfortunately. You have been busy & I just adore your cards you have made. I am so sorry to read that your computer has crashed. I agree with you regarding June & July ... they went by in the blink of an eye. I am hoping to get back to blogging again very soon. Enjoy your weekend June xx

  15. June, you have designed very magical cards, one is more beautiful than the other! And your wonderful garden photos speak for themselves, thank you, have a nice weekend, Jutta

  16. June,I wanted to go back to cross stitching.I didn't feel like it right away, so I put it off.I guess it (for me) needs a different time ☺
    Your flowers are beautiful.
    Have a wonderful Sunday ☺

  17. The flowers are still looking pretty! The cards are very nice.