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Monday, 8 August 2022

Hot Summer Days.

 Hello to all my lovely friends out there .

Hope you are  all enjoying these beautiful summer days .

We have just been tidying the front garden but it was to hot for me , but we did it and sat in the shade after and had coffee . 

Yesterday it was nice to see my daughter and catch up with all the family news , and later in the afternoon we had a phone call from my GD and all the little ones .

Well we were naughty last week and lunched out alot , it's so nice not to cook this weather .

Well on the stitching front I am only stitching a little maybe I try and get an hour done each day but when you look it's not much .

Anyway I did  finish stitching this one but still need to find a nice frame .

      Bunny Basket by Serendipity Designs .


                      My Magazine dropped in the post this week


                                                              With free gift .

                      I have been working on a few more cards but can't show you just yet .

                     And it will soon be winter stitching I always Start in September .

   The garden is starting to go over a bit now with no rain  we try and water the main plants but the rest are not looking there best now.

So hope you all have a great week enjoy your stitching .

                               I will leave you to wonder around the garden .

                                                                   See you next week.


  1. Love the bunny stitch. Your mag looks interesting. Beautiful flowers as always. Stay in the shade and enjoy your mag. big hugs Lynda Ruth

  2. Hello June: It has been warm here also, we finally had rain, yahoo.
    Your design is so sweet, I am looking forward to seeing it framed.
    I am looking forward to seeing your cards that you are making.
    I will be stitching a Blessed Virgin Mary design this week.
    As always beautiful floral photos, they make me happy to look at them.


  3. Oh the little bunny is so cute looking in the basket, surely it's looking for something.
    It's also very dry here, I try to at least water the roses and hydrangeas so they don't get damaged. It's supposed to be very warm all week and no rain in sight.
    Have a nice week, Martina

  4. The little bunny is very cute.
    A wonderful new stitching magazine. The bunny on the cover is for you.
    Have a nice week. Manuela

  5. I always enjoy pics of your garden, so very pretty.
    It's been rainy, hot, & very humid here lately.
    I always loved Serendipity designs.
    I think I still have a few patterns also.

  6. Dear June, your plants look way better, despite the lack of rain, than mine look at any time ;-)) We get no rain for about 2 months (sometimes even longer)in the summer. I have to water just about every day! Especially the hydrangeas which hang their heads after hot day.
    Very cute Peter Rabbit on the cover (we had talked about that)
    Have a good week with English weather ;-)

  7. Your little bunny finish is adorable, June! I sure hope your heat goes away soon. It has not been horrible here like it is in many parts of the USA and world. And this week will be very nice--in the 70s. We've also been getting frequent short rainfalls so the plants and lawns are happy :) Enjoy your week--hope you get to do lunch out many times. You've earned it! ♥

  8. Dear June,
    how beautiful the rabbit crab is, you will definitely find a suitable frame for it.
    It's also very dry here, I only water the potted plants and the vegetables. Once a week all flowers are watered generously. The tour of your garden is so beautiful.
    Hugs Andrea

  9. Stay cool June, this week us going to be another hot one. Your bunny is so cute, beautiful flowers as always.

  10. The bunny design is very sweet. If you look in the magazine you will see the Haunted House I have just started stitching!

  11. June,your flowers are so fantastic.
    Have nice summer days ☺

  12. Che bei fiori, purtroppo il mio giardino quest'anno non è bello, non piove da mesi e siamo senza acqua, non possiamo annaffiare :(

  13. Your garden is beautiful despite the heatwaves you are having this summer. Nice the little bunny basket work. Enjoy the new Cross Stitching issue.
    Have a nice week end,

  14. Thank you for the beautiful tour of your garden June ... everything always looks so wonderful & the colours are just stunning. Enjoy your weekend June xx

  15. Thank you for your new post Carol, the bunny basket is very pretty, the little bunny is nibbling on the flowers ;-)
    So it's dry for you too, here too, hopefully that won't always be the case in the future. Your photos from your garden all look gorgeous!!!!
    Have a nice weekend, Jutta

    1. Sorry June, I previously wrote a comment on Carol's blog so I got your first name wrong. ;-)

  16. I love your garden. It’s beautiful. Regine