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Sunday 23 June 2024

Time is racing away.

 Here we are and time is still racing away with us .

Christmas is in my mind so looks like I will start early with Christmas stitching  this year. 

Every one seems to be saying the same .

 Sun is showing his face now and again, and we may get a few nice days coming in very soon. 

I am going to show today my rose stitch  for the Stick 6 in 2024 kindly run by 

Manuela and Martina , the theme was for a rose ,

I also want to show some lovely hand stitched and hand made cards , that were stitched for my Birthday they are all so pretty , everyone is so kind, thank you my sweet friends . A BIG THANK YOU to you all my sweet friends who sent me all kinds of cards and gifts . I will show you some this week and next week.

I have been so blessed with friendships , some cards came as video  to and lots and lots of gifts , Thank you sweet friends for every thing .

So first  up is my Stick 6 in 2024  the name of this stitch was a rose .

    I stitched a table topper , it was an old pattern I had out of a mag a long long time ago .


 And now for some lovely cards first up from my dear friend Carol.

I will in the future make all cards into something , I have a few ideas .

                                 FROM     CAROL

Thank you .

from ANDREA 


Thank you from Jutta 


Thank you from Martina  Handmade 

Thank you from 

Thank you from Gabi 

I also thank every one for all your beautiful gifts I love them all.
So now a few flowers from the garden  .


                                    Enjoy a great week . 

 We are going to have a very hot week  so we will see.

                  Thank you again for everyone of my friends for all the lovely cards and gifts . 
I have had a full and busy week looks the same this coming week .💗

So will try and come back  to you all very soon .


  1. glad you had a great day on your birthday and I love all the stitched cards and your flowers big hug and lots of love Lynda Ruth

  2. The table topper you stitched is so pretty June. What pretty cards you received! I love your poppy.

  3. Oh June, the rose pattern looks great and the whole doily is soooo pretty. It looks very classy.
    Beautiful cards, and all so different. I hope you were able to enjoy your birthday to the fullest.
    It's finally supposed to get warmer here this week, I hope so.
    Take good care of yourself and enjoy your week,

  4. Beautiful postcards and the rose! The heat has arrived here, but it rains every day, the summer hasn't started very well

  5. Those cards & your flower photos are just beautiful dear June. But that table topper is just so stunning indeed !! 💕💗 xx

  6. Oh & I forgot to wish you a very happy Birthday !!! xx

  7. Lovely, lovely...beautiful stitching.

  8. Dearest June, first of all, a very belated but heartfelt happy birthday! Can you tell me the exact date so I can take note? The embroidered postcards you received are all very beautiful, as are the flowers in your garden that bloom colorfully, cheering your soul.
    I send you a big hug and happy birthday once again
    Ciao Susanna

  9. Hello June,
    your rose for our challenge looks so beautiful.
    Wonderful cards are arrived at you bithday.
    Have a nice week. Manuela

  10. Happy Belated Birthday! What wonderful cards you received. Your rose tabletopper is beautiful, as are the flowers from your garden.

  11. Happy Birthday June, i'm very late, but from heart.
    Sorry my dear friend, time goes so quickly.
    I love the table topper, great stitching, also love the birthday cards you got .
    wishing nice weekend, Anna

  12. It looks like you received some lovely birthday cards, June! So glad mine arrive on time. Your table topper is so lovely--and perfectly stitched. Hope you are having some nice weather this week. Our heat finally ended--thank goodness. It was 32-35° C the entire week and we were pretty miserable. Enjoy your day, my friend! ♥

  13. Oh, a table topper with a beautiful rose - a wonderful stitching. I hope the sun is still shining but it shouldn't be too hot ;-). You've received some very nice cards and the flowers in your garden look wonderful.
    Have a nice weekend, my friend.

  14. Wie schon dein Beitrag zu der Challenge ist, herrlich. Wunderschöne Geburtstags Karten haben dich erreicht.
    Hab eine schöne Zeit,
    liebe Grüße, Andrea