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Monday 22 May 2023

A Sunny week.

 Well it's been the best week of the year so warm and getting hotter . 

At the moment it's just right for me .

But saying this it's so dry we could do with a little rain for the plants. 

I am sorry I was not able to read all your blogs  last week my PC needed some work on it .

But now I am back up and running again.

Most of our roses are out now and the garden smells wonderful with all the perfume around the garden .

But I now need to take a hay fever tablet .

This week I have another UFO to show I have been working on .

I know your thinking how many do I have , I can say I never count them but there is a stack of boxes with lots inside each one , some are getting near the end of a finish now so hoping in the near future you will see some finished . I just stitch them for my pleasure , keeps my hands busy and my mind active . 

 But it's a change some weeks from stitching on smalls , which I love to. I do still find the odd chart that also goes in the box ready to stitch that I fall in love with , I want to start a Father Christmas  in his beautiful red outfit , I also wanted to stitch all the little ones a stocking each , but there are to many of them now and I would need another life time Ha .

So do you stitch smalls or large stitching  ? and is there anyone out there who keeps lots of kits in boxes that never counts how many they have , like me . I would love to know I am not the only one .

    I worked on this one the last week

I found it hard to put it down, this time , I enjoyed every stitch.

Garden Interlude by Lanarte     This weeks UFO.

And I had a lovely big box of gifts from my lovely Friend Lynda.

So many goodies  . 

Love every thing what great gifts Thank you so much my friend  I have saved the one for my Birthday and will show you that one next month.

And moving on to my garden , some photos I took today.

This Poppy I thought I had lost but it's come back to life with 7 large buds so far 

And our own salad we grow ,you can just pick the leaves when you want some it grows all summer long . 

Hope you all have a lovely week  here it is still very hot . Summer is here full on .


  1. So very glad you got your gifts finally. If I had not been in hospital I could have gotten it to you sooner, but what fun to open Christmas gifts in May. Love your stitching and yes I have also gotten stitching in every box in my sewing room. Lots started but not finished. Glad your poppy is back and I love the lettuce. Yummy. Big hugs to you both Lynda Ruth

  2. Oh My - that poppy is stunning June! Just adore that colour. You said it right there my friend ... that crafting keeps our hands busy & our minds active - that is it right in a nutshell. I don't know how folk get on who don't have some crafting to turn to. Enjoy your week. xx

  3. Merci pour toutes ces jolies photos. La teinte du coquelicot est merveilleuse. Après une journée de soleil, le froid s'installe à nouveau. Je te souhaite une belle semaine ma chère June.

  4. Garden Interlude is gorgeous!
    What great gifts.
    Your flowers are always gorgeous.
    We finally have Spring here, it's been in the 70's, no humdity.....yet!
    Have a wonderful week.

  5. June: Your Garden Interlude is beautiful, what sweet things from Lynda, yummy.
    Your garden photos are stunning especially the poppies, wow.


  6. Oh, it was also very warm on Sunday, but it was really cool again on Monday.
    Your UFO already has a lot embroidered, and not much is missing, it looks beautiful.
    Your garden is much further along than ours, I still have a few tulips in bloom and the columbines are in full bloom.
    My roses have many buds, I'm looking forward to it.
    Have a nice week

  7. Oh, you are embroidering on a wonderful UFO, I really like this motiv and you have to finish it ;-)
    How nice that your PC is now up to date, enjoy your beautiful garden, hugs, Jutta

  8. I had just one poppy of a that color a few years ago. Then nothing. Yours is wonderful and I love “Garden interlude” very much. As for me lately I try to don’t start to much cross stitch. I don’t like to have lots of ufo :-))
    Have a nice afternoon, big hug,

  9. I like your stitching. I haven't counted how many patterns I have yet, one lifetime is probably not enough to stitch everything.
    It was still nice and warm here on Sunday, today it is cloudy and cold.
    Enjoy the week,
    hugs Andrea

  10. I like your stitching. I haven't counted how many patterns I have yet, one lifetime is probably not enough to stitch everything.
    It was still nice and warm here on Sunday, today it is cloudy and cold.
    Enjoy the week
    hugs, Andrea

  11. Oh Garden Interlude looks great and is close to finishing. Your poppies!! wOw! I miss having fresh lettuce and veg.

  12. Your Garden Interlude is such a lovely project, June--those colors are wonderful! I usually have a larger piece on the go as well as a small. Right now I'm working on a mid-size piece. I do like to finish one piece before moving on to the next, though. I really can't juggle lots of projects--it makes my mind cluttered :) Your flowers are gorgeous--especially love the color of the poppies! That is something I should really think about planting some day. Enjoy your day ♥

  13. Garden Interlude is so lovely. I haven't got that many pieces in progress, It overwhelms me if there is too much going on. I haven't stitched too many large pieces, I prefer medium and small projects as I like to see the finished item.
    You could always sew all your grand and great grand children Christmas stockings, that wouldn't take so long as stitching them one.
    Have a lovely week

  14. Another lovely floral design, just like your garden! The rewilded patch in our front garden has some poppies already.
    I know exactly how many pieces I have started as I stitch on each one for my Longest Day marathon but I have no idea how many unstarted kits or charts I have! I don't tend to buy kits so I would guess not even double figures but charts would be in the 100s.

  15. What a beautiful garden June! You definitely have a green thumb or two. We too are having very warm weather, it has been in the 90s everyday which is ok by me. I have quite a few WIPs but the majority of them are logged on a spreadsheet so I can see what I have. I am one of those people that have lists for this and for that and the other thing! I would so lost without my lists!! :) I love the piece you are working on now and I look forward to seeing what pieces you dig out of the box next week!

  16. Hello June,
    a wonderful summer motiv. I love it.
    Your poppy looks great.
    Have a nice sunny weekend. Manuela

  17. You're working on a very pretty stitching, so nice and wonderful colours! And in your garden is always something new.
    Have a beautiful weekend, hugs Erna

  18. GardenLude is a wonderful embroidery project, June. The colours are fine coordinated. At the momnt i'm working on an old little doll Quilt, found on my wardrobe, i've started anthusiastic years ago. There are a lot of flowers in your garden, here it was to cold in May, some of my flowers froze. Wishing happy stitchine, Anna

  19. Sono come te, anch'io ho scatole piene di progetti da iniziare e voglio sicuramente farli tutti! Di solito alterno un lavoro grande con un piccolo perchè così non mi annoio e mi sembra di lavorare di più

  20. June,I wish you a good work with embroidering.It is very relaxing for me.
    Have a nice day ☺