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Monday, 29 August 2022

Sunny Monday .

 Well the sun is shinning and another beautiful day  here .

We still have not had the  amount of rain we get most years , I don't mind apart from the garden .

Well my vac died on Friday so I had to order a new one ,  it came the next day ,  and took my hubby most of the day to unpack it .

Then we had to find out how to put it together ,  and I started it up and it's  great love it . 

The football is back which we both love so we were happy this weekend .

I have been cutting back plants and cleaning up the garden , before it's time to put  the bulbs in  .

Another Summer that past far to fast , but it's nice to have Seasons and nothing lasts forever .

I am stitching alot of Christmas goodies a few Autumn ones that I will show in the next few months .

I put a few more stitches in my Spring stitch , I wanted to finish this one but it will have to wait untill the New Year now.  

We have another holiday today it's bank holiday  Monday , but we stay home because the traffic gets so bad .

Holiday makers come down to our area at this time of the year and it gets really busy .

I have a few jobs to do today , then I want to give a couple of hours to my stitching if I can .

So this is my Spring Stitch or shall I call it my Summer stitch ?

                 Summer Nesting Box by Vervaco .



 You can see a little growth  from last time , so I will say good bye to this one  untill the Spring , I wanted to stay with it , but there are only so many hours in a day and my hand is not to good after spending time with my other love Gardening .

So like I said above Seasons change and it's time for Autumn and Christmas  stitching .

I am well on the way for my Christmas stitching  which I can't show you all yet .

I will dig in my box of  of UFOs and see what I can finish .

So my friends I will leave you with my garden plants that are coming to an end soon .

This year has gone far to fast for me again  , bulbs are already coming up   !  I think nature is all to pot . 

Enjoy the flowers while they are lasting .


                            Enjoy your week and the last  of the days of the  Summer  days .

                     What are you going to stitch for Christmas  smalls or one large stitch ?


  1. Lovely floral stitching but I agree, it's time for Autumnal stitching! I'm gearing up for Halloween right now and sorting out my spooky stitching. I have two 3D models I'd like done and a Mystery starting in the middle of September. I also have a little Just Nan Mouse to add to my collection.

  2. Summer Nesting Box is looking lovely. So is your garden. I have been working on Christmas ornaments. Slowly getting them done for my family.

  3. Your spring stitchery is just beautiful June. Your garden always looks so very lovely. I love all the seasons too & I try really hard to find things I enjoy about each one. xx

  4. Lovely stitchy and real flowers, it's been sunny here too. I always find the summer flowers are still in bloom when it's bulb planting time but this year everything is turning early with the heat. Enjoy your week x

  5. Your spring stitching is so wonderful. I' looking to your christmas stitching.
    Your garden looks wonderful as always.
    Have a nice week. Manuela

  6. We've had a lot of rain lately.
    Your Spring stitch is so very pretty.
    Thanks for the flower pics, I love them.

  7. June,your embroidering is very nice.
    I love flowers very much.
    Have nice days ☺

  8. Dear June,
    yes, the summer has passed far too quickly, it's already autumn. I like your spring/summer stitch very much, such beautiful fresh colors as well as the beautiful flowers in your garden and your new header,too.
    Enjoy the late summer, I won't think about activities for Christmas until September, hugs, Jutta

  9. Oh my, your blooms are beautiful. Love your Spring project.

  10. Bellissimo quel ricamo!!!
    E anche i fiori che hai fotografato

  11. Such lovely photos from your garden, they have certainly brightened my day seeing them over the dreary winter we've had. Enjoy your autumn and Christmas stitching. Have a great week x

  12. Love your spring piece, June! The colors are perfect for you. And your flowers--wow! Still looking lovely. Ours have mostly withered and brown at this point. We pretty much give up on them at this time of the summer because the deer have destroyed many of them. I hope you enjoy your time away--have a wonderful, safe trip ♥

  13. Your summer motif is growing, it's just beautiful. I'm already working on the first autumn motifs and hope to be able to show them soon. Yes, autumn is coming with big strides, it's not that sunny here anymore, but that's OK. The garden is happy and hopefully it will rain again soon.
    Enjoy your week, Martina

  14. Dear June,
    autumn has already started and I hope there will be a lot of warm and sunny days too. Your Summer nesting box looks as beautiful as the flowers in your garden.
    Have a wonderful time, hugs Erna

  15. Bellissimo! Anch'io sto ricamando per Natale, non manca molto!

  16. Piękny haft, uwielbiam kwiaty w każdej postaci :)

  17. Such a nice pincushion on your header, June. you are right the year flew by now autumn has arrived here. Your garden is still blooming beautifully. I wish you a nice autumn time, dear greetings from Anna

  18. Hello June: Beautiful Garden photos as always, I enjoy seeing them.
    A little progress is better than no progress.
    It is a holiday here on Monday Labor day, no banks not much will be open last day of the state fair, it will be busy.


  19. Tes fleurs sont magnifiques !
    Ici, toutes les plantes sont sèches et fanées.
    Je te souhaite une très belle semaine ma chère June

  20. Precioso bordado y maravillosas flores. BESICOS.

  21. Your flowers as always are so beautiful. I love your big stitching. Very flowery. Hope you are having a good day. Glad the vac is working great for you. big hugs Lynda Ruth

  22. Hi June,
    your spring/summer stitch is turning out very pretty, and your flowers are a dream too.
    Finally it has started to rain here too, hopefully the rain will continue.
    Hugs Andrea

  23. Gorgeous flowers, both the stitched ones and the ones from the garden. It's always such a pleasure to look at your photos, thank you for sharing!

  24. Your WIP is so those is so delicate looking....

    Love your Flowers - they are just beautiful

    Take Care & Happy Stitching
    Linda K, Buttercup


  25. Dear June,
    your summer stitching has grown again, it will be very beautiful one day. I'm really looking forward to your Christmas stitch. I will only do small stitching for the festival this year.
    Your flowers are still blooming beautifully.
    Hugs Andrea