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Monday, 15 August 2022

Too Dry.

 Well it is bone dry here and we do need some rain .

Looks like it is on it's way soon , thank goodness before everything is dead. 

Well another busy week , lots going on  so not much free time .

I did get chance to meet up with my friend this week  to chat and coffee , then  hitting the shops .

I found a lovely set again for my dresser .

I have started a little  bit of Christmas stitching  like this one here 

                                           By Holly's Hobbies ,  festive Owl  .

                                               He is so cute and an easy stitch  

                                         A friend sent me the chart a few years ago now .

                                      Have you started any Christmas stitching yet ?                                



                            Below a lovely little set for the dresser  only £1.99 for both another bargain.

          I was given these lovely flowers yesterday  they are just beautiful.

                                                                      So pretty .

                                    Sadly only one photo of my garden this week .


                      Now do you often see pictures in the sky or on wood  etc 

Well I often see pictures on my rug in the wash room , see if you can see any thing .


                            Not a good photo  but you can  just see a little baby sleeping ?

                                She has a little hat on  and a blanket pulled up to her chin .

                            On the right side  down a little off at an angle you will see a line and above the babies                                  face and then her head with hat on. 

                      Now my hubby can't see anything and most people can't but I often find pictures  in  .

                      objects  .

                          Well my friends  it's going cloudy so we may just get some rain  today at last .

                    We need it so badly at the moment  everything  is starting to die in the garden .

                   Enjoy your new week my friends .





  1. I espy a seal facing right and a lamb on opposite end facing left...What an exercise
    in imagining...Have a great day, filled with oodles of moisture...

  2. What a great finishing , love the ornament on your header very much, June !
    Also the little christmas owl , so cute . Everything is very dry here, I hope my garden can withstand it. Whishing nice week, hugs Anna

  3. I often see shapes in things too 😅 There is a face I see on my bedroom curtains but hubby can't see it! I stitched that little owl a few years ago, he is so cute. We were supposed to have rain here this afternoon but we've had none, perhaps tomorrow, we could really do with it.

  4. The Christmas Owl is so sweet. The only Christmas stitching I have at the moment is my 12 Days of Christmas ornaments.
    I'm watering my garden every evening to keep things going. Funny how the weeds survive without needing water?

  5. Hello June, I hope the clouds brought some rain. We had a tremendous thunderstorm last week with buckets of rain for a short while. Unfortunately it only saturated the soil by 3 or 4 cm and its all dried up again.
    Your set for the dresser is very cute. Good find!
    You are thinking ahead to Christmas with your little Santa owl ;-)
    Have a nice week,

  6. Oh I hope you get some rain June. I dislike those long hot summers where the garden suffers. They are predicting one for us here too. I love your flowers & that new china set would definately have had to come home with me too!!!

  7. We had a flash rain storm yesterday when the sun was out!
    The weather has been strange.
    I have stitched that Owl, it;s too cute.
    Very pretty dresser set.
    I do hope you get rain soon.

  8. I like your header. Your dresser set is very pretty. I like those kind. Love you little owl and your beautiful flowers. Have a great day. big hugs Lynda Ruth

  9. Love your new tea set. I like your little owl. Hope you get some rain soon for your garden. big hugs Lynda Ruth

  10. We've had a bit of rain in the meantime, but it's not enough, the temperatures are better, that's a good thing.
    The little owl is cute, I like it very much and it fits perfectly.
    And your new set is very classy.
    enjoy your week, Martina

  11. June,I like your embroidering.I must to starte it too ☻.
    We have so hot year here too.It need one full night strong raining.
    Have wonderfull days ☺

  12. Anche qui piove pochissimo, il mio giardino non è mai stato così brutto e l'erba se n'è andata, non possiamo usare l'acqua per annaffiare :(

  13. I'm sorry to hear about your dry weather, June! I hope you get that expected rain. We had a nice gentle rain all night and it is sure to green things up. Your little owl is so cute--and yes, I stitch Christmas all year :) Love your little china set--it's fun to pick up little things to change up our decor at an inexpensive price. Hope your second half of August will be wonderful! ♥

  14. The little christmas owl so cute.
    Hope it will raining soon.
    The last three days every evening we had thunderstorms with rain. But is not enough rain.
    Have a nice day, Manuela

  15. June, hopefully you've had some rain in the meantime, keep your fingers crossed that it will rain here, too. The forecast often indicates rain, but then it doesn't even reach us.
    I really like your new header photo, the owl is really cute, too. No, I haven't prepared for Christmas yet, I'll start in September.
    As a child I always saw many beautiful things in the sky, the cloud formations often show the most beautiful things. Yes, I can see the child on your carpet, very pretty, unfortunately you can't preserve it.
    Kind regards, Jutta

  16. We are having lots of rain so maybe I can direct some over that way for you! I am still stitching my ornaments. That owl is a cutie!

  17. Hi,
    i love your little your new tea set.
    i wish you get the rain soon. here its windy and cold in africa.
    love cucki x

  18. Oh, you're already stitching for Christmas! Time will passing fast ... I'm just making Christmas cards ;-)
    Now it's raining but days before it was only hot. I hope you got rain but no storm.
    Have a nice weekend, Erna

  19. Hi June,
    The Christmas owl looks so pretty. I hope it rained for you.
    Hugs Andrea