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Sunday 21 April 2024

Beautiful days at last.

 Yes at last we are now getting some beautiful days , makes you feel so good .

Well the last two weeks have been busy with appointments like  the dentist , I still have gum pain , but it is slowly going .

What else have I been up to , some gardening , knitting  a few dish cloths I love these for wiping down , stitching , still sorting out the craft room  so I can start making cards again , reading , shopping .a puzzle will be popping out soon , I have a few that I still need to do so I can pass them on. 

 We gave our grandson our big BQ  and a beautiful punch bowl , we use to have allot of house party's and outside party's , but now we go out to eat , it's easy for us to do that now. The young ones will enjoy this , they eat outside allot. When my family were young I sometimes had 18 to dinner , no way could I keep that up now . 

I enjoy someone else doing the cooking now days  I only cook a couple of meals per week now we just  find it cheaper to eat out  when there are just the two of us . I notice that lots more people are doing this , we see lots of our friends out to. 

Today I will be out in the garden , the bluebells are out now everywhere so I need to pull a few out , I also see that there are rosebuds everywhere that's early.

So not that much stitching , but I did put some stitches one of my WIPs 

   Blooms in a tea cup by Lucas S 


From a sweet friend Miriam.

A lovely spring gift .
Thank  you so much

                           Not much stitching but it is slowly growing 

                                    I will try and do better next week .

  But most of my time was outside now the sun came knocking on our door .

            I had to get outside in the sunshine It's been a long time with no sun.

But I have taken lots of photos from the garden , here we go.

                     Loads of blue bells and white also pink .  These have come  from the stock of my granddads and his family and could be well  over 300 yrs old or even older. 


                                                 Forget me not.
                               I will take some of these down to my daughters grave  
                                     I know she will have loved them.

First lily of Valley just coming out .

I hope you all have a lovely week . 
The sun is still out here so I will be outside again .
Hubby as cleaned all the slabs so it's looking good .
And we will bring out the garden furniture today .
Have a great week .
Hoping more stitching  can be shown next week 



  1. Lovely post, enjoy the sunshine and flowers hugs Lynda Ruth

  2. Its all looking so beautiful June. I am pleased you are getting warmer temps now. I used to cook for 18 too ... I don't know how I did it but I would stand in my small kitchen & cook all day long. We don't eat out so much but I do cook something that will last us 2 or sometimes 3 nights. Its much easier to do this. Enjoy the week June xx

  3. Hello June, I love the beginnings of your blooms in a teacup;-) As always you are showing us gorgeous flowers in your garden.
    Restaurant prices have gone up into the stratosphere here ;-)) And the food is mostly not as good as I can prepare it myself. So I cook. Simple meals mostly, but healthy;-)

  4. But you were pretty busy, I couldn't do much in the garden, it was wet in our house and it's very cold outside.
    My husband has already cleaned the terrace, but it's still too cold for me to be outside for any longer. The sun is supposed to shine today, so maybe I'll go into the front garden and cut off a few withered flowers. The daffodils are over, I can cut them off.
    Enjoy your week, Martina

  5. Hello June,
    beautiful progress on you cup with roses.
    I don't can do anything in the garden. It is to cold outside. Next weekend it will be a little bit warmer.
    Your fowers are georgours. I love the Forget-me-not.
    Have a nice week. Manuela

  6. As ever, your garden is beautiful and enviable, June. No only has guest list
    diminished, but so has the appetite. Doesn't take much to satisfy, so long it
    is fresh and healthy. Enjoy your warmer weather.

  7. Oh, your spring flowers are looking so very lovely, June! I especially love all the blues. I need to go to the side of our house and see if our Lily of the Valley is blooming. I tend to forget about it being on the far side. Nice to pass on family things to your grandchildren. We are trying to do the same. Often they don't want the things, but we are giving an old set of bunkbeds and a wall shelving/desk unit to our grandson. It's so nice to see them go to a good home. Hope you get more stitching time soon--I know this is a super busy time for gardeners. Enjoy your week ♥

  8. Dear June,
    get well soon for you, all the best!
    You have started a beautiful new embroidery.
    And so much is already blooming where you are, you have much better weather than we do.
    Thanks for the nice blog post, hugs Jutta

  9. Enjoy your time out on your garden furniture. Your garden is so alive now.

  10. Dearest June, the sun is missing here and in fact it is still very cold. But your flowers are amazing, your embroidery comes out very well too.
    Come on, soon you will be able to use garden furniture with joy. I hug you with affection, wishing you a good end of April and an excellent start of May
    Ciao Susanna

  11. Nice progress on your teacup. How beautifully your flowers bloom. It's cold here and it even snowed. The weather should get better again from the weekend.
    Hugs Andrea

  12. Looking forward seeing the next pics of - blooms in a tea cup - , also enjoed the lovely spring flowers you show us from your garden, here we got snow at the last weekend. At the moment it's cold outside, but they promise warmer days for this weekend. Happy stitching June, all the best, Anna

  13. Your garden is looking wonderful already, so many pretty Spring flowers.

  14. I agree with all: your garden is gorgeous. Take care dearest, big hug,