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Monday 11 December 2023

Another Day in December.

Well December is rushing by again so quick . I am late blogging but things happen.

I will tell you a story , once upon a time I was a happy person enjoyed my blogging I am not that good at it , but I do try . Just when I was really starting to enjoy it , some toad came and changed all my settings I did not ask for this to be done , but every few years they do it . At my age it's hard to keep up with it all , and just when I am so busy with Christmas , I have not had the time to play with it all. It's doing things before I have time to think. So I am not a happy cookie . I know things have to move forward but they could make it a bit more simple.  So there I have had my moan and feel better . 

                        PLEASE LEAVE MY PC ALONE UNTILL I ASK! 

So how are you doing my friends are you almost there with everything. I was way in front before all this rubbish happened , sorry I am not going to say any thing again , I am going to think Happy.

Thank you to all my lovely friends for all the cards and gifts , you are all so kind . I will show everything before Christmas . We have had two weeks of none stop busy , but after this week things will slow down a little . I did manage to do a little stitching but no finishing , but will in the NEW YEAR. Most of what I am stitching now is for next year anyway .

We were looking forward to seeing some of the family yesterday , but it was not to be ,one of my Grandsons went down with chickenpox so it was best we wait untill after Christmas now,

But we took our daughter out for lunch and she gave me my first photo of my new GGD .

                   So cute my daughter put her photo in a locket for us .


                                                          Little Peach.


                                                                   Sheila Hudson

                   One of my favorite designers who sadly passed away some years ago.

                 From Cross stitcher December 1999.


                                              From my sweet friend Sheryl  .

                                            Thank you so much and for the sweet snow flakes  too.


                                               From Sweet Vickie thank you my friend .

                                               Love the star .

           From one lovely man my Hubby who still buys me flowers after many years .

                                          Have fun with your Christmas  trimming  .


            I'll be back soon.


  1. So sorry they are messing with your computer.
    The GGD is too cute!
    What wonderful, pretty gifts you have received.

  2. Peach is beautiful. Love the gifts hugs Lynda Ruth

  3. She's beautiful June 😍 it's so annoying when they change things .. not just online, we're having changes at Scouts that seem pointless. Have a good week, don't over do it

  4. What a lovely post and an adorable little great-grand-daughter too. My friend's daughter is nicknamed Peach as her brother loved Mario when she was born!

  5. Hello dear June .. I am sorry to read of the issues you are having. I wish they would just leave well alone too - it takes us long enough to figure it out & then they jolly well go & change it!!! Everything is beautiful - that wee peach, your flowers from hubby. Wishing you a lovely peaceful week June x0x

  6. Dearest June, how I understand you! I also don't have an easy time getting used to IT changes. Blogspot has changed some things and doesn't allow me to do what I would like and I get very angry! embroidery and gifts from friends are beautiful. as well as the frame with your daughter as a child. flowers from her husband? A welcome and special gift.
    A hug Susanna

  7. Hello June,
    lovely little ornament from your GGD.
    So many beautiful cards arrived.
    Enjoy the time until Christmas.
    Hugs, Manuela

  8. I also do not enjoy the blog changes. Oh your GGD!! Just darling. I am so glad your gift arrived and you love it. You have wonderful gifts from your fab friends!

  9. What a beautiful picture of your GGD. Beautiful cards have reached you. I'm sorry that you had so many problems with the PC, this device has a life of its own, including me.
    Have a good time.
    hugs Andrea

  10. Oh I can understand you well, the constant changes, you think it's getting easier, but for many it's getting harder.
    I hope you're doing well, it's not so cold here anymore, but it's cloudy and there's no sun.
    I hope your grandson's chickenpox isn't so bad and he gets over it soon.
    a cute idea with the medallion.
    You and your husband got a real treasure of gold, the flowers are so beautiful.
    I hope you can enjoy your time.
    Hugs, Martina

  11. Thank you for this magical post June, it's wonderful to enjoy the Christmas season with you.
    Hugs Jutta

  12. Che bambina meravigliosa! Tuo marito è un tesoro. Vedrai che imparerai presto le novità!

  13. Dear June, you are not alone with your frustration. Google Blogger can drive one crazy sometimes. And then there are people whose computer up and dies and the new one gets hacked by nasty people immediately. Can you guess who I'm talking about? ;-))
    Your GGD is very sweet and looks so pretty with the flower wreath. Cards and gift are arriving and I'm sure you will have a very long blog post when you show them all ;-)
    Have a nice day and RELAX!

  14. What a sweet photo of your GGD dear June. Lots of nice gifts have you arrived from friends, also admire the bunch of flowers from your husband, so lovely.
    Have a nice weekend, Anna

  15. Sorry you are having a hard time with your blog. I always wonder why they don't ask the users what they think is best. What a beautiful GGD you have there!

    Hope everyone is feeling better and that it stays that way thru Christmas.

  16. Oh, June, I totally relate to your frustration regarding blog/computer changes. I so wish my oldest son lived nearby as he is a computer guy--always knows exactly how to get things under control. You've received some lovely gifts and cards and that locket with your newest great-granddaughter is just precious. I hope you get to see her soon! Enjoy this last week before Christmas, my friend! ♥

  17. Dear June,
    I really like the photo of your sweet granddaughter, adorable!
    You received pretty Christmas mail and your husband knows what he can do to make you happy.
    I wish you a not too stressful week before Christmas, hugs, Jutta

  18. Merry Christmas June and Family: That locket is a treasure such a sweet baby.
    Thank-you for sharing your lovely photos.
    I hate when my PC updates without my permission, I have to try and learn new ways to navigate, I feel if its not broke do not fix it.