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Monday 25 March 2024

Almost Easter.

 Yes this is the run up to Easter week .

I am no way ready , I use to decorate the porch and house , but this year I have only brought out a few decorations . I thought this year that time again is rushing away with me , or is it me getting slower , yes I think it's me and also the rain .

 But we did have one full day of sunshine this week. 

Last week we went out one night to see Choir 86 Spring into Easter . Featuring Regional Premiere of  "Requiem for the Living " by an American Composer  . It was so beautiful and a lovely evening , to start our Easter week. 

So again I have another WIP that I worked on last week , I love pulling out another WIP each week  it's so much fun . I hate when I put pressure on myself , to have to get stitching done , then I don't enjoy it .  So if I don't have to rush I enjoy it more .

So the next WIP is called  Au coeur du Jardin by Passion Bonheur.


            This one is calling to be a pillow for my sun lounge 

                                 Some bunnies popped in .

Fresh Spring flowers from the garden yesterday , we did see a moment of sun. 

Early Easter gift from Hubby .


                                 And in the wet garden !

What a shame we can not enjoy these lovely flowers , they will all be over before we can sit out in the sun shine .There you go it happens some times . 
I can see a few from the window.


  1. Dearest June, best wishes for a peaceful Easter to you and your family! This year too, busy with a lot of work outside the home, I haven't been able to decorate with Easter motifs. I just made a little tree full of colored eggs.
    Today it's sunny but they've already predicted rain for the rest of the week, alas including the two days of celebration.
    Your WIP is wonderful, like the beautiful and colorful flowers in your garden, as well as the cute bunnies on the shelf.
    A hug and best wishes
    Ciao Susanna

  2. Beautiful stitching and I love the bunnies. I always enjoy seeing pictures of your flowers.

  3. Your wip is looking so pretty June & will be just lovely made into a pillow. I hope you get some sunshine soon - to enjoy your lovely flowers. We have had lots of rain here too & a very cold autumn, which is unusual for us - our autumns are normally lovely. Enjoy the week dear June xx

  4. Your WIP is a sweet one. I am glad you can see your flowers from the window. It is rainy and cold here also.

  5. Your Easter bunnies are so sweet, June! I probably wouldn't put out all of my Easter decor if my grandson weren't coming. I really do it for him :) Your stitching is looking so pretty--love the colors. And your flowers, as always, are glorious! I wish you a relaxing Easter weekend, sweet friend! ♥

  6. Your wip will make a wonderful cushion for your sun lounger when finished.
    Your Easter decorations look very nice. I have decorated very little this year. I always enjoy your beautiful flower photos.
    Hugs Andrea

  7. Dear June, what a pretty "Jardin" that is. I remember you showed it a while ago. I hope you can finish it soon. And of course the flowers from your Jardin are gorgeous!

  8. Very nice the next progress on your WIP, and you're right, it should be fun and not put pressure on you. And so you can stitch a different motif every week.
    Beautiful flowers from Hubby.
    Enjoy the week and have a nice Easter.

  9. Your concert sounds lovely, as you said a great way to start Easter. I too am looking forward to sitting outside but the rain keeps falling

  10. Je vous souhaite à tous deux un beau weekend de Pâques.
    Ici, nous avons les muscaris et les primevères qui envahissent la pelouse.
    Cela met un peu de soleil dans le coeur car nous avons souvent la pluie et le froid.

  11. Another wonderful wip stitching. I love the roses very much.
    Happy Easter to you and your family. Manuela

  12. Dear June,
    hopefully you have finished your preparations for Easter today, your beautiful photos already show great decorations. Your garden photos are also Easter-light, beautiful.
    The Jardin Bonheur patterns are worth embroidering, your work is already well advanced, keep it up.
    Happy Easter to you and your family, hugs Jutta

  13. Happy Easter to you and your Famailiy, June. Pretty "Jardin " stitching, in great colors , looking forward seeing your finishing. Adorable Springflowers grows in your Garden, the red Tulips look very nice. Hugs Anna

  14. Thanks for the nice comment. Your embroidery is beautiful and interesting. And I love flowers, yours are beautiful. Even those in the garden. Have a nice day

  15. I don't like deadline stitching either, If i know i have to stitch something then i more than likely don't want to, ha ha.
    Love all your bunnies, hope you had a good Easter.

  16. So sorry this is such a late post, June: You pick the loveliest designs to stitch, Au Coeur du Jardin so pretty, nice progress on your stitching, I am a one at a time stitcher I get so anxious if I have more than one design going at once.
    Your Bunny's are adorable.
    Your husband is so sweet the cup us lovely. All your garden flowers are beautiful.
    Have an amazing week.