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Tuesday 7 May 2024



I am so happy .

 May is here one of the months that I love .                                                             

Not to cold and not to hot , the garden really starts to come alive . You can even sit outside watching nature , birds are active and so are the bee's  and the odd butterfly is flying from one flower to the next , I even saw a ladybird busy rushing in and out of the flowers. What can be better to just sit and watch nature when it's kind. Almost takes over from my enjoyment of stitching .  If only it stayed like this . This year far to much rain , but we were lucky it was not snow . Yesterday was beautiful almost a  hot! day ,  today it starts with more sunshine . I need to get back to nature ,with all the bad news that is going on all over the world , They never seem to show any good news any more .   

So I have been stitching , knitting , sorting , reading , doing puzzles and gardening this week and that makes me feel happy inside,

So I start off with another UFO , I love pulling out with eyes shut from one of my big boxes , It's like Christmas all over again. I am not a stay with it stitcher .I like something different all the time . I also have a smaller box of smalls , that I work on every day . Am I different or is anyone out there the same.

I also put knitting in the mix this week. 


  A SAL I joined with  Maryse  Dupont  a few years back . I will make this one into a pillow or a table top , I will have to think about it.

                Also this week  I knitted some cotton  dish cloths . 


                              Puzzle so far ,

                             It seems to be a tricky one because it's 

                             different to the photo  on the front .

                              My friend said I  will find it interesting !

                                            Lily of  the Valley  picked from the garden.

                              Here you can see them better.

                                           Garden in Spring .

                             Lots of spring and summer flowers coming  out.



                                                More sunny days are coming ,


  1. Yes it's been nice to see some sunshine for a change, even on Bank Holiday Monday! Your stitching is so pretty and so is your garden :-)
    Enjoy the rest of the week x

  2. I would love to be transported to your garden and sit with you having tea and enjoy your company all day. I so love all your flowers. Love your stitching too. Have a great day. big hugs Lynda Ruth

  3. The SAL is lovely, perfect for Spring. I also like your lady with the lily of the valley, is she a Mirabilia?

  4. Gosh your garden is looking so pretty June. I am pleased that you are enjoying May. That Lily of the Valley looks stunning - one of my favorites. xx

  5. Ton jardin est si joli. Je te souhaite un mois de mai merveilleux.

  6. Just lovely your garden is. The foxglove is one of my favorites. I miss having lily of the valley.

  7. I'm always happy to see your progress on Maryse's Sal. He is simply wonderful.
    These tea towels are very practical and perfect with cotton.
    It's nice to see how the garden awakens more and more and the flowers and blossoms appear.
    Have a nice time, Martina

  8. You have been hardworking and accomplished a lot. I love May too, although there is always a lot of work in the garden. Your garden is blooming wonderfully.
    Have a nice time, hugs Andrea

  9. May is a lovely month, our lily of the valley was in bloom when we came home. Good luck with your puzzle.

  10. Hello June,
    good progress on the Maryse Sal. I have the SAL too, but not stitch.
    Your garden looks great. So many wonderful flowers.
    Have a nice weekend, Manuela

  11. June: Maryse Dupont is so beautiful, you are so close to the finish.
    Lovely wash clothe, I am looking forward to seeing the puzzle finished, I am curious about the design if it is different then the box photo.
    Lily Of The valley are such pretty flowers, they look so good next to the lady design.
    Thank-you for the beautiful photos of your gardens.


  12. Dear June, your fingers are always busy and so you will never be bored. I love your stitcheries and your flowers look great.
    Wishing you a wonderful Sunday, Erna

  13. You have such beautiful flowers in your garden. I have a large patch of Lily of the Valley that started from a small clump given to me by a fellow gardener. They smell SO good. Mine are just starting to blossom. I love hearing the birds sing in the early morning hours before the world really starts to come alive.

  14. Your stitching piece is so sweet, June! I love the colors--just perfect for spring! We have had a ton of rain, too--barely seen the sun although today is perfect. I just love your garden and the lily of the valley. Ours didn't bloom well this year--not sure what the problem is. Hope your new week is off to a great start! ♥