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Monday 12 June 2023

Thank you .

 Hi Friends

 Just wanted to say a big Thank you's to you all for reading my posts and your lovely friendships  I have made .

And for all the lovely friends who exchange cards and gifts Thank you .

Today is just a quick post and in the week I will post again and show you the lovely gifts and cards I have received .

I pulled my ham string again yesterday so it's painful to sit for to long . But it's a little bit better today.

It's very hot still and very little rain so hard work to keep things alive .

But we keep going . 

So this week another UFO  I have worked on ,this will be for one of my GGD .

I may just keep stitching on this one through the year. 

               By Design works   9815  Don't look back .

             Such a great saying .

lets just pop into the garden .

I will be back  this week with all the lovely gifts and cards to show you .

You are all amazing . Thank you.


  1. Love the stitching, it's perfect for your granddaughter. We have at last had some rain, on Saturday night and again last night so that saved me watering the garden. The ground needed it, it was so dry out there.

  2. Beautiful design you are stitching and such lovely flowers. Have a lovely week❤️

  3. Bellissimo il ricamo che stai facendo.
    Forza ancora un piccolo sforzo e sei giunta alla conclusione.
    Bellissimo il tuo giardino, complimenti per gli splendidi fiori

  4. Well, first of all, I want to wish you a wonderful birthday, dear June! I hope you are thoroughly pampered and spoiled--you deserve it! So glad you received some lovely gifts and cards. I'm sorry to hear about your pulled hamstring and I hope it heals soon. Such a cute piece for your great-granddaughter--she will love it. Wishing you a very happy week ahead, my friend ♥

  5. Hope your leg eases up soon ...lovely piece for you GGD ... have a wonderful.birthday :) x

  6. So pretty to see all the colour in your world June - just beautiful. So pleased you had such a lovely birthday. I hope that hamstring heals real soon my friend xx

  7. Happy Birthday my friend, I hope you had a nice day despite the pain.
    A great motif for your GGD, she will be happy when she gets it.
    Enjoy your time in the beautiful garden and get well soon.

  8. Happy Birthday dear June, sending to you warm greetings.
    Dont look back is a lovely embroidery project, i'm sure , also a very nice gift to your GGD , Anna

  9. Hello June,
    a nice little motiv. I think your GGD will love it.
    Have a nice time.
    Hugs, Manuela

  10. Don't look back is darling. Easier said than done sometimes. Your window boxes are super!

  11. Get well soon, June. Wonderful plants and I will remember to “don’t look back”, remembering your nice cross stitch embroidery.

  12. Hi Butterfly, lovely cross stitching. I am working through A Year at Hawk Run Hallow...up to June now. I also like Little House Needleworks projects. Happy Stitching from me!

  13. Dear June, so your birthday has come around again. Funny that happens every year - to me as well ;-))) One year older and better. Happy Birthday!

  14. Oh my I guess I missed your birthday, sorry, Happy belated days. I love don't look back...colors are wonderful and stitching pefect.

  15. Hopefully the pain will subside soon. A beautiful UFO is waiting to be completed, you can definitely do it.
    It is also warm and very very dry here, the water from the well is already scarce.
    Hugs Andrea

  16. Sorry to hear about your hamstring and I hope it is less painful everyday! That is good advice on the piece for your GGD, there is rarely anything good back there. I hope your birthday was great!

  17. That’s a lovely joyeous design! Hope the hamstring is better soon. Perfect excuse to sit and enjoy the sunshine in the garden.
    Serendipitous Jo