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Monday 10 June 2024


 Almost Summer now we are into the month of June, I like this month .

Not to hot so you can sit outside and enjoy any sunny days we have . 

We have now put most of the outside furniture out .  Great to sit out with a coffee and take in a few rays of sun shine and watch the busy bees 

This last week was so  busy , so not that much stitching done ,  so will show you an old stitching  that I made into a needle box it's full so I am now working on another one

Some of you have already seen it others may have not .


This has been very useful , but I now need another one that I am working on.

  I also brought this gift for myself  , I will be starting it very soon.

I was busy  making some cards and little gifts to give out for my friend Jackie who is our town crier .

Also I finished my puzzle at last .


                       I enjoyed this one,  but was not an easy one.

These are all from the garden , we gave out to a lovely new Rev from the USA who is now staying here .

                             Enjoy your week I maybe back very soon .



  1. That's the scariest puzzle I ever saw. What are they all screaming about. I love the gifts and the flowers are beautiful. Nice little stitching. Big hugs Lynda Ruth

  2. I know June is a very special month for you, my friend! Enjoy every moment :) That needlebook is so pretty and I'm sure you'll enjoy stitching your pretty new pattern. Wow! Your flowers are simply lovely--you sure have a green thumb! Will be thinking of you on Wednesday! ♥

  3. Just beautiful June ... love those cards, that needlebook & Oh My those roses - I wish I could smell them but my screen won't let me !!!! Wishing you more sunshine this week June xx

  4. Here it rains every day, the bees can't go out and they don't produce honey, this weather is tiring :(

  5. Dearest June, here the weather is still very unstable: warm air but strong wind and suddenly a storm! However, the garden is dressing up for the summer and my boys are opening the small pool. The needle box is fantastic and you worked hard for Jackie! The puzzle is very complicated but you are not afraid of the difficulties in putting it together, then do you make some paintings for your house?
    And what about your wonderful flowers?
    A big hug ciao Susanna

  6. What a wonderful needlebook. Your garden is gorgeous! Happy Birthday my friend!

  7. A sweet motif, and so beautifully crafted. The Nora Corbett pattern looks interesting, it will bring you a lot of fun.
    What a beautiful bouquet of flowers,
    Happy Birthday my friend, enjoy the day with your loved ones,
    Hugs Martina

  8. Your stitching finish looks great.
    The new pattern from Nora Corbett looks beautiful Happy Stitiching on this project.
    So beautiful flowers from your garden.
    Have a nice week. Manuela

  9. Lovely bouquet. What a joy it must be to be able to put that together from your own garden!

  10. What a cute Needlebook June, also love your new pattern - Nora Corbett, wishing happy stitching, Anna

  11. Very nice gift you bought yourself! Are you using the same pattern for the new needle box? That was nice of you to help make the little gifts for your friend. Love that puzzle.

  12. You have bought a beautiful motif by Nora Corbett, I hope you have fun stitching it. The new Rev was certainly delighted with this wonderful bouquet of roses.
    Hugs Andrea

  13. Dear June,
    I really like the cute needlebook, even I don't always have enough time to stitch.
    A really nice blog post, a gift for you, lots of gifts for Jackie, puzzles and flowers, thanks for the photos.
    Many hugs, Jutta

  14. Moc krásné tvořeníčko.

  15. Lovely gift for yourself and your friend. We tend to do puzzles in the winter but that seems to be all year now. I hope you've had a good week

  16. Chère June, Avec quelques jours de retard, je te souhaite un bel anniversaire.
    Je t'aime et t'embrasse depuis les Vosges