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Monday 8 April 2024


 Welcome friends into the month of April.

I heard my first beautiful black bird singing yesterday , he was sitting in my front window and I sat watching him , brought a few tears to my eyes , how lovely nature can be , lifted my sprit .

After all the rain we are having .

 Every day  rain with just an odd dry hour in the day , no signs of stopping this week. 

I have never known this before .

I am still working on  a different WIP each week and enjoying putting my hand in the box and pulling one out every week.

Easter flew by , and  we are now  into another week. 

For all who will be having a solar Eclipse , it's amazing thing to see, we had one once , and we stood out in the garden and the man next door came out to , we were standing there for ages , the guy next door said I think it's a load of rubbish  then we noticed all the birds flying over , which they do at night time then it went  dark it was a very wonderful moment everywhere was so still , then the sun started to show again , it is some thing you must not miss , it's  one of those moments you can't put into words . So try and watch it if you can.

So another WIP to show this week , and some lovely Easter stitched cards .

By Madame  La Fee , Bienvenue Chez Noa"s 

          The bird cage is growing .


I also stitched a few cards and some I forgot to show you before I posted them.

Some stitched cards that I posted . I am sorry a few were late our post is not that fast at the moment , also I was a little slow posting , this time. 

                                Here is a post card I painted.

I sent a few before I took photos .

When I take my cards down next week I will show you some lovely ones I had sent to me.
As always I will leave you with some flowers ,that are still here after our storm . 

Have a good week all .


  1. Hello June: Love the Madame Le Fee design, beautiful flower photos, thank-you for sharing.
    I love your cards so sweet.
    I wish we could see the eclipse here in Minnesota, it is cloudy and we would only get a little less lite when it happens, it is further south than us.


  2. Good morning, June! I didn't realize you were a painter! Your little painted card is so sweet--really lovely. And your stitched cards are darling, too. We are on the path of almost totality for the solar eclipse (97%). Unfortunately, it is very cloudy here and I'm not sure we'll see anything... Really sad as this was a once in a lifetime chance for me. Trying to keep positive that the skies will clear at least a bit before 3:17 pm :) Enjoy your week and those lovely flowers ♥

  3. Its beginning to look pretty & very spring like in your area now June. I do love spring time so much. Your stitching is - as always - beautiful. Yes April already - March went by so very fast. Have a lovely week dear June x0x

  4. It's always nice to see how your wips grow, even if it's not that much, the main thing is that you enjoy it.
    Did you paint the postcard yourself? I'm very impressed, you have talent, she looks great.
    Oh and it's exactly my card, I already have an idea how I can use the little pattern and I'm excited to see if it will work. Thanks for the nice card.
    We had wonderful weather over the weekend, sunny and warm. But today it's cloudy and wet, well, the garden is happy.
    Happy Stitching, Martina

  5. We didn't see much here, it got eerie/dark for about 15 minutes, then sunny again.
    It was our first warm day!
    Your painting is quite pretty June.
    Always love your flowers.
    Things are just starting to come up her, as we have had cold & snow up until this week.

  6. Today it's raining here in Italy too but it's very hot, too hot for the season, the garden is dying

  7. Hello June,
    your progress on your wip looks good. I like the motif very much.
    Beautiful card you have stitched.
    Have a nice day, Manuela

  8. June! Your little painting is wonderful! My goodness you have a true talent there my friend.
    The cards you made and sent out are darling. :)
    Brian, Madeleine and I went on our apartment's rooftop to watch the eclipse with special glasses we received from our library. It was great!

  9. Dearest June, the weather is very unstable here too: we went from persistent rain to mud... yesterday it was really summer! Today again cloudy and promises rain. It's nice to see the progress of your embroidery, accompanied by the splendor of your flowers. The experience of the total eclipse must be something spectacular, very exciting!
    Happy April to you too, ciao Susanna

  10. Dear June,
    your WIP is so beautiful, you have accomplished a lot,
    You made beautiful cards. I always look forward to your wonderful flower photos,
    Enjoy the Sunday
    hugs Andrea

  11. Dear June, your cards look very pretty, but I didn't know you create painted cards. It's beautiful.
    Have a good time, hugs Erna

  12. What lovely stitched cards! The recipients must be so pleased to get one.

  13. That postcard is just beautiful!

  14. Hello June,
    I only got around to visiting you here today .... magical embroidery and magical flowers, thank you very much for this pretty blog post.
    Many hugs, Jutta

  15. My it sounds like you are getting lots of rain! Hope you know how to swim in case there is a flood! ha ha Beautiful stitching on the cards June and the painting is beautiful! Great job on it.