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Monday 28 August 2023

August almost gone .

 Hi all , hope you all had a great weekend .

We had a tidy up week , closing the garden down  putting away garden  furniture before the Autumn storms start .

We need to start buying some spring bulbs  and plant in Autumn .

I will be having a blog break for a few weeks  in September . but will be in and out if time allows to look at your blogs . Then joining you all for Autumn and Christmas stitching .

We had a bumper year for tomatoes out of one plant ! I have been feeding everybody . Nothing like a fresh  home grown tomato , so good for you.

I have been stitching a little more and will show you soon , Once it gets colder I shall be busy with lots of finishing . The pile is getting far to large . I  will leave you with a few photos .

It is time to share my stick 6 in 2023 . Which is  a early Christmas stitch .  Then it will be something we have always wanted to stitch so I must look  at a few charts .


              Stick 6 in 2O23  is Peace Stocking   free stocking by Brooke's Books .


                              LOTS of tomatoes , coming from one plant in a pot , we are giving away  most of them , just to many .

I bring them in once I see a bit a little bit a red on them and in the morning they look like this ,

no time for any  insects to get to them , and they taste wonderful .


 So my friends I will leave you with my garden .
 have a great week.



  1. Oh, your roses are so lovely! They remind me of the roses in my wedding bouquet.

  2. I love that little stocking, Brooke creates the sweetest designs. Nice tomato haul! My son planted one at school which survived his excessive watering and has so far produced two red tomatoes and three green ones! Which may yet ripen.
    Hope your break is for a good reason and all is well in your world.
    Serendipitous Jo

  3. Hi Clare: The stocking is adorable, I did not see this on Brooks Books, thank-you for sharing the designer.
    Beautiful flower photos, it is sad when we have to put things away in the fall.
    Nice tomatoes.


  4. Love the stocking, those tomato's look yummy. And your garden as always so beautiful with all kinds of flowers. Have a nice rest. big hugs Lynda Ruth

  5. lovely roses blooming

  6. lovely roses blooming

  7. Your little stitching stocking is cute.
    I like your roses.
    Have a nice time in September.

  8. Qui sono due giorni che piove e ha rinfrescato, non vedo l'ora di sistemare il giardino, con il caldo si era rovinato. Fra poco inizierò anch'io a fare qualche lavoro per Natale

  9. The peace stocking turned out very nice. I'm also harvesting a lot more tomatoes than usual this year.
    Have a relaxing blog break
    Hugs Andrea

  10. The little stocking is lovely, and wow, look at all those tomatoes -yum! Have a good few weeks June xx

  11. Your pattern for Stick6 is really cute, I've never made a stocking, although I like them so much.
    We also had a lot of tomatoes this year, often snacking on them or making tomato sauce out of them. Simply delicious.
    We only had a lot of snails on the road, which also went to the tomatoes.
    enjoy your time off and have a good rest,
    Hugs Martina

  12. Sounds like a busy time of year for you in your garden, June. Thank you for the reminder to buy some bulbs to plant next month! I always forget :)

    Love your sweet stocking--very pretty colors! We have also had an abundance of tomatoes although I don't eat them as I get heartburn from them. My husband adores them and has them with every meal. Yours look beautiful!

    Hope you have a wonderful vacation in September--hard to believe summer is winding down already! ♥

  13. Dear June, take a break and have wonderful days with sun and warm wheater.

  14. Such a charming peace stocking June. The clolours are perfect for the winter christmas season. Also admire your tomatoe harvest , our tomatoes fell victim to the storm this year, we had stormy rain and all the plants were destoyed.
    Enjoy your blog break, loocking forward to read later, Anna

  15. Lots of yummy tomatoes June! I love a good tomato. Cute stocking you stitched up. Enjoy your time away from the internet, we will miss you!

  16. Dear June,
    Christmas fever must have broken out! You, too, have stitched a pretty ornament.
    Nice amount of tomatoes. They must have liked it in the pot!
    Have a nice time where you are going ;-)

  17. Dear June,
    our embroidery turned out beautifully, a great pattern, I have to download that too.
    Mmmmh, home-grown tomatoes are the best and your plants in the garden will still look very good.
    Oh, you brought in the garden furniture already? We can feel a warmer period, it's summer again, and probably next week too.
    Thank you for this lovely blog post, have a nice blog break and my best regards, Jutta

  18. I up date to read the last posts I didn’t before. The little pillow for your first GGC is wonderful and you have done a good job in the garden too.

  19. Merci de nous laisser les jolies fleurs de ton jardin.
    Passez un beau mois de septembre

  20. Hi June: Your Peace stocking is lovely, wow that is a load of tomato's, yummy.
    Thank-you for sharing your beautiful flower photos from your garden.


  21. Everything is wonderful! Even if I don't want to say goodbye to summer!

  22. Everything is wonderful, even if I don't want to say goodbye to summer!