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Sunday 26 May 2024

Sunshine and showers .

Hi friends , how are we all .

Are you having mixed weather like we are , sunshine and showers , every day is different , one day I am dressed for summer next day dressed for winter ? 

This is a busy time for me so not allot of anything going on . So I wanted to just pop in and say I am still here . The garden takes my time up at the moment . I go in there every day if I can for an hour and cut back and weed and everyday it gives me a gift back my roses are all blooming now and I have never seen them looking so good . Hubby is also bedded the front garden out and it's starting to look beautiful.

I did have a few moments on this weeks UFO some knitting , card making and time on the puzzle .

Now every thing is planted I can get back to my stitching , at last..

So this weeks UFO is an old one I want to finish this year for my family , I am stitching many gifts for them to keep as gift sakes .

               You can see it's a GOLD COLLECTION .

                                    Christmas Teddies . 

                    I am also finding that the sun is so strong for my eyes .

                                                So I have to get in the shade  .

 After months of dull weather  it takes time to adjust to the light .

So now a few more photos of the garden flowers . Its a bank holiday here  so lots going on my hubby and I are crowning the May queens tomorrow. 

They say we will be having a few showers  , that means we will get wet again.

Hope not the children always look so lovely in their pretty dresses and head dress.

Have a lovely weekend , what ever you are doing.


  1. Same weather her, sunny & nice 1 day, storms the next.
    We've had very high winds everyday also.
    That's a cute Bear stitch.
    Beautiful flowers.

  2. Dear June, those Teddies are very cute! I think you have as many UFOs as I do ;-))
    Lovely flowers as always.

  3. what are those lovely pink flowers in the first pic. As always your garden is fab. I love the stitching. I hope you get warmer weather. hugs to both. Lynda Ruth

  4. Sunshine and showers here too. Your garden looks lovely, ours is rubbish this year as we haven't really bothered with it. We are away for a month soon so haven't put bedding in. This summer we'll be giving it an overhaul.

  5. I always love seeing the photos of your garden June - it is so beautiful. Which is great because we are a sea of leaves here at present & winter is just around the corner - next month. Enjoy the week & I hope you get more sunshine than rain although the rain always gives the garden a good drink. xx

  6. Oh what sweet bears, I love them.
    What a blaze of color, my peonies are now blooming and I'm delighted with their huge flowers.
    have a good time,

  7. Dearest June, it is always a great pleasure to come and visit you and admire your embroidery, but also the splendid and velvety roses of many colors, which your prosperous garden is now giving you.
    As with you, here we don't understand anything about the weather: heat, summer sun and suddenly even violent rain but in any case I'm doing what I hate most at home: dry cleaning, wool sweaters, duvets and heavy blankets to put away, but keeping plaids and cardigans at hand.
    I send you a big hug ciao Susanna

  8. Beautiful splash of color with your pretty blooms.

  9. Hello June,
    the little teddies are so cute. I love this one. It will be a nice gift.
    Your garden looks great.
    Here in germany we have sunny and rainy weather with thunderstorms.
    Have a nice week. Manuela

  10. It's the same weather here too! One day it's raining and cold, the next day it's sunny and hot, you don't know how to dress anymore! Yet your garden is wonderful

  11. beautiful flowers and lovely project. I also should pick up some UFOs from time to time, I have some very old ones waiting in my basket... too many actually!
    Have a great week, hope the weather is good to you

  12. Your little bear family is so sweet, June! And those flowers are stunning! We're in a cool/rainy period here with lots of storms that are coming in and out with high winds. Thankfully, not the tornadoes that much of the mid-west is experiencing, though. I hope you had a lovely day at the May Queen ceremony--it sounds wonderful. Have a great week, my friend! ♥

  13. Dear June, these little bears are so sweet! Your roses are marvellous, even when the wheater isn't like summer.
    Have fine days, hugs Erna

  14. Lovely flowers--I can almost smell them! There's a gardenia bush at our church building that smells wonderful.

  15. Dear June,
    we also have very changeable weather, but also finally the long-awaited rain, your garden looks magical, you have a good eye for flower photos.
    The Christmas bears are sooooo pretty, I'm looking forward to seeing progress on this cute embroidery work.
    Have a very nice weekend, hugs Jutta

  16. Mother Nature does like to keep you guessing about what the next day will bring! I just love those Teddy Bears! I hope you enjoyed your time at the Crowning of the May Queens (and the rain stayed away).

  17. So cute the Christmas Teddys , June, i like the kind of vintage ,
    such fine colours, i think it's a great present.
    Also love your garden pics, shows so much blooming,
    i'm admire it very much. There was a lot of rain here.
    My peonies are all rotten.
    Have a nice Sunday, Anna

  18. Such amazing close up photos of your roses I could almost smell them.

  19. So beautiful flowers in your garden!