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Monday 5 June 2023


 Hello my friends ,

Just another short post , it's that time of year when I am so busy , like everyone else .

I have a lots of cross stitch that I have stitched but no time for finishing them.

So when the weather goes a little cooler , and the sun goes for a few days I can get to my fabrics .

The weather here is so lovely at the moment I am always  outside working , or out meeting friends .

We have been out to lots of events again  , which we always go to at this time of the year. 

I do hope you to are having some beautiful weather.

So  I did start a little Christmas stitch thinking in front .

I loved this little fellow . It is by Maryse Dupont It was from part of a  Christmas pillow that I stitched different parts from.  


Well now we are into June my Birthday month  I have started already to find cards and gifts coming in the post .

I just had to open I know I am naughty.

The first one was from my lovely friend Manuela , oh what a beautiful card  , I love little girls .

And also a lovely chart I will start soon. Thank you so much .


And another lovely one from my friend Martina . My other love is flowers , thank you so much my sweet friends .



  More flowers to leave you with , thanks for taking time to visit  little old me .

   And below I thought I had lost this rose but this year it came alive again 

                                Just love it .


                           This  one you see growing wild in Devon .

                               First sweet peas of the year.


                                       Enjoy your week all .


  1. Complimenti per il nuovo lavoro natalizio ... Ti stai già mettendo avanti

  2. Happy Birthday month. love your roses and stitching. hugs

  3. I love your sweet Christmas finish, June! That little bird is adorable. It really is such a busy time of year, but a nice time for you with your birthday. What nice cards and gifts you've already received! Enjoy your sunny week--we have lots of sunshine here too, at last! ♥

  4. Oh those sweet peas June ... be still my beating heart 💗 Wish I could smell them. Yes June is my birthday month too. Right in the middle of winter here. Your little Joyeaux Noel is beautiful. xx

  5. Happy Birthday June.
    Beautiful little Christmas motiv. It is so cute.
    I'm glad that you like my card.
    Enjoy your Birthday Month.
    Hugs, Manuela

  6. This is your month - happy Birthday!
    Hugs Erna

  7. Yes, now is the time when you are outside in the garden a lot and enjoy the time there.
    Your new embroidery looks very nice, the little bird is cute.
    I'm glad that you got my card safely. It's a motif by Dany and I know that you like her patterns.
    Enjoy the rest of the week
    Hugs Martina

  8. Sounds like you are one busy lady June! You do have to get outside while there is warmer weather to enjoy. What a cute little bird you are stitching! I love the hat and scarf! I hope your birthday month is all you could ask for and I see it is off to a good start with some lovely cards!

  9. You stitched a cute little winter motif, I love it. Beautiful birthday cards have already reached you.
    Now is the time for the garden, the time for handicrafts is coming again.
    Hugs Andrea

  10. Thank you for the picture of the sweet peas. I can’t understand why I can’t have them her too.
    Happy Birthday and have a nice week end,

  11. Dear June,
    I hope my birhtday mail will reach you on time, you have already received nice letters.
    I also love flowers more than anything, you have taken beautiful photos again.
    Have a nice weekend, Jutta

  12. Dear June,
    I wish you all the best-best health,good luck and many nice days with your family and your nice hobbies.
    With love Eva

  13. Je te souhaite une belle journée d'anniversaire chère June.
    Avec toute ma tendresse.

  14. That's a cute christmas theme finished.
    Happy Birthday and have a lovely week.

  15. It’s lovely to make your Birthday spread over the whole month!
    The winter design is lovely too.
    Serendipitous Jo