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Tuesday 14 May 2024


 Hello all, 

Well we had 4 beautiful days of sunshine but then yesterday was rain  all day and we got really wet when out shopping . 

The sunshine days were wonderful I wish it was like it every day and rain every night that would be great .

Saturday afternoon we had our Spring covid injection , and it knocked us both about we both had no energy to do anything  so Sunday was a wasted day , Monday we were both fine .

 We have had loads of birds in the garden and butterflies even a few ladybirds  so nature seems to be happy.

Not much stitching this week but a few stitches in another UFO. 

And I can now show a card that I stitched for Jutta for her Birthday.

                         Hope you had a lovely Birthday  Jutta .


  I have been having pain in my hand due to stitching so  I am knitting  to change 

the use of my hands and it works changing from stitching and knitting also  resting with a puzzle . It gives my hand a little rest . If I can find more time I want to do more felt work , painting and card making . But with our busy life  it is hard to find much free time,  Maybe this summer I can find time .

 Another UFO for my GD Lucy  .

                   I loved this one  it seems to call out her name . 

This week I brought some goodies for the little ones , the money goes to the hospital for new born babies .


                                                 My GGC will  love these.

                                      So I will say good bye for this week

                                         And leave you with more flowers in the garden.



                Have a wonderful week and enjoy what you stitch or knit .


  1. How pretty your garden is looking June. And I love the new purchases for the great grandchildren - so special to support these good causes. Have a lovely week my friend xx

  2. I'm envious of your sunny weather, June! We only seem to get a nice day here and there and then it's back to clouds and rain. I'm sure Jutta loved her card and what a pretty piece you're stitching for your granddaughter. Love the cute gifts you bought, too, as well as your flowers. I hope your hand pain gets better very soon. Have a nice week ahead! ♥

  3. Oh I don't think I know this UFO at all, at least I haven't seen it for a long time, how nice that you continued with it.
    I hope your hands are feeling better. Variety is certainly good, so they keep moving in different ways.
    Oh how cute this little knitted teddy looks. It will definitely be very loved.
    Have a nice week,

  4. Yes we have rain again. I'm sorry your hands are hurting when stitching, rotating crafts is a great idea. Sorry to to read you had side effects from the Covid vaccination. Your flowers, as always, look lovely

  5. Hello June,
    the card for Jutta is beautiful.
    Your Garden Lucy looks great. Have fun to stitch on this project.
    Have a nice week. Manuela

  6. I am sorry to hear your hands are hurting June. Jutta's card is just darling! The teddy is darling! Your garden is doing so well. Take care now.

  7. Beautiful June! Take care of your hand that you need to embroider for many more years

  8. The weather here has been beautiful also. I've been planting flowers. Lucy is going to be adorable. Sorry to hear about your hands hurting.

  9. Dear June, I wish you a happy weekend. The card for Jutta is as beautiful as your flowers in the garden.
    Get well soon and stay healthy. Hugs, Erna

  10. So very sorry about your hands June but glad you can still craft in a different way! Looks like you have a long to-do list for this summer. Cute piece you are stitching for you GD! Those are beautiful flowers growing in your garden.

  11. I love that sparkly hedgehog!